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Use this board for arranging WiFi play with other members. Once a meeting is agreed upon, please use the Friend Codes Request tool to obtain friend codes for each other. You may also use this board if you're hosting a game and want to invite others to join you.  
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» Water my flowers and I’ll come water yours!lee14k1New6/5 6:03pm
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» LF: Friends, Kabuki, Apples, Cherries, Japanese Stuff, Neighbors by PersonalityLinkJoker2New6/4 8:36pm
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» Gwen in boxes!KB04-New6/2 3:23pm
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» Turnips at 432!SadSnails7New5/28 12:40am
» Fancy Dress Meet Upstar57-New5/27 4:31am
» LF: Tiffany or Merengue FT: Bells, Nmts, or rare items turnabout180-New5/27 2:02am
» Celeste is hereSiuMuiMui7New5/26 11:43pm

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