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Use this board to post requests for buying/trading specific items or villagers in AC:NH. You may also post here if you are looking for particular turnip prices, DIY crafting recipes, or special visitors. If you are looking for free items or a service, please make a request on one of the threads on the Giveaways or Shops and Services board.  
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» What is this item?Cabernay1New2:42pm
» LF: Cafe Curtain Wallpaper and cloud flooringariadnerentz-New12:28pm
» ClosedAllyndria2New12:04pm
» LF: Any Mushroom items!Alasta4New11:58am
» LF: Mermaid Tiaralallacuna-New9:50am
» Lf rusted parts ft nmtssephiroth93822New9:49am
» LF: Cute series/ DIYMaci_Mae2New1:53am
» LF: High Turnip Pricesaverysreturn2New8/14 9:27pm
» LF Bronze Simple PanelTrissatell-New8/14 8:54pm
» Wedding arch / other wedding furnituremolliestebbing3New8/14 8:33pm
» LF Mermaid TiaraKaterCeasie-New8/14 8:31pm
» Merengue in boxes! Come get her Flinchum213New8/14 8:01pm
» LF: Simple Panelmapletaffy-New8/14 7:44pm
» LF: 3 Leo Fragmentsk1234_acnh1New8/14 7:26pm
» LF: Cardboard Box, fruit themelallacuna4New8/14 5:59pm
» LF: Cardboard Box, Variationslallacuna3New8/14 5:58pm
» LF: ironwood dresserthetorresmethod4New8/14 4:13pm
» LF: Blue Leaf Wetsuit & Green Leaf WetsuitHatakeSage5New8/14 4:07pm
» LF Clay and Iron nuggetsmisS66New8/14 3:37pm
» LF: pansies - either Leif / bags of themmolliestebbing2New8/14 11:11am
» LF: DIYs I don’t have. Ft 100+ DIYs | Fossils | Hybrids | NMTsstar956New8/14 10:14am
» LF: Cityscape WallpaperDunczzz1New8/14 8:58am
» LF: pink desktop computer jagger_5New8/14 6:27am
» LF: white rattan low tablejagger_-New8/14 3:26am
» Lf: paper lantern Nickb5192New8/14 3:23am
» LF: Pink and Cream Diner furniture to catalog Alasta1New8/13 9:28pm
» Ice hockey uniformsAlasta1New8/13 9:27pm
» [LF] Path Re-Design [O] NMTslildrkwolfchyld7New8/13 9:17pm
» LF: Mom's items!Bunny12583New8/13 7:04pm
» LF: fake statues branditrue1New8/13 4:05pm
» lf: sky blue cute tea table / cute chairblithey2New8/13 3:54pm
» LF Zap SuitsMrBoomBoom-New8/13 3:28pm
» LF: Blue & Pink Wrapping Paper FT: NMTmapletaffy1New8/13 3:08pm
» LF: Lucky Cat, Desperate! FT: whatever you need!MayorNowhere-New8/13 1:55pm
» LF mushroom furniturefoamblaster2New8/13 1:05pm
» LF: Anyone with CelesteSodiumChlroride-New8/13 10:42am
» LF Old tires!ghirahim3New8/13 6:38am
» LF wedding stuff FT pearls/gold/hybrids/NMTs Flinchum211New8/12 9:33pm
» Lf: magazines or recipe for themTacowalrus-New8/12 2:36pm
» LF ShepSugarDoughnut-New8/12 1:53pm
» LF (catalogue): light brown simple panelsstewart15-New8/12 1:25pm
» Looking to catalogue sets (will pay)HazelBay2New8/12 8:51am
» LF: 1 Cancer frag, 1 Gemini frag, 2 Leo fragsNish191New8/11 11:13pm
» LF: Flower Watering FT: DIYs / bellsbannana_benji5New8/11 6:23pm
» LTT I have a lot of good items to trade for some DIY'sCabernay1New8/11 5:16pm
» Looking for Cherry Blossom DIYs, lots to trade izzykur-New8/11 4:46pm
» LF Pink Hyacinths as many as I can getCabernay-New8/11 4:21pm
» LF: BiffGlitterCake-New8/11 3:14pm
» LF: 2 Pagodasrosie643New8/11 9:48am
» LF: genuine Wild Painting (both sides)DFB1New8/11 9:37am
» LF Stacks of regular wood and iron nuggets FT 2 NMT each stackValox4New8/11 7:16am
» LF: Real ArtworkWolvesGirl3New8/10 8:58pm
» Buying ANY FragsSteelAngelUsagi1New8/10 8:36pm
» LF: PagodaPinkCow-New8/10 6:40pm
» LF: Pocket Camp itemslallacuna3New8/10 6:34pm
» LF: Black Cosmos, Blue Roses, Purple Pansies, Purple TulipsAlasta7New8/10 6:11pm
» Lf: Mush Lamp DIYsstewart15-New8/10 1:57pm
» LF: Fake OR Real Art Statues (Offering bells, NMTs, DIYs)TheMikanator-New8/10 1:40pm
» LF: Apple wall & iron closet DIYshello743New8/10 10:57am
» LF : cat suit (catalog or buy)Marthi4New8/10 10:07am
» LF Ironwood Chair DIYCabernay-New8/9 5:18pm
» LF: Genuine Art FT: bells, NMT, wishlist helpMayorNowhere-New8/9 4:51pm
» LF: Lots of tires!bannana_benji2New8/9 4:10pm
» LF: 1 Large Star Fragmentchris_NanoLand1New8/9 12:28pm
» LF: Wooden BookshelfBubblestar1017New8/9 12:19pm
» LF: Cutting boardchris_NanoLand3New8/9 11:39am
» LF: Gorgeous Teacup Ridenicole_acnl12New8/8 10:06pm
» LF: Beach TowelsJOSEPH12New8/8 9:49pm
» LF: Goldie and Raymondnicole_acnl1-New8/8 6:45pm
» LF a lot of things, DIY’s FOR TRADEizzykur1New8/8 2:45pm
» LF Golden Shovel DIYghirahim-New8/8 2:26pm
» LF: SphinxSpiderduff4New8/8 12:34pm
» LF: Cherry Blossom items/DIY'snicole_acnl1-New8/7 6:00pm
» LF Mom ItemsLadyAudz-New8/7 5:59pm
» Masquerade Mask (Black)SBGame1New8/7 5:01pm

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