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There are many topics about Animal Crossing that are not specific or unique to one particular game. Use this forum to discuss AC characters, town tunes, patterns, toys, movies or even future games in the series etc. This is your one stop board for all things Animal Crossing related. Specific AC game discussions should go on the appropriate board.  
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» Mouse villagersbingbing3285New5/7/2020 4:08am
» Can’t grow cocunutsmathewdetine11New5/4/2020 12:12pm
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» TOTAL NUMBER OF RESIDENTSchrlzannee1New5/3/2020 8:37am
» Favorite K.K. Slider Song?ScarfedGhost49New5/1/2020 10:33pm
» My KK Slider latin jazz cover!Essencescape-New4/27/2020 2:13pm
» What Happens When You Go Through Every Villager?TheSimpleEevee1New4/26/2020 9:12am
» Diana’s song ?jonamai3New4/25/2020 2:24pm
» Gamecube vs City FolkACguy16New4/24/2020 9:52pm
» How do I know if Redds art is the real or fake version? Sunbae1New4/23/2020 10:52pm
» Make your very own LEAF COOKIES in this custom-made DIY Workshop. Happy Nature Day! NewRetroDave-New4/23/2020 6:02pm
» Villager BackstoriesShawnaisus28New4/22/2020 5:56pm
» Opinions on the Animal Crossing movie?MrsResetti8New4/22/2020 5:33pm
» What if you could be an animal and not a human? What animal would you choose to be?kikicat33New4/22/2020 5:32pm
» Cross game trading? ACNL / ACNHwater_cat2New4/22/2020 11:11am
» Animal Crossing and imaginationPennyGwin4New4/21/2020 3:01pm
» Some interesting things about my past townsvix9209New4/20/2020 4:26pm
» How do you name your towns?GingerLemon17New4/17/2020 3:03am
» Favorite New Furniture Sets from each game?MGK13New4/16/2020 6:11pm
» Favorite Animal Crossing myths/urban legends?ComradeSch19New4/16/2020 5:05am
» AN:NHIlikeAnimalCros7New4/15/2020 9:42pm
» Can't Send More Than One Letter to Myself!Wenderu1New4/15/2020 9:10am
» Short questionTrauluka3New4/14/2020 11:55pm
» Villager SurveyOntrol22New4/14/2020 7:55pm
» Tomy bringing Mocchi-Mocchi Animal Crossing plushes to the WestPennyGwin11New4/13/2020 6:32pm
» Gulliver ItemTrauluka1New4/13/2020 10:51am
» Animal Crossing PartiesChiyoko8New4/12/2020 8:50pm
» Best MerchandiseGingerLemon1New4/12/2020 2:25pm
» Your worst Animal Crossing nightmares?black_peaches56New4/11/2020 6:51pm
» I'm new here!Austin722New4/11/2020 6:46pm
» What Would You Say Is The Best Way To Make Bells In AC?Astrid_Alabma14New4/11/2020 5:59pm
» Bunny Day is almost here!meow99-New4/11/2020 2:47pm
» MEOW COUPON HELP AM0R2New4/11/2020 2:01am
» Who's the best villager in your opinion, and why?spookies14New4/10/2020 8:48pm
» What's your favorite species of villager?meow995New4/10/2020 11:59am
» Toy DayLobosBest2New4/10/2020 10:32am
» The worst holiday in ACmeow99-New4/9/2020 3:20pm
» Animal Crossing Features That Never ReturnedAstrid_Alabma14New4/8/2020 2:46pm
» What to do with the hoard of easter clothes?youcancrossme-New4/8/2020 3:29am
» FriendsChelleotty86-New4/6/2020 7:06pm
» Best Places To Find QR Patterns, Paths, & Clothes?Astrid_Alabma4New4/6/2020 1:23pm
» Do You Do AC Ships?spookies2New4/5/2020 12:22pm
» ACNH Villager Trading?theoneyoucallwe5New4/2/2020 10:41pm
» Ranking Animal Crossing GamesBrownjoe7New4/2/2020 6:52pm
» Game suggestions?Dogg03New4/2/2020 9:53am
» GBA linking on Dolphin?AudiOdd15991New3/30/2020 10:16am
» DODO Codefuzzyfry-New3/29/2020 12:56pm
» Did you reset on purpose to upset Resetti? GingerLemon3New3/27/2020 12:57am
» Searching for specific dialogueOboePlayerNick2New3/26/2020 9:54am
» Wow, It's been a while... mobius1ace5New3/25/2020 11:09pm
» Issues with finding items? Connect with the community!Shawamba-New3/25/2020 12:54am
» Don't know where to ask thisxrepx2New3/23/2020 1:05pm
» Daroach OutfitChampMasquerade-New3/21/2020 5:46pm
» March 20, 2020..!! paparock696922New3/19/2020 3:14pm
» Everyone's Favorite Thing About ACMistakenAxis20New3/19/2020 1:49pm
» A prophetic New Leaf - Welcome Amiibo screenshot!PennyGwin4New3/19/2020 3:58am
» Early shipping?marlasinger-New3/17/2020 3:39pm
» I restarted My town :(thuglife3New3/17/2020 5:43am
» Why hasn't this been done?PrinceEnos5New3/17/2020 5:39am
» Question about basesKKgeek2New3/16/2020 3:25am
» Make Your Own Animal Crossing VillagerPennyGwin8New3/16/2020 3:22am
» Nintendo Official UK Store releasing exclusive Animal Crossing cushionsPennyGwin2New3/15/2020 6:07am
» New Horizons Multiplayer QuestionsRumble2New3/13/2020 10:25am
» Feel like a BELLionaire with this Instagram filter!~ :-o~<:xIcafi-New3/7/2020 11:02am
» Anicro MuraproJoshuaJSlone180New2/29/2020 11:39am
» Official AC:NL Pattern DiscussionGranny789106New2/29/2020 11:39am
» AC may not show up ay E3...Ard14New2/17/2020 11:10pm
» Deleting a Complete Town... What's your experience?shock_kitty8New2/6/2020 7:51am
» Fun Majical Towns.. Gaging interest paparock6969-New1/26/2020 12:47pm
» Brutus Lovers!Werenothere6New1/21/2020 10:21pm
» Pinny Arcade is releasing a set of official Animal Crossing pins.PennyGwin3New11/24/2019 9:31am
» Other Animal Crossing Forumstoad_rules7New11/23/2019 6:08pm
» Favorite Music tracks in the games (Post #3)Coolz2New11/5/2019 2:04am
» About to fully repay Nook for the first time!!!Wren034New10/30/2019 11:50pm
» frecklesCoolz2New10/26/2019 6:23pm

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