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Use this board to post requests for buying/trading specific items or villagers in AC:NH. You may also post here if you are looking for particular turnip prices, DIY crafting recipes, or special visitors. If you are looking for free items or a service, please make a request on one of the threads on the Giveaways or Shops and Services board.  
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ACC Dodo Code PolicyNintendude64-New3/18 10:09pm
» Sterling in boxes__Richard__-New5/21 10:28am
» LF: workout and sport items __Richard__2New5/19 7:34pm
» LF: wishlist items__Richard__-New5/17 7:06pm
» LF: yellow Lily__Richard__3New5/15 2:49pm
» LF: blue and purple hybrids__Richard__-New5/15 12:46pm
» LF: pitfall recipe __Richard__2New5/14 12:14pm
» LF: Western Stone (tomb)__Richard__2New5/12 12:21pm
» CJ is visiting__Richard__2New5/12 11:39am
» LF: Hybrids__Richard__3New5/11 3:42pm
» LF: ironwood dresser diy__Richard__-New5/7 9:22pm
» LF: Ironwood dresser diy__Richard__4New5/4 8:45am
» Looking for ironwood dresser diy__Richard__1New5/3 12:50pm
» LF Tree Standee DIY_AnimalCrossing-New4/19 8:25pm
» LF Turnips (just a few)_AnimalCrossing-New4/18 7:40pm
» LF: green mums_AnimalCrossing-New4/14 7:58pm
» FS: Hybrids LF: Selling turnips_AnimalCrossing-New4/5 12:51pm
» LF high turnip sell price!_AnimalCrossing-New4/4 10:53am
» Bettina in Boxes (free)_Katie_-New4/6 12:02pm
» Crown in Able Sisters Today_Katie_-New4/1 10:13am
» LF: Peaches and Pears0Parker03New4/1 2:20am
» LF: A LOT OF ITEMS!1_City_Folk_115New5/14 1:16am
» LF: FAKE STATUES1_City_Folk_1-New5/11 3:31pm
» Recipe For Tall Lantern1_City_Folk_1-New5/7 2:41pm
» Buying Cherry Blossom Recipes : Have MANY things for trade!!!! Added Fish Bait & 300k each!15sniper5New4/10 5:21am
» LF: Fish Bait | Paying Great!!15sniper1New3/26 8:49pm
» FS: Nook Tickets1998Dga192New4/2 1:23pm
» ~ FAUNA in boxes!! ~2pVaporeon-New4/26 8:28pm
» Gloria is moving out TODAY!2pVaporeon-New4/20 4:24pm
» LF: red rock guitar, sunburst electric bass, mic stand, keyboard, music stand2Sushi2-New4/22 5:38pm
» LF: keyholder DIY, archelon skull, tricera tail FT: extra DIYs or name your price2tapmentor1New10:00am
» LF: keyholder DIY FT: as many of my extra DIYs that you would like2tapmentor1New5/25 7:11pm
» LF: Cheap Items or DIY recipes H: bells37feralhogs-New4/21 6:56pm
» H:Pears W:Any fruits but pears37feralhogs3New4/20 11:25pm
» LF:Empty cans!3dsacnl1New3/23 12:21am
» Rodney is in boxes598sandy-New5/13 4:38pm
» [Selling] Various Items 3/30598sandy7New3/30 3:59pm
» [Selling] Various Items 3/29598sandy4New3/29 6:09pm
» Giving away: Various Items 3/24598sandy12New3/24 7:18pm
» [Selling] Various Items598sandy3New3/22 9:09pm
» ROYAL CROWN on my Able's Sisters/[LF] Tips, Cherry Blossom DIY, NMT8OW53R-New4/6 3:39pm
» [FT] Fossils! [LF] Other Fossils! 8OW53R5New4/5 7:24pm
» LF: SEVERAL things! Trading Fossils and DIY's!94thScorpio16New4/24 5:33am
» LF seeds from your Nook'sababyslife-New4/23 4:37pm
» LF seeds from Nook's (mum, rose, cosmos) (My Birthday today)ababyslife-New4/23 2:20pm
» LF: seeds from Nook's (mums, lily, cosmos, rose)ababyslife2New4/21 7:25pm
» LF seeds at your Nook's Cranny...ababyslife1New4/19 11:47am
» Need cherries today for Easter pleaseababyslife5New4/18 3:38pm
» Need pears and cherriesababyslife12New4/5 5:47pm
» LF Papa Bearabbey_11202New5/24 3:56pm
» Marina moving out: taken!Abdeost2New4/8 4:40pm
» LF: Roses, Cosmos, and MumsAbdeost-New4/7 9:35pm
» LF: document stack!Abel_Dele4New5/7 9:17pm
» LF: Fruit boxes!Abel_Dele2New4/28 2:51am
» LF: Bamboo Partition, Bamboo Stool DIYAberforth6New5/14 9:06am
» FT: Katanas LF: DIY I don't have /NMTsAberforth1New5/13 7:29pm
» LF: Deluxe washer (buy/catalog). Offering bells or items to catalogAberforth2New5/8 7:49pm
» LF: Double sofas Aberforth13New5/8 7:21pm
» Celia in boxes for free.Aberforth2New5/8 7:21pm
» FT: Katanas (each color)Aberforth16New5/7 4:36pm
» LF: Garden Bench DIYAberforth-New5/7 4:29pm
» FT: Katana. LF: Lucky cat.Aberforth1New5/6 5:21pm
» FT: Statue of Liberty LF: Lucky catAberforth1New5/5 2:44pm
» Celeste in townAberforth4New5/4 9:28pm
» LF: KatanaAberforth2New5/4 6:07pm
» FS: Crowns and royal crownsAberforth17New5/2 4:48pm
» LF: Gulliver ItemAberforth12New5/2 4:48pm
» FT: DIYsAberforth6New4/28 8:53pm
» Sheldon is in boxes.Aberforth1New4/27 4:39pm
» FT: 2 Ironwood cart DIYAberforth12New4/21 6:38pm
» LF: Modeling clay DiYAberforth5New4/21 5:17pm
» FS: Ironwood chair DIYAberforth4New4/19 4:02pm
» LF: Mummy maskAberforth1New4/13 3:35pm
» Looking for a horror outfit. FT crownsAberforth4New4/6 3:23pm
» LF: Rounded Beard and GoateeAberforth4New4/5 7:08am

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