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Use this board for arranging WiFi play with other members. Once a meeting is agreed upon, please use the Friend Codes Request tool to obtain friend codes for each other. You may also use this board if you're hosting a game and want to invite others to join you.  
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» Turmips are 569Ivez25New4/1 2:51am
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» Looking for people to talk with and actually get to know!StormySea17New3/29 7:41pm
» Southern Hemisphere gal seeks gaming friendsFaify17New3/29 12:55am
» NEW HORIZONS! Would love to reconnect with people ! Mike_Hyrule16New9/13 11:07am
» Wild World Veterans (Gates Open)ResiS16New4/25 11:50am
» Vesta is crafting classic library wallAnkokuflare16New4/24 8:36pm
» Flip making a trophy case!Beavacus16New4/18 6:44pm
» Come catalog all 8 floor lights + meteor showerjts35516New4/18 1:16pm
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» KICK OFF EASTER SEASON 04/02Clarissa1234516New4/2 8:17pm
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» LF Turnip Prices Over 300+MapleDoodles14New4/26 7:59am
» stars are falling come on overNoutakun14New4/21 1:07pm
» Looking For FriendsLeilaM14New4/15 10:51am
» Hosting my island. Peach native fruits. Squishy8914New3/23 11:08pm
» Eloise is making Ironwood Cupboard and Celeste is herecg2013New4/21 12:30am
» CancelledTakarama13New4/6 11:23pm
» 23 M looking for friends! (18+ only)animaltoon0413New4/6 4:12pm
» Looking for friends in NH!accflover12313New3/27 6:02pm
» need some friendsToma1112New8/8 9:03pm
» Bob is crafting zen style stoneAnkokuflare12New4/22 7:39pm
» come hang in the southern hemispherecharcoalgal12New4/15 1:25am
» Anyone online now and want to play?orangenotions12New4/9 12:34pm
» Let's Do a Catalog Event!Mandy01016711New10/2 4:19am
» Shooting Stars Tonight!!!gizmo21511New5/12 2:15am
» 21+ Looking for friends ~ illsuen5311New5/1 7:59pm
» Opening gate Leif in town too! joanneg198011New4/26 11:42pm
» Anyone from the UK / Europe?star5711New4/22 1:10pm
» June is crafting a Natural Square Table.Xyo_A11New4/20 11:21pm
» Turnip Market - I am seeing 92SuMeRiaN11New4/19 1:48pm
» COME FISH WITH ME FOR TOURNEY BONUS <3YayaStarr11New4/11 9:41pm
» Looking for friends that are 18+Nate_River11New4/7 7:54am
» Nothern hemisphere friends?Cynth1a11New3/31 11:58am
» 24m looking for cool friends to fish withCybertoast11New3/31 12:10am
» Looking for Friends!winniemimi10New8/8 9:11pm
» Need friends! Haven’t played Animal crossing in years!CJfromBcity10New8/8 8:57pm

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