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Use this board for arranging WiFi play with other members. Once a meeting is agreed upon, please use the Friend Codes Request tool to obtain friend codes for each other. You may also use this board if you're hosting a game and want to invite others to join you.  
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ACC Dodo Code PolicyNintendude64-New3/18 10:10pm
ACNH Turnip Prices and TrendsDimentio9582New5/9 10:18pm
» Leif is herestar57-New8:36am
» FUN Event: DIY 1 for 1 swap!AnimalGirl821New1:07am
» Turnips at 432!SadSnails7New12:40am
» I would really like to make friends to hang out - over 40Mandy01016743New5/27 11:31pm
» celeste Young_At_Heart1New5/27 9:43pm
» RemovedAnimBoy77-New5/27 7:06pm
» My turnip price is 570 ! FuzzyWolfCat13New5/27 5:09pm
» Help me get fruit?OctaviansBF2New5/27 4:23pm
» Wanna be friends?LunarEclipse93-New5/27 4:13pm
» Town is closedstar574New5/27 2:04pm
» Mass Turnip Stalk Market GroupKitten9067223New5/27 12:00pm
» -Judith22New5/27 11:15am
» The peoples Mass TURNIP Group turnabout1805New5/27 7:01am
» Fancy Dress Meet Upstar57-New5/27 4:31am
» Looking for form a new group of players that I can call friends! Brummiedollie11New5/27 2:58am
» LF: Tiffany or Merengue FT: Bells, Nmts, or rare items turnabout180-New5/27 2:02am
» Celeste is hereSiuMuiMui7New5/26 11:43pm
» Great Turnip Prices!MeropeRiddle3New5/26 9:43pm
» Is your town in the Southern Hemisphere?Yasminehoney-New5/26 6:54pm
» Southern Hemisphere~Ric545-New5/26 4:59pm
» Anyone voice chatting?Thommi1New5/24 10:01pm
» Southern Hemisphere?MarioJeni6New5/24 9:58pm
» FUN Event: DIY 1 for 1 swap!AnimalGirl821New5/24 9:10pm
» Just Visiting! Brayden2020-New5/24 8:57pm
» I'm a kid looking to play with other kids help!!AshleyCrystal-New5/24 3:00pm
» Looking for friends!!! (making a group PT!)jemcat23New5/24 2:46am
» Celeste in my townCoach31682-New5/23 9:09pm
» TURNIPS 514!!!!!! plus free diysleira52015New5/23 9:55am
» Finally got NH and looking to visit some islands!emmashikari8New5/23 9:37am
» Sahara in town Young_At_Heart-New5/22 10:31am
» LF turnip prices over 400 - Will tip!Claire_bola-New5/20 7:17pm
» Long time series fan looking for long term players groupfinchermont3New5/20 7:14pm
» [LF] Stella the sheep [FT] Nmts, bellsturnabout180-New5/20 2:38pm
» Leif is herestar57-New5/20 2:20am
» CelesteRic5451New5/19 8:22pm
» LF high turnip pricesCoach31682-New5/19 7:58pm
» Looking for long term friends!macy3251New5/19 4:57pm
» Anybody wanna be friends in ACNH?julie9544New5/19 2:27pm
» Looking for fruitsHarleyquinn101-New5/19 1:13pm
» Looking for fruit trades, have applesLazaroo4New5/19 10:37am
» meteor showercarpediembabe-New5/18 11:07pm
» Red and White RosesRic5452New5/18 7:28pm
» Island design inspo??jack_charco4-New5/17 5:21pm
» 23m looking for longterm friends!animaltoon049New5/17 2:44pm
» Newbiekay93x2New5/17 10:46am
» Desperate to Sell Turnips!maddidg79New5/16 11:29pm
» I Want to See YOUR Islands!!Niverlander6New5/16 8:43pm
» Just Looking to ShopTitan989-New5/16 7:56pm
» Looking for FriendsIceebabee-New5/16 12:18pm
» 1dndd come to party!youcancrossme-New5/16 12:39am
» (Closed for the night) Chattown 550+ Item Cataloging (1 Item Entry Fee)TiTUSgames22New5/16 12:13am
» Hamlet in boxeskelc1New5/14 3:27pm
» Looking to collect various fruitsRLJedi3New5/14 2:07pm
» LF : Mint or Poppy Please :)Brummiedollie1New5/14 11:09am
» Rocco in boxest3hPwince-New5/13 11:50pm
» Night Owl Looking for Friends to Play WithSaa25New5/13 10:31pm
» Restarted my island and looking for friends! WhitDaly7New5/13 5:46pm
» Caroline is in boxes.somacruza-New5/13 3:46pm
» Turnips are 484youcancrossme5New5/13 3:42pm
» LF: Cherrybeautyandboxing-New5/13 3:33pm
» Turnips @307TsunRitsu-New5/13 2:20pm
» Turnips 370!!Melissium-New5/13 9:19am
» Will Tip! Hoping to Sell Turnips!helga2New5/13 8:13am
» Bug Catching Competition Anyone?gizmo2155New5/13 1:53am
» Regular Hosts?homie15201New5/12 10:16pm
» Need lilies—will water for youzrainey5New5/12 9:26pm
» Turnips @ 409Lettis5New5/12 4:55pm
» AC NH Turnip and Visit GroupWobbles-New5/12 2:52pm
» Leif is in town!gamefreak0523-New5/12 1:05pm
» Turnips @ 207Brendan7195-New5/12 12:52pm
» Shari in boxesFuzzyboo1415-New5/12 12:21pm
» Flip in boxesryssafaith-New5/12 12:05pm

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