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Use this board to sell, trade, auction, or give away items or villagers for AC:NH. You may also post your island opening for turnip prices, DIY crafting recipes, or special visitors. This board should be used only for occasional offerings. If you wish to run a company to regularly give things away, consistently run a shop, or continually offer services, then please post a thread on either the Giveaways or Shops and Services board.  
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NH WiFi GuideDegemination-New9/13 8:55pm
AC:NH Offering Board Rules and GuidelinesNintendude64-New6/4 8:49am
ACC Dodo Code PolicyNintendude64-New6/4 8:43am
» -2tapmentor2New10/21 1:21pm
» A Few Free DIYsCherryRosee16New9/22 2:40pm
» Apple in BoxesSwedishF0X1New9/29 11:41am
» Celeste and Meteor ShowerWaynetid-New10/20 2:43am
» Celeste DIYS/seasonals/star frags & more!MayorNowhere5New9/29 12:06am
» Chief in boxesKatie000-New10/9 11:30pm
» DIY, DIY (seasonal) and seasonal furniture for tradeNateKimble2New10/21 11:17am
» DIYs and Flowers for tradeNorville8-New10/14 10:08pm
» DIYs and Flowers! !IndigoFyre4New10/1 11:00am
» DIYs For Trade ~ including Celeste and Tree’s Bounty!raven1144New10/11 4:07pm
» Flowers and D.I.Y RecipesKLWunicorns7New9/30 7:14am
» Free clothes & DIY! Open today *9/23/20*vix9208New9/23 12:45pm
» Free DIYs! CaraEve9New10/14 4:02pm
» Free rose hybridszonic7773New9/22 12:10pm
» FS: Fish bait (fishing tourney Oct 10!)leroysam12New10/4 6:05pm
» FS: fish bait (tourney this Saturday)leroysam11New10/7 12:30pm
» FT: 43 star fragmentsk1234_acnh-New10/11 3:14pm
» FT: 6 Gold Nugs LF: BellsBranflakes3181New10/17 5:48am
» FT: DIYs; LF: Tree’s Bounty and Spooky DIYSdragonwriter315-New10/5 8:15pm
» FT: Green Mums LF: Bells, NMT, Real ArtHershelLayton4New10/16 4:00pm
» FT: Mom's Tissue Box averysreturn4New10/16 5:26pm
» FT: Real Perfect Painting LF: Other Real ArtHershelLayton1New9/25 4:16pm
» FT: Ungifted Kid Cat LF: 20 NMTBayruh-New10/21 8:19am
» FT: Unorderable itemsBunny12585New10/21 3:35pm
» Giving away items!Yurimi4New9/28 3:14pm
» GIVING AWAY MY VILLAGERS FOR FREE !! (Judy,Raymond etc)CassieAC6New10/19 4:21pm
» Gold bar DIYxkelseyjade3New10/8 4:07pm
» Halloween Giveaway - Oct 23rd @ 9pm ACC Timeanimaltoon04-New10/16 10:55am
» HALLOWEEN TRICK OR TREAT! (FREE ITEMS)thetgee1New10/21 5:00pm
» Hybridscraftman8New10/21 5:17pm
» Judy in BoxesLil_suku713-New10/8 4:26am
» Kyle the Smug Wolf is in Boxes! FLuffyHedgehog-New9/24 3:58pm
» MapleGoslin51611New10/7 6:14pm
» my shop is buying turnips for 486 bells eamoglair2New10/19 3:59pm
» offering amiibo villagers for villager photos2tapmentor5New10/21 5:21pm
» Offering Free DIYsclydecalluvr8New10/16 9:19pm
» Offering real art animalcrossingfan54New9/27 7:53am
» Offering: Seasonal DIYs, Celeste DIYs, NMTs, gold, pearls, rare items--Looking For: 87 DIY recipes!ShaneCrossin19New10/21 11:43am
» Puddles in boxesBoredGuyOnAC-New9/29 1:21pm
» Rare DIYs and Gulliver ItemsTrauluka4New10/20 3:58pm
» Real Academic PaintingKeyW-New9/23 12:05am
» Renee Giving Chic Rose Crown DIY'sImprovizational-New10/7 5:50pm
» Selling Western-Style Stones!watercooler3New10/19 3:23pm
» SERVICES!!hastone421New10/19 3:41pm
» So many hybrids!!felixbread-New9/28 9:12pm
» Solemn Painting at Jolly Redd'sImprovizational1New9/28 6:45pm
» Spooky ChairNateKimble1New10/21 11:06pm
» Things for Trade, Looking for Bellssantoki4New9/22 11:44am
» Trading cool DIYstrashley-New10/2 9:34am
» Villagers free to go to a good townAndromeda1237New10/18 3:11pm
» Violet the snooty gorilla in boxes tomorrowTheSimpleEevee-New10/5 8:48am
» YARD SALE! rare items !MayorNowhere1New9/29 5:34pm
» Zucker in boxessolveignicole-New10/5 1:21pm

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