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There are many topics about Animal Crossing that are not specific or unique to one particular game. Use this forum to discuss AC characters, town tunes, patterns, toys, movies or even future games in the series etc. This is your one stop board for all things Animal Crossing related. Specific AC game discussions should go on the appropriate board.  
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Official Animal Crossing Art Request threadBowserBasher297New5/15 5:32pm
Official Pattern Shop Advertising Threadhappypippi8New2/29 11:37am
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» Who's your favorite villager? MitchMan270519New7/23 1:11am
» The Scariest/Creepiest/Weirdest/Funniest Thing On Animal Crossing That Has Ever Happened To Youbehappynsmile_159New7/23 12:53am
» What are some things you can do in Animal Crossing you can't do in real life?decco622624New7/23 12:41am
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» Your Opinion On Time TravelSBGame37New7/22 11:48pm
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» Favorite underrated AC character?wOahsmea9New6/30 4:04pm
» How to get Paula out of my town? mathewdetine9New6/13 4:10pm
» Create a villager!MarineSong8New6/13 4:06pm
» English localization of the AC movie?BelleCooper6New6/13 3:52pm
» future game? amongst other thingsMeltonTownMayor9New6/8 4:55am
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» Villagers you hate but others lovespookies21New6/4 6:12am
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» Is it worth buying ACNH?Xolexiii1New5/23 4:39am
» Worst mistake in Animal CrossingLugianator39New5/20 3:40pm
» How old were you when you started playing Animal Crossing?Ontrol83New5/20 3:22pm
» Animal Crossing Movie talk?MayorMiku00122New5/17 10:54am
» Idea to change the villagers Ard4New5/15 10:51pm
» Trouble Getting Perfect Townmathewdetine7New5/15 5:15pm
» Any Other Healthcare Workers Grateful for AC Right Now? JaneOliviaa4New5/13 11:40pm
» Looking for lost friendsGodsson-New5/13 8:20pm
» Help me Come Up with a Town Name!spookies4New5/11 10:20pm
» Which Animal Crossing Game Is Your Favorite?nicole_acnl116New5/11 5:20pm
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» List Some Villagers You Hate/LoveShawnaisus54New5/11 10:18am
» Someone trashed my townmathewdetine15New5/10 12:20am
» All of my friends moved onto new Horizons, but I don't own a switch.ThisFrog8New5/8 2:44pm
» AC-related song parody I made Ard2New5/8 2:13pm
» What was the name of your first ever town?PennyGwin38New5/7 6:04pm
» What if AC Games Could Connect To Each other...orry1232New5/7 8:39am
» Mouse villagersbingbing3285New5/7 4:08am
» Which of the original 6 fruits do you like in real life?Ard18New5/4 5:20pm
» Can’t grow cocunutsmathewdetine11New5/4 12:12pm
» AC New Horizons hidden beach?Filami5New5/4 1:12am
» TOTAL NUMBER OF RESIDENTSchrlzannee1New5/3 8:37am
» Favorite K.K. Slider Song?ScarfedGhost49New5/1 10:33pm
» Your Most Hated VillagerzToast177New4/30 12:46am
» Criticisms you have of AC as a wholeArd19New4/29 4:36am
» My KK Slider latin jazz cover!Essencescape-New4/27 2:13pm
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» I just made my all time favorite villager into a plushie!doggirl33111New4/25 11:59pm
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» How do I know if Redds art is the real or fake version? Sunbae1New4/23 10:52pm
» Make your very own LEAF COOKIES in this custom-made DIY Workshop. Happy Nature Day! NewRetroDave-New4/23 6:02pm
» Villager BackstoriesShawnaisus28New4/22 5:56pm
» Opinions on the Animal Crossing movie?MrsResetti8New4/22 5:33pm
» What if you could be an animal and not a human? What animal would you choose to be?kikicat33New4/22 5:32pm
» Cross game trading? ACNL / ACNHwater_cat2New4/22 11:11am
» Of the Entire Series, Which Game Had Your Favorite Holiday Rendition?orry123-New4/22 2:28am
» Animal Crossing and imaginationPennyGwin4New4/21 3:01pm
» Some interesting things about my past townsvix9209New4/20 4:26pm
» How do you name your towns?GingerLemon17New4/17 3:03am
» Favorite New Furniture Sets from each game?MGK13New4/16 6:11pm
» Favorite Animal Crossing myths/urban legends?ComradeSch19New4/16 5:05am
» AN:NHIlikeAnimalCros7New4/15 9:42pm

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