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There are many topics about Animal Crossing that are not specific or unique to one particular game. Use this forum to discuss AC characters, town tunes, patterns, toys, movies or even future games in the series etc. This is your one stop board for all things Animal Crossing related. Specific AC game discussions should go on the appropriate board.  
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» Getting back into ACxRobbb2New9/30/2015 9:15am
» Does anyone else REALLY hate Kid Cat?Chalmers136New9/30/2015 9:15am
» Hambo Chalmers12New9/30/2015 5:32pm
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» Animal Crossing Movieacfan20025New10/1/2015 11:24pm
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» Animal Crossing amiibo festivalacfan2002-New10/2/2015 9:43pm
» Favorite K.K. Songs?superkell10New10/4/2015 11:42am
» If you could delete any villager from the game, who would it be?Linds127256New10/5/2015 4:43pm
» What are your AC fan made Animal characters :)shorty199631New10/5/2015 5:18pm
» Research for a Animal Crossing Panelstriker0-New10/6/2015 4:32pm
» Who has the cutest whistle?NormalSkull5New10/6/2015 7:30pm
» Ok so is there a new Animal Crossing???Rach843New10/9/2015 3:37pm
» Favorite Special Character?bingbing32816New10/10/2015 5:57pm
» Relaxing Musicfinalsundragon-New10/15/2015 8:35pm
» What is your Animal Crossing history?Xolexiii49New10/16/2015 6:28pm
» Unexpected Cutiesbingbing3282New10/21/2015 10:48am
» Clocks go back. Please help.Mogit3New10/26/2015 2:25pm
» Lack of MerchandiseAlexananandra5New10/27/2015 11:40am
» I made Celeste art :3 Please check it out!Tuttaliny10New11/3/2015 11:00am
» Do you have the same birthday as a villager?Xolexiii66New11/3/2015 11:14pm
» YOUR ABSOLUTE FAV villager of all time!Xolexiii92New11/4/2015 9:24am
» Visiting townsjazminherrera-New11/6/2015 4:34pm
» Relatable Villager Problemsanimaljunky2New11/6/2015 7:16pm
» saddest thing that ever happened to you on animal crossing wheatly4ever19New11/7/2015 8:54pm
» Should I purchase New Leaf?animaljunky7New11/8/2015 9:05am
» What AC personality do you cloest indinify yourself as, and why?Shawnaisus20New11/10/2015 2:39pm
» Which AC has the worst AI??Less Dialog?YoBoyDarrel14New11/12/2015 10:55pm
» Animal Crossing Remixes!supersonic8561New11/14/2015 11:41pm
» Predictions for Animal Crossing Wii U Announcement?Qourage2New11/16/2015 7:28am
» What are the couples in your town?ladiienikki14New11/16/2015 7:30am
» Holidays and Events Discussion ThreadShawnaisus4New11/18/2015 10:01am
» Design Yourself! You are an AC animal villager!Nowi45New11/19/2015 6:36pm
» Animal Crossing Lettersafireirwin-New11/26/2015 5:57pm
» anyone want to play? xjamielynn-New12/1/2015 10:47pm
» Acnl Christmas lights3dsacnl1New12/4/2015 7:58pm
» Next Animal Crossing Ideas ~ Your Ideas Here!GiggleGurt7New12/6/2015 3:23pm
» What game do you play on a lazy dayacfan20024New12/10/2015 10:01pm
» Do you nickname your villagers?MissBumbles9New12/11/2015 2:24am
» What Animal Crossing could look like on Wii U [Video]Astro8264New12/12/2015 2:30pm
» HELP PLEASE!3dsacnl3New12/19/2015 1:47pm
» Why don't they have the nes games anymore?frogdude109New12/19/2015 4:12pm
» Should I let Flo move?Animals6707New12/21/2015 7:17pm
» Winter K.K. songs?bingbing3286New12/21/2015 9:20pm
» I will pay you to hold my items!Xolexiii1New12/24/2015 11:41am
» Help me choose a town name!Xolexiii3New12/24/2015 10:12pm
» Underrated/Overrated VillagersBrownjoe194New12/27/2015 9:12pm
» Acnl blizzard3dsacnl2New12/27/2015 9:20pm
» How'd you pick your town name? nightmarebrooke48New12/28/2015 1:06pm
» Animal Crossing in the ClassroomDengar3New12/28/2015 8:16pm
» Anyone else getting tired of NL or think it's too "friendly"YoBoyDarrel24New12/28/2015 8:52pm
» Public works projects help,aimeemiller2New12/30/2015 5:23pm
» Villager Shipping.Electron_Blank92New1/2/2016 11:15pm
» Those awful dreamsAnimals67023New1/5/2016 6:27pm
» What Are Some Good Town Rules For Visitors?Bubblesnuffer2New1/6/2016 10:51pm
» Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival!MATTHEWGU43New1/8/2016 11:42pm
» Chrissy and FrancineAccfSally3New1/9/2016 5:01pm
» My opinion of the modern AC seriesC3po345100New1/16/2016 11:26pm
» Animal Crossing CalendarSuperSprited64-New1/21/2016 8:25am
» When do you play AC and how long for?Rtankeol3New1/22/2016 7:08am
» Favorite species and least favorite specieskikicat17New1/22/2016 9:07pm
» Way to get in game clothing pattern designs?BoBobb1New1/23/2016 6:25pm
» The Villager Appreciation Thread! <3Shawnaisus6New1/25/2016 10:53am
» Doubutsu no mori (N64)AkaiChou13New1/25/2016 8:38pm
» The personality analysis threadDaBraxMan98New1/25/2016 10:07pm
» Animal crossing NXNoble378120New1/26/2016 3:06pm
» Who do you think will bring you cake for your next birthday?Shawnaisus32New1/28/2016 7:20am
» Who else likes...8bitprince7New1/31/2016 9:10pm
» Which villager seems to haunt you in every AC?lizzielizard118New1/31/2016 9:13pm
» You can vent about an annoying neighbor HERE!Shawnaisus32New2/1/2016 3:09pm
» Clothes design help.TheresaCrossing2New2/5/2016 9:39am
» Favorite Species?Shawnaisus28New2/7/2016 9:17pm
» Animal Crossing Wii UKingKyle27New2/9/2016 1:00am
» Cataloging nightmare!OtakuNekoMama2New2/10/2016 1:05pm
» Finding People via Streetpass on ACCmystique1982-New2/11/2016 5:08pm

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