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Use this board for arranging WiFi play with other members. Once a meeting is agreed upon, please use the Friend Codes Request tool to obtain friend codes for each other. You may also use this board if you're hosting a game and want to invite others to join you.  
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ACC Dodo Code PolicyNintendude64-New3/18 10:10pm
ACNH Turnip Prices and TrendsDimentio9528New4/5 4:14pm
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» gogglesHoc-New4/5 10:17pm
» pears and roseskelc1New4/5 9:42pm
» Turnips selling for 615 bells in my town !trashley49New4/5 9:36pm
» Looking for Stone and Iron Fence recipeHatakeSage1New4/5 9:30pm
» Mass Turnip Stalk Market GroupKitten9067171New4/5 9:13pm
» Any ancient players?craftman19New4/5 9:09pm
» Bells?Amanda_kathleen-New4/5 9:03pm
» Alice the Normal Koala, Free to a Good Homexsmilez4New4/5 8:49pm
» does anyone have a daisy mae still available?Hoc-New4/5 8:49pm
» Anyone still have Daisy Mae?Cheerstar7173New4/5 8:38pm
» SELL TURNIPS HERE (608 bells) FOR FOREIGN FRUITLifeIsGouda25New4/5 8:28pm
» FINALLY HERE ~ Adding New Horizons Friends! (+ AC Discord)XxMicoleXx80New4/5 8:07pm
» Turnip pricesWranglerj852New4/5 6:08pm
» New friends and exchangesChuchii2New4/5 3:46pm
» [FT] Cherry is Moving Out!wowwow-New4/5 3:41pm
» Looking for people to chill with.JBB-New4/5 3:38pm
» Looking for flowersAshleigh871New4/5 3:34pm
» Looking for a rose, any colourHatakeSage7New4/5 3:33pm
» Need Friend's For AC:NH?TheIron_B8New4/5 3:33pm
» Looking for Cosmos at nooks!Takarama-New4/5 3:28pm
» Looking for friends over 18+ JamesBondJr154New4/5 2:33pm
» Looking for new islands to visitdbzchick82888-New4/5 2:26pm
» Need a Southern Hemisphere friend!iceman22911New4/5 1:19pm
» Looking for friends 18+AmandaTheFox1New4/5 1:17pm
» 23 M looking for friends! (18+ only)animaltoon0412New4/5 1:07pm
» Looking for friends that are 18+Nate_River6New4/5 1:04pm
» LockedShaneCrossin-New4/5 11:57am
» Looking for help !! 23FLoveebugg7751New4/5 11:52am
» Anyone who TT have turnip prices above 300 bells?Brummiedollie-New4/5 3:52am
» Adult players greenpug123-New4/5 1:33am
» Anyone with store open?Ashleigh873New4/5 12:11am
» Daily Exchanges!RICKIII5New4/4 11:22pm
» gates open tonight!tshirt_time3New4/4 10:03pm
» 25 F want to go to a different islandmykala943New4/4 7:26pm
» LGBT+ WiFi Threadmachineman929New4/4 7:19pm
» LF: Island with Non-Native CherriesKjetta3New4/4 6:46pm
» 20F Looking for more friends :) Gates open!Peregrine2New4/4 5:36pm
» Looking for Korean/Japanese players to celebrate events withKenPaul2New4/4 5:17pm
» Looking for spare fruitstrangertimes2New4/4 4:53pm
» Searching for fruit!jdecoque8087New4/4 4:06pm
» Lilies in store?ShannonxM5New4/4 3:44pm
» I wanna flyIvez-New4/4 2:04pm
» Southern Hemisphere Anyone Inviting Friends?gnomehearder-New4/4 1:29pm
» Anyone in the Southern Hemisphere?Fuzzyboo14152New4/4 1:27pm
» High turnip neededRonnie1502-New4/4 4:27am
» Looking to start a fashion show. Need contestants.Royalelight1New4/4 4:12am
» LF 3 people to have a bug off with me rn :)gizmo215-New4/3 11:47pm
» Night Owl Looking for Friends to Play WithSaa21New4/3 11:35pm
» LF Fruits and Flowers for Trade or FurnitureVVeedragon2New4/3 8:50pm
» Looking for friends to play/trade with!RidleyScott1New4/3 8:05pm
» Turnip high prices snornat1New4/3 7:49pm
» Looking for Friends in the Southern HemisphereSplixe136-New4/3 7:02pm
» F/Southern/Cherriesindky7New4/3 6:09pm
» Public item swapBrendonJones4New4/3 5:57pm
» Southern Friends?alcalde93-New4/3 5:35pm
» Anyone with high turnip prices ?ExtendoJohnny-New4/3 5:25pm
» looking for celeste :)matty_kool-New4/3 3:58pm
» Can i visit someones town who has Able sisters please?Brummiedollie1New4/3 12:49pm
» Looking for Marina and Apolloprincesspeach15-New4/3 11:07am
» Looking to add Friends! mason106926New4/3 9:46am
» Apple/Northern On Everyday - Looking for Friends to Visit!orangenotions1New4/3 9:34am
» 21/F Wanting to explore other towns!Tifftiffheheha3New4/3 9:27am
» Does anyone wanna Wifi?CaptainSmoky2New4/3 9:25am
» Looking for Souther Hemisphere FriendsSplixe136-New4/3 1:02am
» Looking to visit Southern Hemisphere islands!miki3332New4/2 11:27pm
» Does anyone have turnips prices above 200 bells?Hoc2New4/2 9:51pm
» KICK OFF EASTER SEASON 04/02Clarissa1234516New4/2 8:17pm
» Any one can spare iron?Spazzness944New4/2 6:31pm
» 25/ F / Pears Looking to Explore Islands!!!gizmo21510New4/2 2:16pm
» Anyone want to play?UberAlexxx1New4/2 2:15pm
» Things to be wary of when hosting visitors?EluriaSea6New4/2 1:59pm

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