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Still playing AC:GC and want to trade? This is the board to do so! Use this board to look for trading partners.  
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Note about Non-Tradable Items -- PLEASE READJedi723-New1/31/2005 9:52am
Official UC Thread: **UPDATED 8-19-05**Jedi723-New9/21/2003 6:13pm
divisor's "80+ trades & still learning!" Trading Tips & Trading Post Walkthroughdivisor101New3/9/2012 11:39pm
Trading Board Rules, Questions & Suggestionsjader201549New10/28/2016 10:18pm
» Trading Fruitbmaggieangel2New2/25 10:03am
» My basement's clutttered!DaBraxMan20New9/13/2016 12:40am
» Looking to trade fruitsfarway2000-New10/13/2015 6:36pm
» will trade furniture for nes gamejellyfishkilla1New8/24/2016 5:49pm
» e-reader card tradingKrypto5New3/29/2016 2:17pm
» Anyone playing e+ want to trade some items?perfectlydark1-New11/17/2016 3:49am
» green furniture wantedpizzagoddess4New8/31/2016 9:32am
» Regal ItemsSuperSprited64-New3/1 9:45am
» So close!SuperSprited642New1/5 4:05pm
» Back again, and about time too.SuperSprited643New6/12/2016 3:57pm
» Need some items in the Cabana and Cabin series SuperSprited642New1/21/2016 3:37pm
» Trade, anyone?walkingonthesun2New2/22/2016 12:32am
» Fruitwheatly4ever6New2/25 10:02am

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