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Use this board for arranging WiFi play with other members. Once a meeting is agreed upon, please use the Friend Codes Request tool to obtain friend codes for each other. You may also use this board if you're hosting a game and want to invite others to join you.  
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» LF high turnip prices !! maddyrae-New5/11 5:24pm
» Good home for poncho pleaseJamesIsHappy2New5/11 1:08pm
» Looking for friends Ceryse5New5/11 6:30am
» Fruit Swapritacamprock2New5/11 5:38am
» Gardening/Watering GroupCherellie19New5/11 3:27am
» Apple in boxes!Alexhasanxiety-New5/11 12:54am
» Bianca.s Cataloging Servicebiancasbotique80New5/11 12:47am
» Free DIY - Golden Dung BeetleForgersFeline-New5/10 6:42pm
» Boomer crafting angled signpost. Looking for some watersAnkokuflare5New5/10 4:05pm
» Sunday Turnips - 90 BellsRic5451New5/10 12:10pm
» LF: Island inspiration!tailsthornton2New5/10 2:49am
» Free Flowers! Over 500 Primary Colors!YayaStarr-New5/10 2:20am
» Looking for down to earth friendsMrPro10New5/10 2:08am
» Sararah and lily wreath diy for flower wateringAnkokuflare6New5/9 11:30pm
» Server connection problems?cplesh9New5/9 10:09pm
» Turnips about to go to waste can anyone help please!?!?!? Need to sellt3hPwince2New5/9 7:07pm
» Turnip Prices? Need to sellrachelkuchmy-New5/9 7:04pm
» Iron Garden Bench DIYRic545-New5/9 6:39pm
» Turnip Time - Will Tip!Claire_bola-New5/9 4:58pm
» CROWN IN ABLE SISTERSJamesIsHappy-New5/9 1:32pm
» United Gardens Flower Club - Join Discord Today! All WelcomedYayaStarr3New5/9 12:49pm
» Any friends that open their gates often?lloyd_yayo-New5/9 11:20am
» Spare DIYsmarlasinger9New5/9 9:56am
» Able SistersTitan989-New5/9 12:47am
» Really want to "Re-Roll" my island...quicksassy2New5/8 9:14pm
» LF Leif Baturner12271New5/8 9:12pm
» LF: yellow rose flowers (not plants) for craftingKaruri1New5/8 5:53pm
» Southern Hemisphere~Ric5452New5/8 4:02pm
» Gladys in boxeschocomochiball-New5/8 1:47pm
» Skye in boxes KoalaOs2New5/8 9:31am
» Desperate for decent turnip pricesLoony817-New5/8 8:08am
» Celeste and Stack of books diy for some flower watersAnkokuflare5New5/8 4:28am
» Need Friends nasura916-New5/8 4:26am
» Wi-Fi Gardening Club Private Thread (Please join the wait list)Cielmer361New5/8 12:47am
» Zucker crafting idropkickbirds-New5/7 7:23pm
» Let's hang out! 23manimaltoon04-New5/7 5:22pm
» 500k for Southern Hemisphere UberAlexxx1New5/7 10:44am
» Hang OutIceebabee3New5/6 10:49pm
» Turnips 493, Pheobe moving out, Redd hereSage908New5/6 10:20pm
» [LF] Apollo or Antonio [FT] Nmts, Bellsturnabout180-New5/6 7:58pm
» Diva is crafting an apple hatRic545-New5/6 5:31pm
» LF Robot Herorkysksc1New5/6 5:15pm
» Octavian crafting Iron ArmourmikoSaranghae1New5/6 4:45pm
» Chow in boxesidropkickbirds-New5/6 4:41pm
» Elvis has left the building....nearlystar572New5/6 3:36pm
» Shooting Stars WiFi Boardbanana2b1New5/6 3:16pm
» LF great white shark modelcraftman-New5/6 1:56pm
» LF specific villagers (list in thread)MapleDoodles-New5/6 1:54pm
» Turnip PricesNickster93-New5/6 10:14am
» Turnipsstar57-New5/6 3:05am
» TurnipsMartyMorin3New5/5 11:04pm
» Beardo is crafting golden flooringCoach31682-New5/5 10:07pm
» Thunderstorm in my townStaralex4New5/5 8:39pm
» Catalog Party at my place!kyoukichan4New5/5 7:02pm
» LF Kitchen itemsMommyofTwo87-New5/5 6:51pm
» Celeste and Sahara on my islandanimalchick7New5/5 3:17pm
» Fruit Swap?NitroNinja15New5/5 3:35am
» New!! astat4203New5/5 1:39am
» Celeste in townAberforth6New5/4 10:18pm
» Celeste is in town yoloswagginsxl3New5/4 10:15pm
» I need Taurus itemsIvez2New5/4 8:32pm
» Tammy the cub is in boxesCheerstar717-New5/4 7:17pm
» Selling my turnips Lobster2337-New5/4 3:02pm
» Looking for new friends :)lunarnight-New5/4 2:20pm
» Rose seedsbelovedorchid-New5/4 1:34pm
» Looking for pears and cherrysblackberry19062New5/4 11:17am
» looking to sell turnips!leira520-New5/4 10:36am
» LF Crazy Redd!!! Wildworldfan24New5/3 11:39pm
» Closet Clean out! Free furniture, fossils, clothing, DIYsOfwaylee6New5/3 9:57pm
» LF Celeste and meteor showerCoach31682-New5/3 8:19pm
» Looking for LiefForgersFeline1New5/3 7:17pm
» Leif in Town / Knox crafting Bamboo Hat DIYlolaseid2New5/3 3:23pm
» Need to sell turnips ASAP!! (LF Prices over 200)HollyHunny-New5/3 1:30pm
» Will you let me catch butterflies?hathanhate2New5/3 1:26pm
» I need some primary flowersJaggedEdgedJava6New5/3 11:43am

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