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Use this board to post requests for buying/trading specific items or villagers in AC:NH. You may also post here if you are looking for particular turnip prices, DIY crafting recipes, or special visitors. If you are looking for free items or a service, please make a request on one of the threads on the Giveaways or Shops and Services board.  
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ACC Dodo Code PolicyNintendude64-New3/18 10:09pm
» ! FOUND ! LF Western-Style Stone (will trade diy recipes, hybrids or bells) [/s]HollyHunny7New4/26 7:07am
» !!!FT ACNH Switch LF 30k!!!copenhjn1New3/24 2:37pm
» "I have way too much stuff" sale, need to make space~nanihoku0014New4/29 7:51pm
» (Closed...) 600+ Item Catalog (To whoever took items, please return...)TiTUSgames67New5/24 2:08pm
» (FS) apples, recipie cards, furniture, materials, bambookatelin20105New3/28 7:51pm
» (FS) iron nuggetskatelin20103New3/24 8:18pm
» (fs) iron,gold,recipe cardskatelin20107New3/25 11:49pm
» (FT) bamboo pieces, cute bed, etckatelin20104New3/24 6:12pm
» (ft) recipe cardskatelin20102New3/26 1:30am
» (LF) any unneeded island tickets?katelin2010-New3/24 4:53pm
» (LF) royal crownssssskatelin20101New3/25 11:35pm
» (LF) turnip prices ohdearyou-New3/26 2:07am
» (Selling) nook miles ticketskatelin201013New4/7 7:25pm
» (Still) LF: Staw Hat (the round one)SuperK3New3/23 2:39pm
» *** Huge Trade List ***SMOOFYKINS4New4/17 4:36am
» ***BOTH FOUND*** LF: Pink Cotton Candy Stall & Pink Candy MachineLuna_sky3New5/1 12:14pm
» ***FOUND*** LF: Catalog all Sanrio posters Luna_sky2New5/3 5:48pm
» ***FS/FT: Star Frags, DIYs**GamerGyal5New3/29 4:50pm
» *+-(((Hybrids Wanted)))-+*thuglife-New4/10 4:59pm
» *AUCTION* Trading Diana Villager For 500K Bells (starting bid)VVeedragon1New4/22 10:12pm
» *Billy Moving Out!*ViceroyBvS1New4/8 6:31pm
» *Closed* Celeste is hereleroysam14New4/7 10:47pm
» -MayorMelody3New12:29am
» -triber097New5/20 4:42pm
» -Barthaz1New4/21 8:31pm
» -chatlandem-New4/15 4:10pm
» -Angel_Hearts17New4/15 2:08pm
» -Nightfade11New4/1 10:58pm
» -emmyknd1233New3/25 11:53pm
» -SoulMan2002New3/24 4:01pm
» - closed - lauralovesharry2New4/19 10:58am
» -*•*•*- Mystopia’s Fruits to Fences Trade & Shoppe -*•*•*-YayaStarr5New4/5 5:08pm
» --Alura1New4/12 1:36am
» ---closed---Cloudff8002New4/11 10:10pm
» .ww_wallflower1New5/6 9:09am
» .fishingpro-New4/7 2:05am
» ..~**[FT] GOLDEN TOOLS!**~..~**[LF] Furniture & Hybrids!**~...ariadnerentz11New3/31 9:07pm
» ..~~** Ari's Trading Post **~~.. UPDATED 4/4! Fossils, DIYs, Rare Furniture, Gold Tools, Hybrids!ariadnerentz22New4/4 9:27pm
» [Auction] 100 Fish BaitBenBizzle13New4/29 10:02pm
» [Auction] 100 Fish Baits andrea20215New4/28 10:02am
» [AUCTION] 2 Golden Tool Sets! ENDEDariadnerentz23New4/6 3:01pm
» [FS/FT] Fossils [LF: Bells / Fossils]HazelBay2New4/16 4:12pm
» [FS/FT] Hybridsmayday654New4/3 9:49pm
» [FS] 10 NMT [LF] 200k eachsevenisland7-New4/18 5:11am
» [FS] 10-20 NMTDingusKhan2New4/26 8:35pm
» [FS] 24 stacks fish bait, DIY, NMT [LF] 75k per bait stack, Cherry Blossom DIYsRaMiGo203New4/5 12:49pm
» [FS] 3 Nook miles ticketsanimal_hunter-New3/28 7:37pm
» [FS] 5 Nook Mile Tickets [LF] 200k eachanimal_hunter1New4/24 2:53pm
» [FS] 8 NMT [LF] BellsHazel98862New4/9 4:31pm
» [FS] 8 Pink and 8 Blue Windflowersadamco132New4/11 6:49pm
» [FS] Bamboo wand crafting [LF] 300k or 1 nook mile ticketRaMiGo20-New3/28 4:26pm
» [FS] Dimetrodon Skull & TorsoPhois2New4/5 2:47pm
» [FS] Fish Bait Stacks x6 [LF] 600k or 2 nook mile tixRaMiGo203New3/29 10:18am
» [FS] Fossils [LF] Fossils (Will pay bells for fossils too)HazelBay1New4/10 7:19am
» [FS] Fossils! [LF] BellsSterlinggina-New4/13 7:47pm
» [FS] Hybrid Flowers [LF] BellsPhois7New4/17 5:13pm
» [FS] HybridTulips (sold)Phois3New4/5 6:59pm
» [FS] ShepEdIwin3052-New4/11 3:47pm
» [FS] Star Fragments Phois2New4/6 10:13pm
» [FS] Tammy is crafting Tulip Crown DIY~Caabookey-New4/16 7:10pm
» [FS] Western style stone DIYPhois-New4/17 10:13pm
» [FST] Hybrid flowers [LF] Star frags/bells/whatever popxdtart2New5/14 9:58am
» [FST] Mums/Pansies/Cosmos/Lillies/Windflowersanitahehe-New4/22 3:13pm
» [FST] Random list of items [LF] Bells, wishlistkatiemeadowes1New4/29 2:42pm
» [FST] Storage clean out: Sahara, DIYs, Redd, Gulliver, misc + Renée [LF] NMTdyylannn11New4/29 12:26am
» [FT/FS] Cherry Blossom DIYSXotx5New4/20 2:42pm
» [FT] Francine [LF] BeauKuri6-New5/3 6:39pm
» [FT] 10x Nook Tickets, Bells, Etc [LF] Offersdestinyroze3New3/23 4:40pm
» [FT] 5 Nook Mile Tickets [LF] 500k Bells Eachrocko2546-New3/28 4:22pm
» [FT] 5x bamboo shoots, 25x full grown bamboo [LF] Bells, hybridsdyylannn1New4/2 8:17pm
» [FT] A little of everything. [FS] NMT 200k each. TEDDY IN BOXES!cannibalcupcake8New4/5 12:36am
» [FT] Al is in boxes [LF] Bells, NMTdyylannn1New4/27 7:21pm
» [FT] Apple in boxes [LF] NMT, bells, Lollybekkawesty2New4/3 8:15pm
» [FT] Blue Rose SALE! and other flowers @ normal trade value Gold Roses, Green Mums, Hyacinths, TulipMarvelous20205New5/9 9:53am

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