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Use this board to post requests for buying/trading specific items or villagers in AC:NH. You may also post here if you are looking for particular turnip prices, DIY crafting recipes, or special visitors. If you are looking for free items or a service, please make a request on one of the threads on the Giveaways or Shops and Services board.  
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NH WiFi GuideDegemination-New9/13/2020 8:56pm
AC:NH Looking For Board Rules and GuidelinesNintendude64-New6/4/2020 8:47am
ACC Dodo Code PolicyNintendude64-New3/18/2020 10:09pm
» LF: Desperately seeking mushroom recipesestygal2New11/27 1:14pm
» Lf:Torn pants and other recycling bin cloths Tacowalrus7New11/25 8:04pm
» Looking to catalogue the 4 items you can get from KatrinaSnowlico2New11/25 7:56pm
» LF: Kitchen, ironwood, bathroom furnitureMudkipPancakes5New11/25 6:57pm
» Lf: Sword in Scabbard (backpack accessory) blue or blackTacowalrus-New11/25 5:02pm
» Selling tons of real artJahlin752New11/24 11:57pm
» Lf:Ribbons & Hearts Knit Dresses and ripped doctor's coat'sTacowalrus-New11/19 9:14am
» Wheat , gold, lamp. Also your pick items!!Scooter555559New11/19 12:19am
» Need more fruit tree varieties!Momcorn3New11/18 11:09am
» STORAGE CLEAN OUTcaralee74566New11/17 6:40am
» Is there any debts you need paid offJon876New11/15 9:13pm
» Looking for "Gaming"-itemsKazuki_Uchiha1New11/15 6:12pm
» I need Perfect Apples!Sarofar1New11/15 9:23am
» LF: Beard AccessoryChipperChicken1New11/13 1:40pm
» Restarting Coach316823New11/13 6:48am
» Looking for DIYpearadise03141New11/13 4:23am
» LF: Mush Lamp DIYTwilitePryncess1New11/11 1:06pm
» LF: started over, need MumsKaybeast1New11/10 5:05pm
» LF: A few Mage Itemsrussiantrevor1New11/10 8:30am
» LF: Reneigh antonio16802New11/10 7:31am
» LF: Stone. Lots of stonerussiantrevor1New11/9 7:06am
» LF: Tomatoes + Catalog Sloppy Furni / Torii Gateemiingham3New11/8 9:39pm
» LF Teddy Bear Bag (Any color!)Angel2u4now4New11/8 9:25pm
» LF Sugarcane startsmisS61New11/8 4:29pm
» LF: large white ribbonJazzyy-New11/8 3:03pm
» LF Shopping BasketSpaceboyScreams-New11/7 2:05am
» LF Sasha or ShinoCelestielSigh-New11/7 12:30am
» LF: New veggies Kee55bae344New11/6 3:00pm
» Started over/fruitlisd2New11/6 12:28pm
» LF: DIYs and some crafting materialsJarkeld3New11/6 11:49am
» Nvmkamui_g1New11/5 11:45am
» OF Leif on your islandKee55bae34-New11/4 5:40pm
» LF: Wooden Bookshelf DIYyukihana_chan90-New10/30 12:21pm

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