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Use this board for arranging WiFi play with other members. Once a meeting is agreed upon, please use the Friend Codes Request tool to obtain friend codes for each other. You may also use this board if you're hosting a game and want to invite others to join you.  
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ACC Dodo Code PolicyNintendude64-New3/18 10:10pm
ACNH Turnip Prices and TrendsDimentio9583New1:44pm
» (Closed for the night) Chattown 550+ Item Cataloging (1 Item Entry Fee)TiTUSgames22New5/16 12:13am
» -Angel_Hearts4New4/14 6:59pm
» [FT] Cherry is Moving Out!wowwow-New4/5 3:41pm
» [LF] Apollo or Antonio [FT] Nmts, Bellsturnabout180-New5/6 7:58pm
» [LF] Stella the sheep [FT] Nmts, bellsturnabout180-New5/20 2:38pm
» “One or more other consoles are not responding. Please try again later.” Anyone else getting this?!animalcluver1011New3/23 6:26am
» 16/F/North/ApplesSNED6772-New4/2 2:24am
» 19/F looking to wifi!CamiBelle5New3/22 10:22am
» 1dndd come to party!youcancrossme-New5/16 12:39am
» 20F Looking for more friends :) Gates open!Peregrine2New4/4 5:36pm
» 21 F looking for some friendscrownmeowmeow6New3/24 10:33pm
» 21+ LF: FriendsPetitePiranah-New5/1 4:15pm
» 21+ Looking for friends ~ illsuen5311New5/1 7:59pm
» 21/F Wanting to explore other towns!Tifftiffheheha4New4/6 4:27pm
» 21F looking for new friends! :)abluvhorses3New3/27 5:49pm
» 21f want some friends on NHcrownmeowmeow5New3/25 4:09pm
» 23 / F - Let’s visit each others islands!mphilipp2New3/27 5:35pm
» 23 / F Come check out my island! Open for ideasmphilipp-New3/28 11:34am
» 23 M looking for friends! (18+ only)animaltoon0413New4/6 4:12pm
» 23/F Looking for new homiesIvez5New3/22 5:05pm
» 23/F/UK Looking for friendsmaltesers748-New3/23 3:03pm
» 23m looking for longterm friends!animaltoon049New5/17 2:44pm
» 24/f looking for online friends!heatherrdye139New3/23 1:50pm
» 24F from the Uk, looking for friends to visit one another’s shops, send gifts etc :)TonariNoHayley1New3/25 1:41pm
» 24m looking for cool friends to fish withCybertoast11New3/31 12:10am
» 25 F want to go to a different islandmykala943New4/4 7:26pm
» 25 m applesaxdudeman1New3/23 12:53am
» 25/ F / Pears Looking to Explore Islands!!!gizmo21510New4/2 2:16pm
» 27 m looking for friendsPunchyXcat-New4/1 7:46pm
» 27/ F I have orangeskuddlykirara9New3/23 1:33am
» 28 M / UK Looking for new friendsiceman2291-New3/23 2:00pm
» 28/F/OrangesMiliSaba4New3/31 2:07am
» 28/M Looking for folks to hang out witheternia161New3/21 7:23pm
» 28/m/peaches/afternoon-early morning activekeyblademaster8New3/25 12:43am
» 29/m/usa - looking for new friendsLazyBoi-New3/27 10:39am
» 2nd Day in. I want to visit islandsKaypee2point0-New3/31 1:03pm
» 31/F/Northern Hemisphere/Apples :) peacemonger893New3/30 11:44pm
» 37/F Looking for friends!esmeface4New4/30 8:20am
» 37f looking for friendsgineva9New3/22 12:45pm
» 426 Bells per turnip! Beavacus8New4/14 5:26pm
» 5 Star Island Tourssnsnyder627-New4/19 3:27pm
» 500k for Southern Hemisphere UberAlexxx1New5/7 10:44am
» 53yo flower crosser looking for friendsmath_rob5New4/22 10:44am
» 603 turnip price!!Lauren_Rockton4New4/1 9:17pm
» Able Sister selling Royal Crown! WhitDaly1New5/11 10:00pm
» Able sister's shopping Cherellie3New3/25 1:47pm
» Able SistersTitan989-New5/9 12:47am
» Able Sisterseleanor4653New4/28 12:04pm
» Able sistersNew_Horizon94-New3/24 6:49pm
» Able Sisters are selling the Royal Crown & Leif with Hollylittlebabywulf2New4/29 6:17pm
» Ables has magical dress today!PetitePiranah2New4/15 7:08pm
» Ables Has Samurai Helmets, Soft Serve Helmets, Wizards Robexsmilez3New4/8 8:24pm
» Ables ItemsJenni1227011New4/13 6:12pm
» Ables selling Royal Crownmeghana2New4/28 2:07am
» AC NH Turnip and Visit GroupWobbles-New5/12 2:52pm
» ACE Top Model!kitkitty2New4/14 9:41pm
» ACNH DUPE GLITCHCoralScott1New3/25 4:01pm
» ACNH Friends! :]Harvneworld6New3/27 6:06pm
» Addd mePunchyXcat2New3/27 4:03pm
» Adding new friends for new horizon :)ULi1-New3/19 11:12am
» Adult players greenpug1231New4/6 4:23pm
» Airport is open!XxLiverpoolxX1New3/23 2:36pm
» All time high Ivez10New3/31 3:39pm
» Also looking for friends! (35/M/Northern/Pears)Frisko-New3/27 9:26pm
» Also wanting to visit a Southern Hemisphere island.... ;__:SasuSaku1431New3/28 2:52am
» Am New. Looking to group up.Albert_Ashton9New4/26 12:38am
» Anicotti is in boxes!huktownfonikz-New5/11 9:36pm
» Ankah is moving!Alifrey881New4/15 9:45am
» Annalisa is crafting hedge standee.LavandulaIsland3New4/14 6:52pm
» Any ancient players?craftman21New4/6 11:55am
» Any friends that open their gates often?lloyd_yayo-New5/9 11:20am
» Any gates open? Dodo code?Jayx1New3/22 2:52pm
» Any high turnip prices?animaltoon04-New4/6 12:35am

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