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Use this board to post requests for buying/trading specific items or villagers in AC:NH. You may also post here if you are looking for particular turnip prices, DIY crafting recipes, or special visitors. If you are looking for free items or a service, please make a request on one of the threads on the Giveaways or Shops and Services board.  
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» LF: pink changing room (trade/catalog) FT: Saharah/DIY or other Scarlotte15New5/24 10:34am
» [LF] Wishlist Items + Cataloging Eventslildrkwolfchyld8New5/24 10:14am
» LF: Scarecrowjagger_3New5/24 9:38am
» LF: 4 green mumsjagger_4New5/24 9:38am
» FT 23 unidentified fossils and mixed identified fossilsDrc149New5/24 9:14am
» LF Tapestry in floralpiggie-New5/24 8:56am
» LF: Hyacinth lamp & Tree bounty arch DIYbenben12-New5/24 8:37am
» LF: keyholder DIY FT: NMTs or Juicy Apple TV DIY2tapmentor4New5/24 8:27am
» Stitches in boxesanimal_hunter-New5/24 8:04am
» Wishlist items + items for tradepoidid12318New5/24 7:52am
» CompletedTiTUSgames2New5/24 7:33am
» CompletedTiTUSgames1New5/24 7:32am
» CompletedTiTUSgames1New5/24 7:10am
» CompletedTiTUSgames3New5/24 7:09am
» LF : someone to craft me 3 shell arches please & does anyone have Leif today??Brummiedollie2New5/24 6:41am
» LF: Southern Hemisphere, will pay in bells / itemsstar571New5/24 6:10am
» Giveaway: Regular flowersbenben12-New5/24 1:25am
» LF 1 fish print from fishing tourney.Snowlico50New5/24 12:30am
» Closet Cleanout | DIYs, Fossils, etc. (check back often!)Ishy9335New5/24 12:10am
» LF: 2 valiant statuesEmisthebest4New5/24 12:09am
» FT: Dynamic Painting (real)CBsSailor3New5/24 12:03am
» Looking to Complete Wishlist! FT: DIYs/Bells/Catalogvanilloxx6New5/24 12:03am
» FT - lots of diys! (updated list)craftman23New5/23 11:38pm
» Flowers for saleDustinB-New5/23 11:15pm
» Looking for Shell DIYMrRootbeer3New5/23 10:54pm
» Lf moai statue and lion statue diy sephiroth93822New5/23 10:47pm
» LF: Mush furniture, cute furniture and soft serve ice cream lampszonic7777New5/23 10:45pm
» [LF] K.K. BirthdayGavin97-New5/23 10:04pm
» LF-throwback race car bed in all colorscraftman3New5/23 9:45pm
» LF: artisanal bug box sun_pluto-New5/23 9:13pm
» Anyone celebrating Peggy's birthday?Nacopa4New5/23 9:08pm
» LF: Purple Pansies and WindflowersNightfade-New5/23 8:35pm
» LF Wishlist Items : )bribergin2New5/23 8:21pm
» LF for 40 satcks + fishbait Ft anything DodoHead-New5/23 7:58pm
» LF Western Style Stone DIYAceySpacey1New5/23 7:51pm
» LF: WoodLodestaryouth-New5/23 7:49pm
» LF: mom plushies and iron garden bench diyOfwaylee-New5/23 6:24pm
» LF Hybrid RosesNightBerry26613-New5/23 6:24pm
» LF: Wishlist [DIY / items]milliebyblos2New5/23 5:53pm
» LF Kimono standseawein1New5/23 5:17pm
» LF: Mushroom lamp DIY FT: bells, NMT, items, my soulbeth_3338-New5/23 5:04pm
» Phoebe Is Crafting A Bird Cagecheerchick413New5/23 4:47pm
» LF: Cute Yellow Items FT: BellsShaneCrossin2New5/23 3:56pm
» FT: 5 mystery gifts LF: 25k popxdtart-New5/23 3:46pm
» N/AJoy292New5/23 3:04pm
» LF: Aries Rocker DIY & Aries Star Fragseneums1New5/23 2:41pm
» NEED: ironwood itemsmilliebyblos6New5/23 2:30pm
» Freya is in boxesVickysVersion-New5/23 2:20pm
» LF: Bells, Offering NMTsstar574New5/23 2:06pm
» LF: REAL Mysterious, Solemn, paintings and Robust, Rock-head and Valiant statues! FT: Bells, NMTanimal_hunter-New5/23 1:52pm
» LF: FaunaTCD11291New5/23 12:41pm
» Trading DIYsNoctous13New5/23 12:38pm
» LF: Nova Light DIYOliviaPlaysAC-New5/23 12:28pm
» LF: 2x Aries fragments and black diner counterfelixbread-New5/23 11:53am
» SELLING HYBRIDS!!! Looking for NMT or wishlist itemslauradelpo2New5/23 11:44am
» LF: Cherries & Apples emmx055New5/23 11:15am
» LF: booksMayorAR2New5/23 11:07am
» LF: Diplo Pelvis, Sabertooth Pelvis, Para SkullAcBoy51511New5/23 11:06am
» LF: Garden Bench DIY OR someone to Craft Garden Benchannab3ll3scott1New5/23 10:57am
» LF: Simple Panel (buy or catalog)StarlitGlitch5New5/23 10:50am
» FS Black roses LF DIY, bells, items to catalog, gulliver itemsRoLaren-New5/23 4:38am
» LF: DIY’s have items for trade or saleDream19786New5/23 4:09am
» Surplus fossilsLoboctavian1New5/23 3:12am
» DIY dealsLoboctavian7New5/23 3:12am
» LF Floor lights and exercise equipment chancexrice-New5/23 2:26am
» [LF] Flora the Flamingoturnabout180-New5/23 12:14am
» LF: Visiting your island!castielly4New5/23 12:13am
» LF Gold & Blue rosesxkelseyjade5New5/22 10:42pm
» LF diys Nickb519-New5/22 9:43pm
» LF Blk Snack Machine & Blk Popcorn MachineJenni1227015New5/22 9:18pm
» Imperial wallMzMunchken-New5/22 8:42pm
» LF> StatuesRic545-New5/22 8:37pm
» Al the gorilla in boxesturnabout1801New5/22 8:34pm
» LF: handmade cape, artisanal bug cage, fishing-rod stand, shanty matNyaa-New5/22 7:39pm
» LF DIYsAnimalGirl823New5/22 7:18pm

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