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Use this board to post requests for buying/trading specific items or villagers in AC:NH. You may also post here if you are looking for particular turnip prices, DIY crafting recipes, or special visitors. If you are looking for free items or a service, please make a request on one of the threads on the Giveaways or Shops and Services board.  
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ACC Dodo Code PolicyNintendude64-New3/18 10:09pm
» Looking for Vaulting Pole!Andrew99P4New3/20 8:14am
» trading peacheseritated3New3/20 1:06pm
» Does anyone want to trade fruit?PurplePiggie9New3/20 1:08pm
» Looking for dresseskikicat-New3/20 1:35pm
» Help with getting started!vixen2019-New3/20 2:04pm
» I have peaches, would like apples or pears Aenasyn11New3/20 2:05pm
» LF: All fruit (except Apple, Orange, Peach ,Cherry)carlaannfumei-New3/20 2:07pm
» Iron Nuggets PleaseIlikeAnimalCros1New3/20 2:38pm
» LF: TINY SHADESJollydoll-New3/20 3:20pm
» Items today for orderJollydoll-New3/20 3:27pm
» Looking for Pears to round out my collectionkajv953New3/20 3:40pm
» Need 1 iron nuggetStephtcat3New3/20 5:41pm
» WANT: Cherries HAVE: Orangesgiamiabia8New3/20 6:08pm
» LF: Stone and Vaulting PoleMGK1-New3/20 6:23pm
» LF Fruits and Ladder phoenixalcon-New3/20 7:51pm
» LF Ladder PleasePapaGuapo-New3/20 7:57pm
» LF: Vaulting Pole and ShovelAEnzor174New3/20 8:19pm
» LF: Apples, Pears, Peaches, Iron Nuggetsnickol2New3/20 9:00pm
» Looking for Apples, Cherry boy here. CluRickert5New3/20 9:03pm
» LF FruitAberforth6New3/20 9:26pm
» LF a single iron nuggetgrayfox812New3/20 10:14pm
» LF: A Cherry FT: Applespokemonlover3421New3/20 10:28pm
» LF peaches and coconuts. I have cherriesEXZACKLY5New3/20 10:40pm
» LF Cherries, Apples & Peaches Have: Oranges and PearsEddFromSparta2New3/20 10:47pm
» LF: Fruit FT: PeachesStarryTumble9New3/21 12:10am
» LF: Pears MGK11New3/21 12:43am
» Does anyone have any of the Lovely furniture???Vampire1985-New3/21 1:28am
» LF: Apples and Oranges FT: Cherries Coconuts Pear Peachescorey1513025New3/21 1:28am
» Looking for cherries, I have pearsbabybec866New3/21 2:07am
» LF: Cardboard box / storage accessmusicol1New3/21 2:29am
» LF cherries pears oranges FT applestim10do-New3/21 5:33am
» Fruit exchange (In need of oranges and cherries)MayorHoshido4New3/21 8:12am
» all done. Thankyou KiKiS222-New3/21 9:15am
» Need 17 Iron nuggetskbazza-New3/21 10:02am
» LF: FruitKitten906711New3/21 10:33am
» LF: Cat Tree (Item or Recipe)emerchy-New3/21 10:48am
» Anyone have a shovel or Poles to trade?Leannaxx-New3/21 11:40am
» LF any Lovely Furniture.Vampire1985-New3/21 12:59pm
» Iron nuggets, bamboo, peaches for trade. Looking for cherries, apples, pearsdarkshift075New3/21 1:00pm
» I've got Cherries. Looking to trade for other FruitCuzinVinny2New3/21 1:02pm
» LF Apples FT: Cherries CluRickert-New3/21 1:14pm
» LF: Fruit, Ladder, and Iron Nuggetscheerchick411New3/21 1:51pm
» I have oranges looking for other fruit and iron nuggetsJujusbeans771New3/21 2:12pm
» LF Pears Bamboo and Ladderapass982New3/21 2:16pm
» LF Fruits! Trading DIY Recipes for vaulting poles, slingshots and ladders!Xaliizzy2New3/21 2:17pm
» Looking to trade fruits - Native: Pear and Cherriesdukedudeston6New3/21 2:19pm
» LF Flower Crown Recipe or Items. Vampire1985-New3/21 2:19pm
» Looking for Iron - Willing to pay bellsstopnshop2New3/21 2:24pm
» Looking for Iron Nuggets!Tanooks-New3/21 2:36pm
» Selling Ladder and Vaulting Pole RecipesArmlessWunder6New3/21 2:49pm
» FT Oranges, Apples, Coconuts, Bamboo LF Cherries, Peaches, Pearspwill86New3/21 3:01pm
» LF yellow roses and red cosmosPomloaf1New3/21 3:03pm
» In need of oranges and pears!SauceyCrosser-New3/21 3:11pm
» LF: Apples, FT: Peaches, Cherries, PearsJaymo2New3/21 3:20pm
» LF - Any kind of sandals (ideally kimono sandals)Elisy-New3/21 4:06pm
» Looking for orangesMinnesOdin-New3/21 4:07pm
» Have oranges and Apples, looking for restporcus3New3/21 4:24pm
» LF: Apple, Orange, Pearjonquillenuit6New3/21 4:27pm
» LF Ladder & Pole recipesbennxing2New3/21 4:53pm
» LF : Animal crossing new horizons switch item and high turnip pricesBlueLector2New3/21 5:00pm
» LF a sturdy axemandercakez2New3/21 5:12pm
» Trading DIY Recipes (Including Ladder & Vault)Dunczzz13New3/21 5:38pm
» Selling Playable Ocarina, Ladder Recipe, Pole RecipeRikkit2New3/21 5:54pm
» Bawesomemanlady-New3/21 6:00pm
» LF: Limited Edition ACNH Switch Item!!sammy87685945New3/21 6:36pm
» Trade pear for your fruit!Madhat3New3/21 6:41pm
» LF: Royal Crowngoose022-New3/21 6:52pm
» LF Iron Nuggets - 10k per nugget!!MalachyAC3New3/21 6:56pm
» paying 10k per fossilmandercakez1New3/21 7:05pm
» LF Apples & Oranges PapaGuapo2New3/21 7:14pm
» LF: Peaches and Cherries, I Have Applespixyvenom1004New3/21 7:18pm
» Cherries For Trade!!lolmaster6372New3/21 7:44pm
» LF: Thirty iron nuggetsmandercakez5New3/21 7:57pm
» LF Apples, Peaches FT: CherriesNiick83New3/21 8:05pm

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