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Use this board to post requests for buying/trading specific items or villagers in AC:NH. You may also post here if you are looking for particular turnip prices, DIY crafting recipes, or special visitors. If you are looking for free items or a service, please make a request on one of the threads on the Giveaways or Shops and Services board.  
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ACC Dodo Code PolicyNintendude64-New3/18 10:09pm
» Vaporwave Cataloguing: over 100 items (32 songs!) *Updated rules in Comment #52* ~CLOSEDghirahim79New4/15 6:01pm
» Looking to complete wishlistYurimi67New11:11am
» (Closed...) 600+ Item Catalog (To whoever took items, please return...)TiTUSgames67New5/24 2:08pm
» TURNIPS 549brittanycouture64New4/13 11:06pm
» Turnip prices 608 on my island :)Brummiedollie61New4/7 4:44pm
» Lots of DIYs to offer!! *some ironwood inside*JenRae357New4/27 8:43pm
» LF: Any and all eggsjaxy7356New4/6 12:54am
» LF 1 fish print from fishing tourney.Snowlico51New5/26 11:15pm
» [UPDATED] ~ FS/FT: rares, DIYS, other items LoveMeAsColleen49New5/13 8:28pm
» Catalog all Sanrio posters! 1NMTMapleshine49New4/7 5:47pm
» Selling> Hundreds of Hybrids!!crinkly47New4/9 12:26am
» HUGE Closet Cleanout | 330+ items!Ishy9346New5/2 6:01pm
» ~Auction~ HYBRID FLOWERS (Great Bonus Items!) *update*SteelAngelUsagi45New4/25 9:00pm
» Making Cherry Blossom Items! Also LF: Bamboo DIYs, DollysViridisAureus44New4/13 1:25pm
» FS: DIY recipes and Fossils! *updated*LittleBeau40New4/9 3:09pm
» Come Catalog all 6 Sanrio Posters! LF Bellsstrahberri40New4/3 5:34pm
» LF: Several Items + DIY | FT: Star Fragments, etc.Yukioma40New4/2 3:03pm
» Fell-off-a-truck KATANAS for sale! Red, White, Gold, Black, and DARK BLUE!CRAZY_REDD669739New5/7 12:07pm
» EVEN MORE DIYs UP FOR TRADE +MORE PART TWOFredisher39New5/2 12:27am
» Selling some things to clear storage!LittleBeau39New4/7 7:19pm
» Come Catalog my Closet! Over 200 items!ohdearyou39New4/6 12:39am
» Turnips 635Pikaguy_32437New5/12 8:13pm
» FS: Gold Roses and other Hybrids LF: BellsDenzelol37New4/16 3:33pm
» Closet Cleanout | DIYs, Fossils, etc. (check back often!)Ishy9335New5/24 12:10am
» Crafting DIYs + DIYs/Materials for sale *updated in comments*ghirahim35New4/11 1:27pm
» [LF]NookTickets,Stone,Furniture&More[FT]Bells,AssessedFossils,RCrowns,Furniture&Morelinkpoo35New4/5 7:55pm
» Come to my island for just 1k bells!!! (Mabel, Nook’s Cranny, Recipes)ACCFQueen35New3/22 2:35pm
» Star mart: DIY cards,mats,hybrid delivery,items|buying nmt 150k EA|buy/sell/trade|openLauren34New4/19 2:25pm
» Trading extra recipes for missing recipes - please check newest list (page 2)Snowlico33New5/7 1:13am
» FS Hybrids, Fossils, DIYs (For Sale List Updated #21)ViridisAureus33New4/25 5:36pm
» Lots of stuff for sale/trade/catalogue *updated in comments*ghirahim33New4/4 4:32pm
» Nooks Cranny UPGRADEdana10132New3/31 10:19pm
» Selling Moms Plushie & Moms homemade cakeGetsui_Megami31New5/13 6:22pm
» Moto's hybrid shop is now open!motobrokane31New4/5 10:23am
» LF: Pagoda(s)/Art Statues!!!SteelAngelUsagi30New5/22 12:37pm
» Lots of DIYs for sale!!JenRae330New5/10 4:06pm
» Mini 1 Day Giveaway (CLOSED, Congrats Gerulistalr)Jibae30New4/30 9:04pm
» DIYs for sale~ *updated in comments*ghirahim30New4/10 6:08pm
» Last day to come catalog the cute yellow seriesEnvi30New4/5 5:14pm
» LF: wishlist! FT: bells, hybrids, sanrio posters, NMT, furniture (updated list on pg2!)LoveMeAsColleen30New4/3 6:45pm
» LF: DIY Recepi's I don't have FT: 500k each xSann30New3/24 9:11pm
» LF: Wishlist!LittleBeau29New5/3 3:11pm
» TOONNNSSS of recipes for tradeMakayla12329New4/15 3:56am
» Star Mart: items, diy recipes, flowers and more| Buy and sell HERE! Lauren29New4/14 1:48am
» Selling random items (updated)Ofwaylee29New4/12 5:48pm
» FS/FT various items - Lots of furniture/clothing priced at catalog price - Got DIY + lots of shellsSnowlico29New4/8 7:27am
» Catalog Trade! Great stuff and tons of items :) *check for most recent postiamkrisb29New4/4 4:57am
» LF: Fish Bait FT: almost anything that I have that you’re interested in -See post 23 for new listTamagotchi89529New3/31 1:35pm
» Selling: All 8 floor lights! (Catalogue)Dunczzz28New5/2 5:26pm
» I have too many Regular and hybrid hyacinths popxdtart28New4/29 3:23pm
» FT: DIYs, LF: DIYs or bug/fish modelsAurora628New4/17 1:54pm
» LF: Gulliver Items and Clothing FT: Various Itemsphoenixalcon28New4/16 2:40pm
» LF: Orange Roses will pay 100k eachLadySlverFyr28New4/15 8:19pm
» LF Ironwood Furniture Items, have catalogueCadsface28New3/26 7:03pm
» LF: Nook Mile Tickets FT: 1mil bells (Can pay in crowns)StarryTumble28New3/25 10:25pm
» DIY recipes FT!ningyou27New6:43pm
» [LF] Wish List! [FT] Catalog, Bells, Hybrid Flowers!Takiru27New5/1 10:50pm
» Giving away: Hybridsladylemonwings27New4/26 8:39am
» FT: Lots of Recipes LF: NMT, Furniture, Recipes *updated on page 2*uni67a27New4/11 4:45pm
» FT: DIYs LF: DIYs (latest comment for updated list)krissybear27New4/9 1:48pm
» PRINCESS DRESSES ARE AT MY ABLES 1 HR LEFTgizmo21527New4/2 11:04pm
» Flower & Cute Series Shop #2~ Lily/Rose Seeds, Full Cute Series Furniture - Want Nook Mile Tickets!CelestielSigh27New4/2 1:17am
» Trading extra DIY'sroogirl26New5/4 9:35am
» Get 4 DIY recipes for 1 NMT Sunbae26New5/1 12:40am
» Selling/Trading furniture and clothing. Lots available. - Pinball machine available.Snowlico26New4/22 9:15pm
» LF: NM Furniture (in a variation of colors)kristixlynn26New4/18 10:01pm
» FT: lots of stuff! (Lists update often)MandaPandaDawn26New4/17 5:39pm
» Selling/Trading: Rainbow Soft Serve LampsFeraligatrFTW26New4/14 9:04pm
» Star Shop: LF Wishlist| Trading selling diy, cherry blossom item, diy, furniture, flower and more!Lauren26New4/9 4:05pm
» 560 TURNIP PRICES ALL DAY Archiedt43350625New5/12 10:13pm
» SELLING - 50 inch TVsHollyhocks25New5/8 11:14am
» DIYs - 1 NMT each UPDATEDKuri625New5/3 2:41pm
» MASSIVE WISH LIST [Over 400 Items!] - NAME YOUR PRICE (Bells/NMTs)Klaus_Core25New4/27 2:45pm
» Buying/Selling DIYS!Ariylle25New4/6 9:11pm

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