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Use this board to post requests for buying/trading specific items or villagers in AC:NH. You may also post here if you are looking for particular turnip prices, DIY crafting recipes, or special visitors. If you are looking for free items or a service, please make a request on one of the threads on the Giveaways or Shops and Services board.  
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NH WiFi GuideDegemination-New9/13/2020 8:56pm
AC:NH Looking For Board Rules and GuidelinesNintendude64-New6/4/2020 8:47am
ACC Dodo Code PolicyNintendude64-New3/18/2020 10:09pm
» LF: DIYs I don't have | FT: DIYs, NMTs, crafting materials, bellskikiluv4ever18New2/6 1:30am
» LF: furniture FT: seasonal diys, star fragments, etc.memeing8New2/11 8:30pm
» Looking for cat related itemsGingerLemon7New2/27 8:24am
» LF: wall/rug/lights/clock etcSaukatz6New2/13 3:33pm
» LF: FlowersJgoodrich5305New3/3 11:12am
» LF: Antique furniture, imperial lowtable, wedding pipe organ, persian rugsSaukatz5New2/7 4:08pm
» LF: DIYs , Wishlist Furniture | FT: DIYs, NMTs, Bells, Catalog itemscarlaannfumei5New2/7 8:51am
» LF: Water Infused Dispenser DIY (and others)Jarkeld4New3/2 7:46pm
» LF: Throwback Wrestling Figures + Wrestler ClothingGameSlash_4New2/14 6:47pm
» LF: Apples, Oranges, Cherriesbaybuh104New2/6 12:16am
» Cherry Trees trade or buy ErinLua3New3/4 9:00am
» LF Zodiac Fragments/ Recipes chocomochiball3New3/3 5:43pm
» Looking For Fruit!Jgoodrich5303New2/28 4:20pm
» LF Purple Festivale LampsCaraEve3New2/27 9:25pm
» LF: Pink Heart shaped bouquetYurimi3New2/27 2:46pm
» PeachesJulieeiluj113New2/26 8:40am
» LF: Simple PanelGraxii3New2/14 11:14am
» Looking for DIYS, items...LilRinny3New2/13 7:09am
» LF Nook Miles Tickets or Villagers in boxes.Justthatoneguy2New3/6 1:14pm
» LF: Fruitsboydboy2New2/26 10:52am
» Turnips Essie2422New2/19 5:51pm
» LF> Artwork (missing most of it)Zero3142New2/18 11:23pm
» Looking for a Pianodkwolf222New2/16 1:43pm
» Searching for IRONWOOD DIYs!!Peaches01022New2/15 5:50pm
» LF: Furniture ItemsCaraEve2New2/7 11:15pm
» LF a few items falaviat2New2/6 3:45pm
» LF orange, pear and cherriesCastila2New2/6 3:24pm
» Good Turnip PricesCosmere1New3/5 4:49pm
» LF: Blue Rosescarlaannfumei1New3/4 3:27pm
» LF: White Street Lampssantoki1New2/28 2:06pm
» LF wooden bookcase, stack of books and birdcage DIYAndr3a1New2/18 12:48pm
» LF: Boxing Ring Set!GameSlash_1New2/10 11:42am
» LF White Public Bench & White Park ClockAnimalGirl821New2/8 9:00pm
» LF: Certain Villagers in boxesJustthatoneguy-New3/5 1:57pm
» LF: Nova Light DIYAmirBen-New3/3 9:03pm
» LF: Uchi & Jock DIYsNish19-New3/3 5:12am
» LF: Wild Flower Meadow & Misty Garden WallRikaFurude-New3/2 11:37pm
» LF: spare statues (forged is okay!)Cariicarky-New3/1 10:43pm
» Wanted: Tree's Bounty Arch DIY RecipeKalin2-New3/1 3:16pm
» LF: Black Streetlamps!GameSlash_-New2/28 6:02pm
» LTB: Normal Wood and Stone (LOTS OF IT)carlaannfumei-New2/28 4:04pm
» Cafe curtains wallpaperWobbles-New2/27 9:55pm
» WoodTrauluka-New2/26 1:57am
» Need 3 Giant Clams ASAP - willing to pay good bells!rzayas-New2/24 7:04pm
» LF Iron Garden Bench DIYNastacia-New2/20 11:33pm
» LF: Punchy in boxesNorville8-New2/20 6:09pm
» Audie in boxes! LF: Bells or NMTGameSlash_-New2/19 2:24pm
» FT: Judy, Octavian, Dom, Fauna, Lopez, Yuka & Apple / LF: Deena, Derwin, Punchy, Deidre, Hornsby...Glow_Wand-New2/18 8:46pm
» looking for a pagoda and two tall lantersANGELg-New2/13 9:55am
» LF Clotheshush108-New2/8 12:08am
» LF: Fireplace, wedding organ, antique/imperial furnitureSaukatz-New2/7 5:55pm

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