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Use this board to sell, trade, auction, or give away items or villagers for AC:NH. You may also post your island opening for turnip prices, DIY crafting recipes, or special visitors. This board should be used only for occasional offerings. If you wish to run a company to regularly give things away, consistently run a shop, or continually offer services, then please post a thread on either the Giveaways or Shops and Services board.  
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NH WiFi GuideDegemination-New9/13 8:55pm
AC:NH Offering Board Rules and GuidelinesNintendude64-New6/4 8:49am
ACC Dodo Code PolicyNintendude64-New6/4 8:43am
» -MayorMelody4New11/26 11:33pm
» Mermaid DIYsMayorNuraya3New11/26 11:08pm
» Offering: 77 DIY Recipes - FREE - Message me for Dodo Codeklx1251New11/26 11:26am
» Offering: Pumpkinsklx125-New11/26 10:46am
» Free DIYs! CaraEve16New11/25 3:01pm
» FLORA IN BOXES (original)izzykur-New11/24 7:31pm
» Zucker in boxes Penguinpuff-New11/23 9:28pm
» Deena is in boxes (UNGIFTED)izzykur-New11/23 4:17pm
» Free hybridsOfwaylee-New11/23 2:49pm
» Celia is in boxesOfwaylee-New11/23 2:11pm
» Bunnie the peppy bunny is moving.TheSimpleEevee-New11/23 11:18am
» ART FOR TRADE!lizzielizard13New11/22 6:49am
» Getting rid of hybrid flowers!hellokittygamer2New11/21 8:49pm
» Three torn pants (free to anyone who needs them)NateKimble1New11/21 12:48pm
» FT: Dom || LF: Villagers/NMTGlow_Wand3New11/21 2:12am
» DIY, DIY (seasonal) and seasonal furniture for tradeNateKimble3New11/20 11:32pm
» help me declutter my island! Free DIY Recipes! cricketisland5New11/20 12:18pm
» FS: rusted partsrubyofmistywood2New11/20 11:08am
» Take my pink lilies and cosmos!!! badcatnochimkin-New11/18 2:22pm
» Your big sister Fuschia is movingseawein-New11/15 4:00pm
» Pink Flowers, Orange Tulips, Purple MumsDawntiger-New11/15 3:03pm
» Rare DIYs and Gulliver ItemsTrauluka5New11/15 9:01am
» Lots of DIY's and Spooky Items for Sale goonbye8New11/15 8:42am
» FT: I'll pay you 1 billionkamui_g1New11/14 9:06pm
» Free DIY Recipesclydecalluvr13New11/14 5:34pm
» Celeste and Meteor ShowerWaynetid1New11/14 12:16pm
» Peggy is in BoxesSwedishF0X-New11/11 12:34am
» Melba is movingprincesspeach152New11/11 12:17am
» Bangle in boxesseawein-New11/7 3:43am
» Giving Away Free Pumpkins!HershelLayton-New11/2 3:44pm
» FT white streetlamp x10 LF black streetlamp x10Buzz33-New11/1 2:12pm
» Hybridscraftman23New10/30 6:07pm
» ACNH Patty in Boxes!luziarose-New8/19 6:46am
» Selling Royal Crowns for 700,000 bells or 15 NMT eachJinyuu1New8/3 2:24pm
» Kitt moving!! NHCassieAC-New7/30 4:59pm
» Gayle in boxes! (ACNH)HoneymoonSydney-New5/25 8:18pm
» Selling Marina, LF: NMT, ANHKHA or MarshalBestBoiNoam-New5/13 5:49pm
» ACNH: Reneigh is moving outHighonlife272-New5/9 7:58pm
» ACNH LF: any amount of nook miles tickets FT: Bianca Yogitherat-New5/6 5:55pm
» Pietro in boxes, looking for NMTfunhole3New5/5 7:19pm
» Ankha in Boxes LF NMTjts3551New5/5 5:49pm
» ACNH Marshal in boxes gumpy03-New5/5 7:58am
» [ACNH] Graham in Boxes!lasstiana1New5/4 1:18am
» [ACNH] Pinky in boxes!! LF offers!voxsta-New5/3 11:56pm
» ACNH FT: Julian, Stitches, Merengue, Whitney and more. LF Merry and RaymondMeruhaku9New4/30 6:29pm
» [ACNH] Villager Cycle || BOX: OLAFTakarama3New4/29 7:58pm
» ACNH Katt moving out Nateen-New4/29 1:22pm
» (NH) Merengue Takarama1New4/29 12:36pm
» Ankha in boxes! [LF] NMTs (NH)Panit1New4/26 2:50pm

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