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Use this board for arranging WiFi play with other members. Once a meeting is agreed upon, please use the Friend Codes Request tool to obtain friend codes for each other. You may also use this board if you're hosting a game and want to invite others to join you.  
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ACC Dodo Code PolicyNintendude64-New3/18 10:10pm
ACNH Turnip Prices and TrendsDimentio9583New1:44pm
» Adding new friends for new horizon :)ULi1-New3/19 11:12am
» Feel free to add me!zanemc3New3/19 7:28pm
» Looking for Friends to play AC:NH togethercrystal694New3/20 12:52pm
» ITS ALMOST LAUNCH DAY!gizmo2155New3/20 12:59pm
» Let's play!missangie3New3/20 4:12pm
» Looking for new friendsbabybec863New3/20 5:24pm
» Looking to add friends!Aenasyn2New3/20 5:44pm
» Looking to add friends!jaime0007-New3/20 5:58pm
» Well helloooo there!ACCFQueen1New3/20 6:03pm
» Looking for visits and visitors! I have pears and peaches to trade.Patrick772New3/20 6:09pm
» Looking for friends :)Aberforth5New3/20 7:33pm
» My gates are open right now! I want to make new friends!!annieb984New3/20 7:59pm
» Sahara is in my townxoxAshleyxox4New3/20 9:11pm
» Hi guys, i'm new to this forum! Looking for friends!giovannylo3New3/20 9:41pm
» Need some Friends!mav134New3/20 11:20pm
» LF: Someone in the Southern Hemisphere iamkrisb-New3/21 2:28am
» Looking for new friends!iamkrisb7New3/21 10:44am
» Looking to visit someone's town. 28/MAC3DS1New3/21 12:40pm
» LF: Town in Southern Hemispheregoose0223New3/21 12:40pm
» Fill the island! No dodo code 24/F North Hemisphere YayaStarr1New3/21 2:05pm
» Bored, looking for a place to visit.KurbusMaximus1New3/21 4:17pm
» Looking for switch friends!XxLiverpoolxX1New3/21 5:22pm
» Dodo Code for PinkberriClai1New3/21 6:10pm
» My gates are open! 23/FBeessie963New3/21 6:10pm
» New to Switch- Friends Wanted Nee HorizonsConCon76-New3/21 6:12pm
» Anyone Active?MalachyAC3New3/21 6:14pm
» Want to fish and catch bugs at your village!GoodCrossing-New3/21 7:01pm
» Southern Hemisphere? Slykat-New3/21 7:13pm
» 28/M Looking for folks to hang out witheternia161New3/21 7:23pm
» Anyone have the Able Sisters?seiyakou2New3/21 8:01pm
» Looking to ExploreBlind_Mary-New3/21 8:36pm
» Need friends on ACNH. wes24hunter7New3/21 8:48pm
» Looking for a shovel/axe And Fruit swapNovaFiles1New3/21 9:54pm
» Who wants to visit my island?Squishy899New3/21 10:00pm
» Shop Open?homie1520-New3/21 10:38pm
» Starting AgainStallord-New3/21 10:41pm
» Would love to come hang outCoach31682-New3/21 10:54pm
» Let’s do thisSourDee1New3/22 12:46am
» Old fan trying to reconnect with the communityfabian10207New3/22 1:37am
» WiFi?Blue_Roses1New3/22 3:36am
» Looking for active friends!! isabel9058New3/22 7:27am
» Lookin for pears!armon15New3/22 7:52am
» Join me and let's enjoy the animal crossing during my quranteen madnesssampleNgine5New3/22 8:16am
» Looking for AC:NH HomiesJoeytheduck1011New3/22 9:21am
» 19/F looking to wifi!CamiBelle5New3/22 10:22am
» gates openNOLimit-New3/22 10:42am
» Looking to play with some people. KurbusMaximus2New3/22 12:16pm
» 37f looking for friendsgineva9New3/22 12:45pm
» I wanna visit ur Island!Emmachrisb1New3/22 1:12pm
» Looking to ExploreBlind_Mary-New3/22 1:31pm
» Looking for someone with Able SistersSolaki-New3/22 1:48pm
» Town open 28mkevintron-New3/22 1:49pm
» Looking for fruit swapzepequeno3-New3/22 2:47pm
» Any gates open? Dodo code?Jayx1New3/22 2:52pm
» Looking to visit a Southern Hemisphere IslandCutieLucy1New3/22 2:54pm
» Anyone's town still selling turnips?ViridisAureus-New3/22 2:58pm
» Looking for friends will UK is in quarentine lolwills19955New3/22 2:59pm
» Looking for a Fruit Swap / Need Ironwhitebunnybun1New3/22 3:47pm
» Looking to catalog the Bandage Face mask!Chronicle4life-New3/22 4:05pm
» I want to travel! Kiki08-New3/22 4:09pm
» Dodo code- come visit Dracoas-New3/22 4:25pm
» 23/F Looking for new homiesIvez5New3/22 5:05pm
» Anyone’s island in the Southern Hemisphere? heatherrdye1-New3/22 5:51pm
» Need to hit a rock for some iron nuggetsSeiysa2New3/22 6:06pm
» Looking for friends!JenniePooh6New3/22 6:09pm
» New Horizons FriendsWeeabooPanda5New3/22 6:33pm
» Looking for towns to visitShawna94-New3/22 6:39pm
» Can I come sell some stuff in someone's shop?GameSlash_1New3/22 6:58pm
» Anyone NOT in the Southern hemisphere?Dunczzz8New3/22 7:38pm
» Needs friends to play with!PaNdAGoDeSs319New3/22 7:51pm
» Friends and Peacheskatelyn07213New3/22 7:52pm
» My gates are openSquishy89-New3/22 11:14pm
» Anyone is welcome!bicknall-New3/22 11:36pm

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