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Use this board to sell, trade, auction, or give away items or villagers for AC:NH. You may also post your island opening for turnip prices, DIY crafting recipes, or special visitors. This board should be used only for occasional offerings. If you wish to run a company to regularly give things away, consistently run a shop, or continually offer services, then please post a thread on either the Giveaways or Shops and Services board.  
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AC:NH Offering Board Rules and GuidelinesNintendude64-New6/4 8:49am
ACC Dodo Code PolicyNintendude64-New6/4 8:43am
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» FREE ORANGE, BLACK HYBRIDS + moreDirtkid12314New7/10 2:23pm
» 1:1 DIY Trade! - Lots of cherry blossoms, golden slingshots available! - UPDATED POST #26ShaneCrossin31New7/10 1:59pm
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» Fs:hybridsseawein4New7/6 2:39pm

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