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Use this board to post requests for buying/trading specific items or villagers in AC:NH. You may also post here if you are looking for particular turnip prices, DIY crafting recipes, or special visitors. If you are looking for free items or a service, please make a request on one of the threads on the Giveaways or Shops and Services board.  
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NH WiFi GuideDegemination-New9/13 8:56pm
AC:NH Looking For Board Rules and GuidelinesNintendude64-New6/4 8:47am
ACC Dodo Code PolicyNintendude64-New3/18 10:09pm
» LF: Nook Stop Variantswatercooler10New11/24 1:35pm
» LF Kitchen Furniture!!hathanhate9New11/23 12:12pm
» Fossil Buying/TradingPikminsatellite8New11/18 3:20pm
» LF: Items, DIYS, villagersNobleHeart997New11/14 2:15pm
» LF: Various Stone Items!PretzelKitty6New11/20 9:59am
» LF: DIYsPeach155New11/22 7:43pm
» LF: Mom's Itemslowkrow5New11/10 4:02pm
» ISO Birthday Items and Baby Items!andSUGARcubes4New11/10 12:32pm
» LF: Springy ride ons and common items FT: Saharah, diys etc.memeing4New11/5 9:35pm
» LF white streetlamps apass984New10/28 10:02pm
» ACNH open plot looking for specific villagersgumpy034New5/6 7:40am
» LF: Fruit! LunarMajique3New11/26 9:32pm
» LF Fruit that isnt Peacheswuvluva3New11/25 7:06pm
» Looking for any CactusBelch3New11/25 3:51pm
» Looking to buy or trade for Halloween costumesNateKimble3New11/25 3:44pm
» LF Winter Train Setjoeseph3New11/25 1:04pm
» LF Rolf's PhotoJadeiixx3New11/18 3:42am
» LF: ironwood KITCHENETTE FT: Yyour offerturnabout1803New11/14 2:31pm
» Den Desk and Rattan StoolUberAlexxx3New11/11 1:56pm
» LF: Star fragmentsDominiquee3New11/8 9:42am
» LF: purple windflowers or flower standadventureisland3New11/7 8:41pm
» LF: Halloween Costumeacwwlovers3New10/30 5:59pm
» LF: Green Impish WingsMaci_Mae3New10/29 6:31pm
» LF: Rusted PartsFlameOfAwarenes2New11:59am
» LF: Black Flowers!PretzelKitty2New11/26 10:30am
» LF: Red CleatsLucool2New11/22 7:22am
» LF: iron garden table and chair DYISjls132New11/16 11:38am
» LF: Judy princesspeach152New11/11 11:34am
» LF: PURPLE HYACINTHS Emmy872New11/11 10:12am
» LF: Lecture-Hall Desk, and (Black) Antique Mini TableKeithMoon2New11/9 7:55pm
» LF: Rugslowkrow2New11/5 7:50am
» LF: AustralopithYurimi2New10/30 1:09pm
» LF: Mushroom and Maple leaf DIYsfoamblaster1New11/26 6:06pm
» LF green pumpkinsA_smol_vaporeon1New11/26 1:22pm
» Green pumpkinmonolivia1New11/26 10:28am
» LF : Full Mush DIYs / Maple DIYs / Trees bounty DIYsAesopRock1New11/26 10:22am
» LF : mush logAppliejuice1New11/21 9:24pm
» Tea Cup Ride Pastel xkelseyjade1New11/21 1:45pm
» I need Fruit & Trees to Chop DownTeamEliWolf1New11/20 1:34pm
» Looking for: Surfboards swanseaxgrace1New11/19 10:26am
» LF Scorpius fragmentThird1New11/18 3:07am
» LF: Pianos Please! PretzelKitty1New11/15 3:16pm
» Garden wagon diymolliestebbing1New11/13 6:58pm
» LF: FruitLuv2Play21New11/13 3:15pm
» LF: Virgo fragments can trade other star stuffmemeing1New11/13 1:33pm
» LF White Box Sofa and Corner SofaxoxAshleyxox1New11/12 3:12pm
» LF star fragments... will tip, just need a couple stacksmisS61New11/11 6:13pm
» Looking for a Rattan StoolUberAlexxx1New11/11 1:05pm
» (acnh) looking for Pear's and Cherry's comintoo1New11/11 11:42am
» Looking for Gnomes & Floor Lightskjbehr1New11/10 7:41pm
» LF ApplesKitty_Paine1New11/9 7:22am
» LF Tea Olive Starts (both colours)Joe246011New11/3 11:35am
» LF: Audie FT: Bells, Nmts, wishlist itemsturnabout1801New10/30 1:34pm
» LF: brick lighthousecaidozcherry1New10/30 11:52am
» LF: Outdoor Bench HershelLayton1New10/28 4:40pm
» LF: Tasha, Filbert, and Blaire (ACNH)trvp_tyler1New5/4 11:11pm
» [ACNH] trade villagerrobotella1New5/4 8:59pm
» Maple recipe - trees bounty big tree!molliestebbing-New11/26 4:46pm
» Lf white, green, and orange pumpkins for turkey day!BluexAzalea7-New11/26 12:31pm
» Mushroom Recipes Lunaaa4-New11/26 5:28am
» Various Nook Miles ItemsWindfall1997-New11/25 7:26pm
» LF: MottPenguidox-New11/25 6:56am
» ISO White Kids Tentizzykur-New11/25 4:04am
» LF: various items, DIY and nook shop. Naley-New11/25 2:05am
» LF: high turnip prices!micpenn-New11/24 6:44pm
» LF Illuminated DIYS (lots to trade)izzykur-New11/24 4:24pm
» LF: Mush/Tree's Bounty/Maple DIY's watercooler-New11/24 1:15pm
» NEED BIG FESTIVE TREE !!!izzykur-New11/23 8:37am
» LF Seasonal DIYs x2KweenBee-New11/22 6:23pm
» LF: Seasonal DiyMaci_Mae-New11/22 5:02pm
» LF Seasonal DIYS (TONS to trade)izzykur-New11/22 4:47pm
» L4: Sky/Water EggsXxDeathyxX-New11/22 9:50am

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