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Use this board to post requests for buying/trading specific items or villagers in AC:NH. You may also post here if you are looking for particular turnip prices, DIY crafting recipes, or special visitors. If you are looking for free items or a service, please make a request on one of the threads on the Giveaways or Shops and Services board.  
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AC:NH Looking For Board Rules and GuidelinesNintendude64-New6/4 8:47am
ACC Dodo Code PolicyNintendude64-New3/18 10:09pm
» LF: Floor LightsFrodoTBaggins1New12:46am
» LF Mom's Candle Set & Mom's Embroidery | FT DIYs(cutting board!), bells, NMTsIshy9311New12:41am
» LF: Iron garden chair and iron garden bench recipeNicknaruto1New12:26am
» LF Throwback containers ufokid2New7/6 10:23pm
» LF Hybrid Flowerspixl10New7/6 10:02pm
» [LF] Shep (I have an open plot)Valenrhyme-New7/6 9:46pm
» LF Cat Dress (BLACK) (Offering 99K)amylase2New7/6 7:59pm
» LF: Box sofa & Box Corner Sofazonic7774New7/6 7:52pm
» LF: Fish bait and DIYs - Updated RegularlyCarmen2638New7/6 4:33pm
» LF: Raymond (I have an open plot)beautyandboxing-New7/6 4:09pm
» LF: Pine Bonsaianimalcrossingfan5-New7/6 4:01pm
» LF: turnip prices 150+greyhoundsrule1New7/6 2:41pm
» Offering FREE Wishlist Help! [LOTS OF NEW ITEMS]pixl36New7/6 2:01pm
» LF: Real artwork!Bunny1258-New7/6 1:55pm
» Need Fish Bait Pleasetvekakis13New7/6 1:40pm
» ClosedHopeSawdust1New7/6 1:21pm
» LF Wishlist items | FT DIYsIshy93-New7/6 12:55pm
» LF: Hibiscus and Tea Olive bushes or Leif (still looking) animalcrossingfan53New7/6 12:21pm
» LF: Saharah Items/NMTs/Bug+Fish Models FT: 60+ DIYslowkrow15New7/6 12:16pm
» LF:Wishlists/Bug+Fish Models/Large Star Fragments/NMTs FT: 70+ DIYslowkrow3New7/6 12:16pm
» _abbey_11207New7/6 12:02pm
» Looking for Plesiosaurus Skull in exchange for other fossil or bellsDylJay1New7/6 11:52am
» Pears plzzzzCurtman291New7/6 11:33am
» Lf:: recipes, gold ore , and star fragmentsMikester6661New7/6 11:32am
» LF KetchupLazloPoof-New7/6 11:09am
» Do you want bells and hybrids?Leximo4New7/6 10:12am
» LF Fish Baitsammy8768594-New7/6 8:19am
» LF work out/exercise equipmentkamui_g-New7/6 6:44am
» LF Fish Bait || FT Blue RosesAnimrac1New7/5 11:30pm
» LF: villagers in boxes today 7/5BlackCrystal-New7/5 6:25pm
» LF wedding bench/table/chair FT NMT/gold nuggets/bellsFlinchum211New7/5 3:52pm
» Villagers postersSircrisaliss8New7/5 3:24pm
» LF pink+blue public benchesjello61New7/5 1:40pm
» LF: Wishlist Itemsaverysreturn17New7/5 4:02am
» LF fish bait to buyAshleigh872New7/5 1:39am
» LF [Nook Miles]Turangaa_Maax6New7/5 12:50am
» LF: bonsai and cherry blossom DIYslulu4531New7/5 12:44am
» LF Poolside bedbouncyy241New7/5 12:19am
» LF: 1 Wedding Chair. Name your price!!!Hazel98861New7/5 12:18am
» LF: White or Floral Surfboardannab3ll3scott1New7/5 12:17am
» Decent turnip price?Alasta1New7/4 7:46pm
» [FS] Full Set of Mom's items (all variants) [LF] NMTValox2New7/4 5:01pm
» LF Purple Floor Lightsbouncyy242New7/4 4:21pm
» LF: Black Streetlamps and Red Phone BoothMarshall597-New7/4 12:30pm
» LF: blue phone boxMelki-New7/4 11:22am
» Looking for a good home for Audie :)QBLOQ1New7/4 12:05am
» LF Mom's Knapsack (Cherries, Chick) & Mom's Apron (Fruits, Family). Have both in "Flowers" design FTJadeiixx2New7/4 12:03am
» I have some furniture for trade.Shystar214B1New7/3 10:42pm
» ...lilbpaw3New7/3 7:48pm
» Bunk Bedsstrawberrytoki3New7/3 7:02pm
» LF: PearlsJaydom21New7/3 6:29pm
» Villager Swap: LF Reneigh and MarshalBBPeach-New7/3 5:39pm
» LF: scorpion modeljagger_2New7/3 4:42pm
» LF: Swimming Caps. All colorslilbpaw-New7/3 4:26pm
» LF: real or fake statuesMarshall597-New7/3 3:29pm
» LF: White StreetlampsSabrinaMarie1232New7/3 3:21pm
» LF: Pink Wetsuit and Pink Snorkel Mask! Paying 300k each!Vampire19851New7/3 10:36am
» CityScape WallpaperDunczzz-New7/3 9:00am
» LF: Wishlist ItemsFeraligatrFTW3New7/2 6:50pm
» LF: Drink/Snack MachinesJOSEPH15New7/2 6:30pm
» LF Unwanted Items! [Offering Compensation!]pixl12New7/2 3:56pm
» Wedding Woes - LF Wedding Series items! Kalin24New7/2 2:10pm
» Lf pink candy machine (gumball)MumboX12New7/2 1:53pm
» LF: O’HareBunny1258-New7/2 8:52am
» Lf great turnip pricesNobleHeart99-New7/1 11:05pm
» LF Villager!pixl-New7/1 9:45pm
» Celest DIY recipiesbouncyy24-New7/1 7:32pm
» LF Heart CrystalsKit_Kat964New7/1 5:03pm
» A set of bagpipes! Last on my wishlist...Rokin1New7/1 3:47pm
» LF/LTC: all colors of the Fancy KimonoNicknaruto-New7/1 9:00am
» LF: Set items, Hybrid Flowers FT: NAME YOUR PRICE!sarahsmilezzzzz5New7/1 8:19am
» LF: ALL Real Artshashb4-New6/30 10:35pm
» Buying Heart Crystals Iceebabee2New6/30 8:29pm

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