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Use this board for arranging WiFi play with other members. Once a meeting is agreed upon, please use the Friend Codes Request tool to obtain friend codes for each other. You may also use this board if you're hosting a game and want to invite others to join you.  
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NH WiFi GuideDegemination-New9/13/2020 8:55pm
AC:NH WiFi Lobby Board Rules and GuidelinesNintendude64-New6/4/2020 8:51am
ACC Dodo Code PolicyNintendude64-New3/18/2020 10:10pm
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» Adding Some New Active FacesXxMicoleXx1New7/14 10:33pm
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» FLOWERS are taking over my islandDark_Bowser2New7/10 11:58am
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» Any spare wood?UberAlexxx-New6/29 9:44pm
» WifiiiiiiDiscomatt2New6/24 1:33am
» Searching for NH friends Godsson1New6/1 10:35am
» anyone wanna hangout?BreezyBird4New5/11 3:17pm
» Oranges? I have pears, peaches apples and cherries for swaps.bananaxfrys2New5/11 2:31pm
» Board Game Island!Vyse_the_Legend6New5/11 8:37am
» Friends?Queen_I_Am7New5/5 5:57pm
» ACNHcheeseychips-New4/9 11:22am
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» [Holiday Jamboree] - New Horizons Holiday Town Sign Up!HatakeSage4New2/20 4:50pm
» Back to ACCSALLY1234New2/13 9:31am
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» looking for town ideas and active friends 21+ayechillen7New2/2 12:08am
» Looking for friends active players 20+JBB5New1/31 1:26pm
» Catalogue simple panelcutex2New1/31 1:22pm
» New Town looking for active friends. Queen_I_Am2New1/29 9:16am
» Teacher / Bride Friends?danceintheraine1New1/15 1:34pm
» Visit my island145155-New1/11 2:01pm
» LF Active Discord with meetupsWhitDaly-New1/9 9:03pm
» Gates are open! 23 f ESTtshirt_time-New1/8 10:15pm
» Anyone On Right Now? LF Seeds or ReddACNHFamily-New1/8 12:45pm
» 17/F Looking for friends around my age!SNED67722New1/7 12:30pm
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» ISO listSkumDragon-New1/2 9:17am
» Looking for an active ACNH 21+ groupsofiebunny15New1/1 11:14am
» LF: Town to come sell my fruits (non-native pear town) - you can come sell in mine as well!ScooterPeppe2New12/31/2020 3:01pm
» New to ACNH and looking for 21+ friendsaes_15_999New12/28/2020 10:16pm
» Active Again loltshirt_time2New12/28/2020 5:49pm
» New Player, Non Natives NeededRaynePtari1New12/27/2020 10:53am
» Anyone wanna visit?Ryverdragon822New12/17/2020 4:15pm
» New Horzions friendsalfonsofan0019New12/14/2020 8:57pm
» Anyone online and want to play? 21+ please! WhitDaly2New12/12/2020 8:02pm
» LF: Friends 18+Katrina20001New12/12/2020 8:01pm
» Is anyone else bored?kamui_g2New12/12/2020 2:48pm
» New Horizons -Online Now! chicken_peep5New11/28/2020 2:47pm
» Let's Chill!mphilipp1New11/25/2020 4:21pm
» Looking for ACNH playersSuperStarSacky1New11/24/2020 5:03pm
» Flower Giveaway WaterANDAir-New11/17/2020 6:00pm
» Looking for Active Friends!maddyrae4New11/8/2020 5:42pm
» Would anyone like to play?yoshi8493New10/31/2020 3:07pm
» Wheel of Bells Game on my island - Looking for Contestantsba8yRoseSs9New10/29/2020 3:03pm
» Let's playSobia-New10/28/2020 5:21pm
» Adding active players!Rarthurg1New10/25/2020 3:24pm
» Island Raid Party!marchbaby1234562New10/25/2020 2:08am
» LF new friends and islands to visitmicpenn-New10/24/2020 10:58pm
» Need friends sadie199512New10/24/2020 10:24pm
» Candy ShoppingBrannon2332-New10/16/2020 1:10pm
» Need high turnip pricesVk20203New10/14/2020 7:25pm
» 23/M looking for friends. animaltoon043New10/13/2020 3:23am

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