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Still playing AC:GC and want to trade? This is the board to do so! Use this board to look for trading partners.  
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Note about Non-Tradable Items -- PLEASE READJedi723-New1/31/2005 9:52am
Official UC Thread: **UPDATED 8-19-05**Jedi723-New9/21/2003 6:13pm
divisor's "80+ trades & still learning!" Trading Tips & Trading Post Walkthroughdivisor102New3/1/2020 7:25pm
Trading Board Rules, Questions & Suggestionsjader201551New3/1/2020 7:21pm
» Looking for a handful of ShirtsSuperSprited6413New12/29/2022 1:35pm
» NES games & paintingsBober222New12/27/2022 1:39am
» Offering Apples and Cherries for Other Fruit!bluishray1New12/26/2022 10:48pm
» Looking for ranch/cabin itemsBober224New12/17/2022 11:54am
» trading fruit!porchside1New7/30/2021 11:14pm
» Trading FruitPurpleBeans2New2/6/2021 7:31am
» I'm playing daily and looking for trades. Advanced player :oCrisss2565New2/1/2021 3:04pm
» New Town 2020emily101xoxo1New1/18/2021 12:53pm
» Trading Fruitbmaggieangel3New1/4/2021 9:51pm
» Looking to trade fruitsfarway20001New10/21/2020 5:36pm
» Does anyone have Mario Bros. NES item?KeatnGmr2New10/20/2020 1:13pm
» Anyone Here? Useful itemsProfessorG5041New7/25/2020 4:07pm
» Looking for Apple TVWeedle_11New5/1/2020 12:54pm
» Paintings & NESCheyfrie262New4/30/2020 5:37pm
» Trading Cherries for other FruitYupYo59561New4/27/2020 1:54pm
» I've got an Arwing. Who wants it?DaBraxMan4New3/17/2020 11:01am
» Another Arwing - Plus Camper Items!asorrypartridge-New2/19/2020 7:59pm
» New Town in 2019, Fruit Please?JordanHunt10New1/6/2020 10:57am
» Fruitskerokerokeroppi-New12/29/2019 9:14pm
» Does anyone have a Fancy Pinwheel?sunmarsh1New11/29/2019 9:23pm
» Can someone send me some peaches?KB891New11/5/2019 5:37pm
» Lots of shirts for trade!elley06New10/16/2019 8:21pm
» Am in desperate need of a Fishing Rodzanemc4New10/1/2019 11:27am
» Modern Tile PLEASEdecco62263New8/31/2019 1:41pm
» Looking for an AxeKB893New3/30/2019 10:51am
» Apple setSebasthelonely1New10/24/2018 10:37am
» Who wants it? A giveaway,Sebasthelonely-New10/14/2018 9:59am
» Fruit or toolsAni_Natsume162New9/10/2018 4:34am
» I'm looking for fruit! (Fruit Trading Board)ACGC1442New7/24/2018 2:49pm
» I need raffle tickets now!ACGC144-New4/30/2018 4:36pm
» Trade yoSuperSprited648New4/26/2018 5:04pm
» I need a shovel RIGHT NOW!ACGC1443New4/25/2018 1:54pm
» Looking for NES games!ACGC1446New4/23/2018 2:00am
» I just made a new town, and im in need of some itemszanemc-New3/24/2018 4:28pm
» Chess, anyone?SuperSprited642New1/25/2018 9:20pm
» Regal ItemsSuperSprited641New12/13/2017 8:34am
» Back to square 1Drgblazed1New11/15/2017 11:00am
» Does Anyone Still Trade Here?JJmilk6New11/12/2017 8:30pm
» So close!SuperSprited6410New11/11/2017 6:03pm
» Trading!Jenguin1New10/26/2017 5:26pm
» green furniture wantedpizzagoddess5New6/12/2017 3:58pm
» Fruitwheatly4ever7New6/12/2017 3:53pm
» Anyone playing e+ want to trade some items?perfectlydark1-New11/17/2016 3:49am
» My basement's clutttered!DaBraxMan20New9/13/2016 12:40am
» will trade furniture for nes gamejellyfishkilla1New8/24/2016 5:49pm
» Back again, and about time too.SuperSprited643New6/12/2016 3:57pm
» e-reader card tradingKrypto5New3/29/2016 2:17pm
» Trade, anyone?walkingonthesun2New2/22/2016 12:32am
» Need some items in the Cabana and Cabin series SuperSprited642New1/21/2016 3:37pm

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