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Use this board to post requests for buying/trading specific items or villagers in AC:NH. You may also post here if you are looking for particular turnip prices, DIY crafting recipes, or special visitors. If you are looking for free items or a service, please make a request on one of the threads on the Giveaways or Shops and Services board.  
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ACC Dodo Code PolicyNintendude64-New3/18 10:09pm
» LF: green phone booth (mines red)jagger_3New2:02pm
» LF: fruit cardboard boxesjagger_2New2:01pm
» Selling all types of Hybridstvekakis14New2:01pm
» LF White Double SofaDragonfly2New1:55pm
» Selling 20 Blue Rosestvekakis12New1:54pm
» LF: Wishlist Items, NMT FT: DIYsOzzieRules2New1:50pm
» HazelGoslin51611New1:48pm
» Tons of DIY recipes for tradeRoLaren4New1:39pm
» Erik crafting Zen-style stone!LazloPoof-New1:26pm
» FT: DIYsNightfade11New1:25pm
» ClosedAllyndria2New1:14pm
» DIY recipes FT!ningyou9New12:49pm
» LF: Iron Garden Table and Chair DIYHopeSawdust3New12:38pm
» Selling DIY'stvekakis1-New12:32pm
» done!ChuUtena4New12:30pm
» LF: Orderable/Craftable outdoorsy items (buckets, log items, lanterns, hose, beach ball)jagger_-New12:24pm
» LF Wreath DIYsChuUtena4New12:14pm
» LF Purple pansies jozk5New12:06pm
» Trash!Dottythebun-New11:47am
» Sprinkles in Boxes 15 NMT or best offerCrusnikAngel4New11:45am
» LF: Decoy Duck DIYharryw567-New11:42am
» LF high turnip pricesCoach31682-New11:38am
» LF : Blue rosesAesopRock-New11:34am
» FT: DIYs and FossilsLazloPoof2New11:34am
» LF Stonehenge FT Large Gulliver ItemsCherche_Erfina6New11:24am
» Looking for Diner mini table in navy glora-New11:22am
» LF: Tall Lantern DIYAnimalXingGuy152New11:16am
» Lf stone lion diy ft bells diys and nmtssephiroth9382-New10:23am
» Sherb crafting angled signpost! CLOSEDLazloPoof-New10:15am
» LF: keyholder DIY, archelon skull, tricera tail FT: extra DIYs or name your price2tapmentor1New10:00am
» LF: Mom’s hand knit sweater flowersjagger_1New9:37am
» LF: Lots of items and DIYs!AceySpacey5New9:34am
» LF: Purple roses Catastrophic_Vi3New9:12am
» LF: 3 Star Fragments!averysreturn2New7:21am
» LF: Black rose Yurimi1New7:19am
» LF: Ironwood Dresser DIYemmx052New7:19am
» Looking for 2 x valiant statue ! Real or fake please x Brummiedollie-New5:54am
» Are you missing fossilspoidid1235New4:58am
» Selling fossilspoidid1233New4:57am
» closedSazinata7New4:34am
» LF White street lampsxkelseyjade-New3:47am
» LF: Black Street Lamps averysreturn3New3:29am
» Taurus fragments?Third4New5/25 11:38pm
» LF: High priority wishlist items FT: Your wishlist/bells/hybrids/nmts **UPDATEDSashaChan6New5/25 11:31pm
» DIY's - free, sale, or trade - cutting board, gold, bamboo, garden wagonElishaAC9New5/25 11:25pm
» LF: 2 white simple panels FT: 100kEmisthebest4New5/25 11:20pm
» LF: Signpost Offering many. tujunga7New5/25 11:16pm
» LF DIY and Item Wishlists || FT DIYs, bells, and my items!Animrac5New5/25 10:36pm
» LF NMT Items ...trading nmts Coach316822New5/25 10:06pm
» Looking to catalog Imperial Dining Tabletrufflebunnie1New5/25 10:00pm
» LF Western Style Stone DIYAceySpacey2New5/25 9:51pm
» ---Jemi-New5/25 9:46pm
» Hamphrey crafting Gong CLOSEDLazloPoof-New5/25 9:39pm
» Knox (Cranky Chicken) in boxes!LazloPoof1New5/25 9:36pm
» LF Star fragments FT NMTdarksweets1New5/25 9:35pm
» LF Items to catalogDragonfly1New5/25 9:25pm
» LF: Decoy ducks! Either the item or the DIY!Cheerstar7172New5/25 9:17pm
» .Judith21New5/25 9:08pm
» -ElishaAC25New5/25 9:05pm
» FS: Tons of DIYs LF: Bellsvanilloxx9New5/25 9:04pm
» LF: Mom's clothing/furniture variations FT: paying well in bells or NMTsSashaChan1New5/25 8:55pm
» [FT] 10 stacks of fish bait [LF] NMTpopxdtart2New5/25 8:55pm
» LF: Turnip Sales Price FT: Bell tip!turnabout180-New5/25 8:48pm
» LF a few diy’s Nickb5197New5/25 7:43pm
» WTT Mom's Handmade ApronFlari3New5/25 7:34pm
» LF: keyholder DIY FT: as many of my extra DIYs that you would like2tapmentor1New5/25 7:11pm
» Broccolo crafting Wooden bookshelf - no fee CLOSEDLazloPoof-New5/25 6:55pm
» LF: Wishlist Items and FT: DIYsjitterbug12New5/25 6:46pm
» LF: fake artww_wallflower1New5/25 6:36pm
» LF: Many DIYs; FT: Bells/NMTs (See my latest post for the list)WolfPack644New5/25 6:36pm
» LF White Phone Box choconeko2151New5/25 6:25pm
» ClosedKrispyfry1New5/25 6:22pm
» Anyone got wooden mini table diy?VickysVersion-New5/25 6:11pm
» LF: PearsMayorLill2New5/25 6:10pm

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