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Use this board for arranging WiFi play with other members. Once a meeting is agreed upon, please use the Friend Codes Request tool to obtain friend codes for each other. You may also use this board if you're hosting a game and want to invite others to join you.  
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AC:NH WiFi Lobby Board Rules and GuidelinesNintendude64-New6/4 8:51am
ACC Dodo Code PolicyNintendude64-New3/18 10:10pm
ACNH Turnip Prices and TrendsDimentio9585New6/26 12:12pm
» Need lilies—will water for youzrainey5New5/12 9:26pm
» Looking toZestykat-New3/26 2:14am
» Anyone up?Zestykat5New3/24 3:42am
» Turnips at 408zepequeno310New4/8 12:19am
» Looking for fruit swapzepequeno3-New3/22 2:47pm
» May Someone Help me with RosesZelioth1New3/29 7:17pm
» Southern Hemisphere Island (Not) Openzazzer5New3/31 7:37pm
» Feel free to add me!zanemc3New3/19 7:28pm
» Looking for Flowers and Friends!Yuppers2New4/13 4:57pm
» Sahara in town Young_At_Heart-New5/22 10:31am
» 1dndd come to party!youcancrossme-New5/16 12:39am
» Turnips are 484youcancrossme5New5/13 3:42pm
» Turnips are 542 todayyoucancrossme33New4/30 6:59pm
» Town visitinfyoucancrossme-New4/18 2:55pm
» Ironwood kitchenetteyoucancrossme-New4/16 3:58pm
» Shopping party ?youcancrossme8New4/15 2:07pm
» Roses and bamboo shoots?youcancrossme7New4/13 6:48pm
» Shopping and hanging out!youcancrossme-New4/12 7:10pm
» I need pears pleaseyoucancrossme1New4/10 10:29pm
» Shopping and hanging out!youcancrossme4New4/9 10:30pm
» Fish, catch bugs, and chill?youcancrossme5New4/7 11:51pm
» I want to shovel rocksyoucancrossme4New4/7 1:13am
» Friends I can visityoucancrossme-New4/6 11:35pm
» Does anyone want to play?yoshi8495New4/25 1:48am
» Celeste is in town yoloswagginsxl3New5/4 10:15pm
» Looking for Southern Hemisphere friends!yoloswagginsxl-New4/14 4:59pm
» Free Flowers! Over 500 Primary Colors!YayaStarr-New5/10 2:20am
» United Gardens Flower Club - Join Discord Today! All WelcomedYayaStarr3New5/9 12:49pm
» COME FISH WITH ME FOR TOURNEY BONUS <3YayaStarr11New4/11 9:41pm
» Looking for Southern Hemisphere with open storeYayaStarr-New3/26 11:54pm
» Fill the island! No dodo code 24/F North Hemisphere YayaStarr1New3/21 2:05pm
» Is your town in the Southern Hemisphere?Yasminehoney-New5/26 6:54pm
» Whitney is crafting Pond StoneXyo_A-New4/28 5:52pm
» June is crafting a Natural Square Table.Xyo_A11New4/20 11:21pm
» Adding Active Online Players ^^XxMicoleXx19New6/18 3:26am
» FINALLY HERE ~ Adding New Horizons Friends! (+ AC Discord)XxMicoleXx97New4/23 9:44pm
» Airport is open!XxLiverpoolxX1New3/23 2:36pm
» Looking for switch friends!XxLiverpoolxX1New3/21 5:22pm
» Can I come shop?xxkayytothetee5New4/12 7:24pm
» Looking to shop & make friends.xxkayytothetee-New3/26 9:38pm
» Celeste is in my townxXGlennXx-New4/7 11:22pm
» Ables Has Samurai Helmets, Soft Serve Helmets, Wizards Robexsmilez3New4/8 8:24pm
» Peanut in boxesxsammich2New4/29 1:21pm
» Sahara is in my townxoxAshleyxox4New3/20 9:11pm
» Looking for friends to visit and exchange fruitsXiLE3New3/23 6:19pm
» Turnip pricesWranglerj852New4/5 6:08pm
» [FT] Cherry is Moving Out!wowwow-New4/5 3:41pm
» AC NH Turnip and Visit GroupWobbles-New5/12 2:52pm
» TurnipsWithheldpilot-New4/13 10:37pm
» looking to playWithheldpilot2New3/25 6:58am
» looking for latenight/southern hemisphere/dfiiferent timezone friendsWithheldpilot-New3/24 12:33am
» Help finding the pink horsey And pastel teacup rideWispe-New3/31 1:05pm
» Looking for Friends!winniemimi9New6/14 3:36am
» Looking for friends during UK lockdown , 24Fwills199510New3/27 5:38pm
» Looking for friends will UK is in quarentine lolwills19955New3/22 2:59pm
» LF: High Turnip PricesWilhelmina1New4/14 4:35pm
» LF Crazy Redd!!! Wildworldfan24New5/3 11:39pm
» Looking for a Fruit Swap / Need Ironwhitebunnybun1New3/22 3:47pm
» Restarted my island and looking for friends! WhitDaly7New5/13 5:46pm
» Able Sister selling Royal Crown! WhitDaly1New5/11 10:00pm
» Looking for Instruments to Catalog!WhitDaly3New4/26 4:51am
» Colton is moving!WhitDaly6New4/25 3:18pm
» Looking to visit multiple islands to shop!WhitDaly1New4/21 2:21pm
» Cobb is headed out!WhitDaly1New4/12 7:48pm
» LF cutting board for one DIY!WhitDaly5New4/11 9:08am
» Unwanted Items Stalls!WhitDaly8New4/11 8:33am
» In search of Diner items! WhitDaly2New4/7 7:50pm
» Anyone excited about the Bunny Day activities?! :DWhitDaly8New4/1 2:03pm
» Any southern hemisphere friends on right now? WhitDaly-New3/31 7:56pm
» Would love Southern Hemisphere Friend! WhitDaly1New3/28 2:29am
» Celeste on IslandWesFin3New4/21 7:45pm
» Celeste in Town WesFin-New4/14 8:59pm

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