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Use this board to post requests for buying/trading specific items or villagers in AC:NH. You may also post here if you are looking for particular turnip prices, DIY crafting recipes, or special visitors. If you are looking for free items or a service, please make a request on one of the threads on the Giveaways or Shops and Services board.  
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NH WiFi GuideDegemination-New9/13/2020 8:56pm
AC:NH Looking For Board Rules and GuidelinesNintendude64-New6/4/2020 8:47am
ACC Dodo Code PolicyNintendude64-New3/18/2020 10:09pm
» SherbEd064-New2:36pm
» LF: Wreath/Crown DIYs; FT: other Wreath/Crown DIYsHaliaeetus17New10:26am
» LF: Fish-Print TeeMariaOfBlossom-New1/19 5:42am
» LF white azalea bush startssmolgrem-New1/18 5:39pm
» Looking for villager DIYslizzielizard14New1/18 3:24pm
» LF Jail Bars DIY | Offering DIYs, Bells, or NMTsskweegee3New1/18 11:37am
» LF Great Statue and a pagodaMrFicklePickle-New1/18 10:23am
» LF: DIYs I don't have | FT: DIYs, NMTs, crafting materials, bellskikiluv4ever12New1/17 4:40pm
» LF Iron nuggetsmisS6-New1/17 11:15am
» LF: Apples and CherriesKAsh264New1/16 1:36pm
» LF: Wedding Itemsdanceintheraine-New1/16 11:09am
» LF: Postersdanceintheraine1New1/15 2:17pm
» LF Silver Double Door RefrigeratorIslandRep-New1/15 12:57pm
» FT: DIYs LF: DIYs (latest comment for updated list)krissybear28New1/14 7:06am
» LF: Circuit-Board Flooring and WallSNED67722New1/13 6:00pm
» Looking for Toyseve_starr-New1/13 10:30am
» LF: Soup Kettleclover1642New1/11 12:18pm
» LF: Turnip Price Over 200Anne_o_Annapoli1New1/10 8:36pm
» Turnip price over 105! molliestebbing2New1/10 8:34pm
» Looking for FruitCarrotcake73New1/10 8:26pm
» Turnip price over 150-180Carrotcake71New1/10 6:52pm
» LF brown lamp posts and clocks jls131New1/10 2:20pm
» Looking for KOTATSU / ZEN CUSHIONSbrave_fishie1New1/9 10:24pm
» Good Turnip Prices!liv_idris1New1/9 12:15pm
» Villager Huntingdanceintheraine-New1/8 8:32pm
» Looking for hybrid flowers and gold flowers will pay bellsSuperNinjaCool1New1/8 2:49pm
» Lf snowman and ornament diys ft bells or nmt’s sephiroth93821New1/7 6:56pm
» LF: Birthday itemsNateKimble3New1/7 5:44pm
» LF: Fake Valiant StatueSoybean2New1/7 5:06am
» LF: Mathilda! FangLover1-New1/7 4:23am
» Rosiebukwrm3792-New1/6 9:17pm
» LF: DIY Recipe > Cutting BoardRaynePtari2New1/4 2:28pm
» LF: cat themed itemssassytassie4New1/4 10:35am
» LF Maple and Mush DIYAnimalGirl82-New1/4 9:37am
» LF: White flowers (except mums) for my new winter island - Pickup or dropoff; - more info in threadScooterPeppe2New1/4 8:06am
» Lf: Tree's Bounty & autumn leaf diys T3argard3n-New1/3 3:44am
» LF: Catalog tradefrecklydragon1New1/2 10:14pm
» ISO listSkumDragon3New1/2 8:14pm
» LF: Catalog Red Dinosaurfrecklydragon-New1/2 8:05pm
» LF: CHRISTMAS ITEMSEmmy872New1/2 2:01am
» LF: Redd's Art and Villager Picsmbrintz7-New1/2 12:23am
» LF: Some Beachy Items! watercooler1New1/1 10:59pm
» LF: Zodiac Goat Figurineshnuffeluv1New1/1 3:33pm
» LF: Stonehengethegingerhannah-New12/31/2020 6:37pm
» LF: Fireplaces!!!watercooler8New12/31/2020 1:09pm
» LF: Booksmonolivia2New12/30/2020 10:20pm
» Birdcage wanted! (DIY)Dunczzz8New12/30/2020 6:36pm
» LF someone to make me an ironwood dresser Georgie181New12/30/2020 10:24am
» Looking for legit paintings/sculptures, I have extra legit art to offerbearquat3-New12/29/2020 1:03pm
» Fruitsroli4New12/28/2020 4:02pm
» Festive DIYs, or craft them with my materialsleroysam12New12/28/2020 11:16am
» LF: Public Bencheswatercooler1New12/27/2020 9:44pm
» LF art falaviat2New12/27/2020 11:19am
» LF Autumn DIY Recipes TedKord-New12/26/2020 11:09pm
» LF any extra ornaments PapaGuapo-New12/26/2020 8:42pm
» AC::NH - Looking for some peachesNayla_172New12/26/2020 5:30pm
» LF: Clean up service!!LivRiv1New12/26/2020 5:28pm
» LF cataloging celebration candles and Santa clothing Nickb5192New12/26/2020 5:27pm
» LF 3 Festive DIYsjoeseph-New12/26/2020 4:04pm
» LF: Items to catalogbukwrm3792-New12/26/2020 1:09pm
» Genuine Artjozk-New12/26/2020 7:43am
» LF: Ornaments PapaGuapo-New12/25/2020 11:58am
» FESTIVE & FROZEN RECIPESAngie2-New12/24/2020 1:07pm
» LF: red wrapping paper monolivia-New12/24/2020 12:33pm
» Turnip prices - anything over 105 please!molliestebbing2New12/24/2020 10:05am
» Looking for green Mums. Only need a fewCarlos131New12/23/2020 9:35am
» LF Maple + Mush DIYAnimalGirl821New12/22/2020 6:23pm
» LF: Festive Items and Festive Diys goonbye-New12/22/2020 4:13pm
» LF: All holiday items/DIYSdoggirl3311New12/22/2020 3:16pm
» LF Elvis on Thursdayleroysam1-New12/22/2020 12:15pm
» In need of..pammie600-New12/21/2020 11:06pm

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