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Use this board to post requests for buying/trading specific items or villagers in AC:NH. You may also post here if you are looking for particular turnip prices, DIY crafting recipes, or special visitors. If you are looking for free items or a service, please make a request on one of the threads on the Giveaways or Shops and Services board.  
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AC:NH Looking For Board Rules and GuidelinesNintendude64-New6/4 8:47am
ACC Dodo Code PolicyNintendude64-New3/18 10:09pm
» Lf: Red, Black, Blue Drink machinesZzzone4New4/9 2:49pm
» LF: White Folding ChairZymesh-New4/21 7:10am
» LF Cherries and Tulip seeds!Zukiji6New4/12 10:08am
» LF: Ironwood Dresser and Cutting Board. Materials and Bells Providedzreigel6New4/16 10:30pm
» Wolfgang in Boxes [LF] Fuchsia, Ankha, Marshall or Zuckerzoweya1New4/9 12:45pm
» LF: Simple Panel (Black/Gold/White) and Box Sofazonic7771New6/25 11:25am
» LF: Redd's Artwork (Including Forgeries)zonic7775New6/18 1:48am
» LF: Golden Nuggets (100k each) | Redd's Artwork (Can be forgery)zonic7777New5/29 3:56pm
» LF: Royal Crownzonic7773New5/25 1:02pm
» LF: Mush furniture, cute furniture and soft serve ice cream lampszonic7777New5/23 10:45pm
» LF: Bonsai Shelf DIY & Pine Bonsaizonic7773New5/11 12:48am
» LF: Beekeeper's hive DIYzonic7772New5/9 12:02am
» FS: NMTzonic777-New5/8 6:20pm
» FS: NMTzonic7772New5/5 1:52am
» LF: Nova Light and Star Headzonic7772New4/19 8:43pm
» FT - Fossilszonic7778New4/18 6:16pm
» FT: NMT and Star Fragments |LF: Bells or Crownzonic7776New4/12 3:20pm
» LF: Ironwood Dresser and Cutting Boardzonic7772New4/9 10:06pm
» LF: Blossom-viewing lanternzonic7771New4/6 8:08pm
» LF: Various itemszonic77713New4/1 8:43pm
» ISO Bubblegum K.K. !Zonic1002New4/5 10:03pm
» Trading DIYs!ZoeNewLeaf11New5/30 11:04am
» Celia in boxes!ZoeNewLeaf-New4/16 4:44am
» Looking for Black Cypress plantzoedabuug-New4/21 11:22pm
» LF Regular wood!zoedabuug-New4/17 6:20pm
» Looking for some red cute furniturezoedabuug11New4/13 12:55am
» Trading Flowers & FruitZoca1o1New4/7 4:16am
» Looking to Trade Nook Miles Rewards!Zinge-New4/6 1:49pm
» My Able Sister: Mummy Mask, A-Line Dress, Tweed Hat, Work Apron, Baseball Shirt Zinge-New4/6 1:29pm
» LF: Lucky Catzigy-New4/7 12:59am
» Need Lilie & Mum Seeds!Zetrovv4New4/18 9:34pm
» LF Stone FenceZetrovv-New4/14 12:14am
» LF Apples & Pears!Zetrovv3New3/25 7:40pm
» LF Turnip pricesZeroPayne2New5/30 12:38pm
» Want to buy a Cutting board DIYZeroPayne6New5/22 12:03pm
» LF> purple windflowers, blue roses (updated)Zero31412New5/17 4:32pm
» LF: High Turnip Sell PriceZero3144New5/13 7:53pm
» LF: hybridsZero314-New4/29 10:41pm
» LF: Cherry blossom viewing Lantern recipe CT: Cherry wand, umbrella, pochette, bells, etc.Zephyr15-New4/8 6:57pm
» Selling 3 nook tickets 170k eachZelinkfan123-New4/15 9:23am
» Selling Nookmiles ticket 200kZelinkfan1234New3/29 5:03pm
» LF: Cherry blossom recipeszeldaeevee4131New5/8 1:55pm
» LF: Cherry blossom recipeszeldaeevee4133New4/11 3:58pm
» LF star fragmentszelda232New4/14 5:58pm
» LF Red and Natural Sombrero Hatt! Zaybe2New5/28 1:27pm
» FT: Mush DIYS Looking for Fake Statues Zaybe1New5/27 11:26am
» LF Pine Bonsai Tree DIY Zaybe1New5/4 3:11pm
» LTT Mom's KnapsackZaybe-New5/3 7:37pm
» LF Purple Candy Skull MaskZaybe1New5/2 9:50am
» LF hydrangea (Updated!) Zaybe3New4/23 6:41pm
» Looking for purple Windflowers Zaybe-New4/19 4:41pm
» FL: DIYS Zaybe3New4/17 10:16am
» LF Becky's Poster Pic! Zaybe-New4/16 5:32pm
» FT DIYSZaybe-New4/15 11:03am
» LF: Candy-skull Mask (Purple)Zaybe1New4/14 6:39pm
» TONS of DIYS FT!!! (updated #5) Zaybe7New4/13 11:05pm
» LF Bamboo shoot FT PeachesZaybe1New4/8 8:45am
» LF: stormy-night wallZaybe6New4/6 7:22pm
» FS: DIYS LF: Cutting board DIYZaybe2New4/4 8:33pm
» LF bunch of itemsZaybe6New4/4 5:24pm
» FS: Cherry Blossom DIY (Updated)Zaybe3New4/3 9:09pm
» LF: Candy-Skull MaskZaybe2New4/3 11:10am
» LF: cherry blossom DIYs. 2 nook mile tickets per DIYZaybe4New4/2 7:23pm
» FS: Bunny Day Festive Balloons DIYZaybe1New4/2 12:45pm
» FS: D.I.Y Recipes Zaybe4New3/31 7:31pm
» LF: Floor LampsZaybe1New3/29 5:59pm
» LF: StreetlampZaybe5New3/26 12:47am
» LF: 20 Nook Mile Tickets. Zaybe-New3/23 2:08pm
» FL: White Flu like maskZaybe2New3/23 5:21am
» Looking for Fruitzattaltin3New3/31 12:52pm
» LF: Dimetrodon Torso (also selling spare fossils)Zappy1802New5/16 5:11pm
» Selling Art and *good* DIYszapht21New5/7 4:44am
» Hybrid sale! NMT onlyzapht3New5/3 3:04am

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