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Use this board for arranging WiFi play with other members. Once a meeting is agreed upon, please use the Friend Codes Request tool to obtain friend codes for each other. You may also use this board if you're hosting a game and want to invite others to join you.  
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NH WiFi GuideDegemination-New9/13 8:55pm
AC:NH WiFi Lobby Board Rules and GuidelinesNintendude64-New6/4 8:51am
ACC Dodo Code PolicyNintendude64-New3/18 10:10pm
ACNH Turnip Prices and TrendsDimentio9589New10/11 10:37am
» Anyone playing in the southern hemisphere?1_City_Folk_1-New4/18 2:17pm
» FS: Cleo Crafting Money Flooring and Celeste is here!100Shadow1New4/17 11:17pm
» Cleo Crafting Money Flooring!100Shadow1New4/17 6:22pm
» May I visit your store for flower seeds?ababyslife1New4/19 12:35pm
» Celeste in townAberforth6New5/4 10:18pm
» Anyone with Able's sister selling horror clothing?Aberforth-New4/6 3:50pm
» Looking for friends :)Aberforth5New3/20 7:33pm
» 21F looking for new friends! :)abluvhorses3New3/27 5:49pm
» Looking to visit someone's town. 28/MAC3DS1New3/21 12:40pm
» Turnips at 480accflover1238New4/24 11:48pm
» Olive is crafting the Western style stoneaccflover1234New4/21 5:35pm
» Looking for friends in NH!accflover12313New3/27 6:02pm
» Looking for friends in the southern hemisphere!accflover123-New3/26 3:52pm
» Well helloooo there!ACCFQueen1New3/20 6:03pm
» LF: Rock Climbing wall and Volleyball NetACJ563New4/1 5:45pm
» Looking to add friends!Aenasyn2New3/20 5:44pm
» Looking for fruit and flowers! ag3048New4/12 11:59am
» Looking for friends!AhhFrederick2New3/30 1:05am
» Looking to visit other islands, 33/F gameraimiesherri3New3/25 12:02pm
» Am New. Looking to group up.Albert_Ashton9New4/26 12:38am
» Southern Friends?alcalde93-New4/3 5:35pm
» Searching for friends :)alcalde934New3/31 11:08pm
» Looking for bestiesAlduinHyrulian-New3/25 9:24am
» Need to SELL!ALease3New3/23 2:24am
» Apple in boxes!Alexhasanxiety-New5/11 12:54am
» Looking for hyacinthsAlexhasanxiety3New4/13 2:50am
» Cj’s on my island!Alexhasanxiety1New4/11 12:31am
» Let’s be friends!Alexhasanxiety1New4/6 8:27am
» New Horzions friendsalfonsofan0017New11/18 11:15am
» Looking for new friends!Alifrey88-New4/24 7:18pm
» It’s raining! Come see my 5 star town!Alifrey884New4/18 11:59am
» Ankah is moving!Alifrey881New4/15 9:45am
» Anyone open so I can sell some turnips?Alifrey881New4/14 4:37am
» Southern hem friends/or friends with different flowers?!Alifrey881New4/7 6:56am
» Gates are wide open!Alifrey888New3/25 11:51pm
» Celeste is here! Al is crafting!AllieAnimal4New5/1 10:00pm
» cashmere is crafting a tall garden rockAllieAnimal1New4/21 6:24pm
» chops is crafting an acoustic guitarAllieAnimal8New4/20 7:01am
» daisy mae selling for 90 bellsAllieAnimal2New4/19 1:07pm
» in search of fruit and flowers!AllieAnimal1New4/12 4:14pm
» Looking for FriendsAllyb99-New3/23 4:44pm
» Turnip price is 204Amanda_kathleen6New4/25 10:15pm
» Bells?Amanda_kathleen-New4/5 9:03pm
» Looking to make friends!Amanda_kathleen2New3/31 10:45pm
» Looking for friends 18+AmandaTheFox2New4/6 4:09pm
» Looking for friendsAmberLee953New9/30 9:10am
» More friends Amethyst23New3/27 9:55pm
» Looking to Sell TurnipsAmeys11New3/30 5:58pm
» Can I come shop in your town?andSUGARcubes-New3/29 11:50am
» -Angel_Hearts4New4/14 6:59pm
» Anyone hosting a meteor shower?AngelicPretty-New3/31 2:02pm
» Mini Games!Animal_Xing_CF-New5/1 8:30pm
» Celeste and Sahara on my islandanimalchick7New5/5 3:17pm
» “One or more other consoles are not responding. Please try again later.” Anyone else getting this?!animalcluver1012New8/22 6:01am
» Looking For High Turnip PricesAnimalEmily11221New3/28 5:22pm
» Anyone else having trouble connecting?AnimalEmily11223New3/26 8:32pm
» FUN Event: DIY 1 for 1 swap!AnimalGirl827New6/6 6:46pm
» FUN Event: DIY 1 for 1 swap!AnimalGirl821New5/24 9:10pm
» Norma Crafting Cutting Board diyAnimalGirl821New5/2 12:26am
» Sherb crafting Windflower Fan!AnimalGirl824New4/27 1:17am
» TURNIP PRICES! Who has it cheap to buy?animalove-New4/12 5:35pm
» 23/M looking for friends. animaltoon043New10/13 3:23am
» 23m looking for longterm friends!animaltoon049New5/17 2:44pm
» Let's hang out! 23manimaltoon04-New5/7 5:22pm
» 23 M looking for friends! (18+ only)animaltoon0413New4/6 4:12pm
» Any high turnip prices?animaltoon04-New4/6 12:35am
» Boomer crafting angled signpost. Looking for some watersAnkokuflare5New5/10 4:05pm
» Sararah and lily wreath diy for flower wateringAnkokuflare6New5/9 11:30pm
» Celeste and Stack of books diy for some flower watersAnkokuflare5New5/8 4:28am
» Vesta is crafting classic library wallAnkokuflare16New4/24 8:36pm
» Bob is crafting zen style stoneAnkokuflare12New4/22 7:39pm

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