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Use this board to post requests for buying/trading specific items or villagers in AC:NH. You may also post here if you are looking for particular turnip prices, DIY crafting recipes, or special visitors. If you are looking for free items or a service, please make a request on one of the threads on the Giveaways or Shops and Services board.  
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NH WiFi GuideDegemination-New9/13 8:56pm
AC:NH Looking For Board Rules and GuidelinesNintendude64-New6/4 8:47am
ACC Dodo Code PolicyNintendude64-New3/18 10:09pm
» LF: HybridsNightfade6New8/27 7:48am
» pink flowerskypop2New8/27 2:42pm
» LF: 2 Black Street Lights ASAPdarkraven3031New8/27 3:11pm
» LF: Wedding Archbranditrue-New8/27 5:14pm
» LF: White Snack Machine Balta19882New8/27 5:22pm
» LF: White Street LightsSarah92-New8/28 11:19am
» LF: Gold Nuggets and Stack of Books DIYzonic7772New8/29 1:39am
» Anyone with stuff Vk2020-New8/29 3:47pm
» LF: Peaches and to catalog Star / Space SetsReninja1New8/29 5:02pm
» LF: Decent turnip priceAlasta-New8/29 5:50pm
» LF: FruitsKimberlli4New8/29 6:36pm
» Peaches N ApplesBearLee-New8/29 6:55pm
» LF: OldTireslallacuna-New8/29 8:37pm
» LF: All fruit except Oranges and Cherries.TuiTeka1New8/30 12:10am
» LF: Stuff on my wishlist FT: BellsLettis4New8/30 7:58am
» Recipes and Fruits!toriknight7New8/30 8:02am
» LF: Mug Colors!MayorNowhere2New8/30 1:05pm
» How do you get this bench?Cabernay1New8/30 4:15pm
» LF: orange snack machine O: black snack machineYannaUA-New8/30 7:17pm
» The MA code for this pathCabernay1New8/31 5:07am
» LF: Bug models Dominiquee8New8/31 5:28am
» LF: Green or White Wrapping Paper WolfangBeast2New8/31 11:50am
» Looking for recipes!toriknight2New8/31 2:49pm
» NMTknd1997-New8/31 7:29pm
» LF Shell Speaker, Cherry Blossom Viewing Lantern Recipesjustblogging3New9/1 1:37pm
» LF Natural Fishing-rod Standbbnotony-New9/1 10:53pm
» LF: Bookshelf DIYzonic777-New9/2 2:11pm
» Black Street LampsCabernay1New9/3 9:07pm
» Lf: Four villagers to move inBluexAzalea7-New9/5 1:49pm
» LF simple panel with black trim glora3New9/5 4:42pm
» Looking for Cherry please! FangLover1-New9/5 10:07pm
» DIYs and Catalog Furnituretoriknight1New9/6 3:13am
» LF: Pine and Cherry Bonsai trees or DIYdoggirl3311New9/6 3:15am
» LF: DIYsMaci_Mae5New9/6 3:20am
» Re: Please Sell Me Yourwondergirl100-New9/6 1:04pm
» LF: Red Ski BootsAberforth-New9/7 11:53am
» LF Tulip Hat - BrownCabernay1New9/8 9:26am
» LF: ungifted skyebeautyandboxing-New9/9 1:26am
» LF White street lamps xkelseyjade2New9/9 11:26am
» LF Genuine Rock Head Statue & Moai StatueDunczzz-New9/9 2:17pm
» LF Brown StreetlampsCabernay2New9/9 5:36pm
» LF stacked magazine item! FT gold/pearls/NMT/hybrids Flinchum213New9/9 11:40pm
» LF Fruit:Pears and Orangesseaside6783New9/9 11:41pm
» LF Fish-Drying Rack from Fish Tourney kittycat243-New9/9 11:42pm
» LF: hybrid flowersNessa01011New9/10 10:12am
» LF: Hardwood and Bellsbanana164New9/10 7:10pm
» LF: Stonehengeclickforkenz-New9/10 8:13pm
» Looking to catalog!toriknight3New9/10 10:37pm
» Looking for imperial items, and misc! Ariylle10New9/10 10:45pm
» Black fridge and othersMkai15-New9/10 10:58pm
» FT many DIYs, LF Pine Bonsai, & Lucky Cat DIYkittycat2438New9/11 1:46am
» LF Pirate Items & ExtrasSummerBliss1New9/11 11:15am
» LF: fake paintingsMayorNowhere5New9/11 12:02pm
» LF: Rattan sets & simple panels (to catalog)kristixlynn2New9/11 12:44pm
» LF fake/real statuesHollyHunny2New9/11 12:48pm
» wedding table (white), antique chair, golden candlestickPeaceMaker1824New9/11 1:02pm
» LF: furniture/rug help! MayorNowhere4New9/11 3:16pm
» -Bunny12589New9/11 4:57pm
» Non- native fruitTony916New9/12 2:06am
» How do players have so many custom design codesCabernay-New9/12 9:29am
» Lf deinonychus tailsephiroth9382-New9/12 2:03pm
» LF: Apples and orangesSteffe3New9/12 7:59pm
» LF: Black Streetlamps and Gold NuggetsMarshall5973New9/12 8:23pm
» Catalog for a BLACK FRIDGEMkai15-New9/12 8:29pm
» Catalog BLACK DINER FURNITUREMkai15-New9/12 8:53pm
» LF: Pine cones and AcornsSodiumChlroride1New9/13 12:12am
» LF: Beau, Diana, KabukiMarshall597-New9/13 10:14am
» LF: Bamboo MaterialsCaraEve-New9/13 1:51pm
» LF: gnomes and red corner catalogswisstaku2New9/13 4:33pm
» LF: 3 Black Solar Panels - FT: NMTs and extra DIYspuppiesrock123-New9/13 6:13pm
» Looking for specific itemskj_mp-New9/13 10:27pm

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