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Use this board to post requests for buying/trading specific items or villagers in AC:NH. You may also post here if you are looking for particular turnip prices, DIY crafting recipes, or special visitors. If you are looking for free items or a service, please make a request on one of the threads on the Giveaways or Shops and Services board.  
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NH WiFi GuideDegemination-New9/13 8:56pm
AC:NH Looking For Board Rules and GuidelinesNintendude64-New6/4 8:47am
ACC Dodo Code PolicyNintendude64-New3/18 10:09pm
» Looking for Old Tireswatercooler3New2:27pm
» LF: ALLL PIRATE GULLIVARRR ITEMS!!carlaannfumei3New12:34pm
» LF: Pink RosesCaraEve3New12:06pm
» LF: Straw fence DIYYurimi2New10:03am
» Green mums, purple windflowers & purple pansiesmolliestebbing1New9:44am
» LF: spiderweb tights jagger_4New10/21 4:39pm
» LF: Spooky CarriageEmmy875New10/20 3:59pm
» LF: Cherries, Oranges, PeachesNeroph1New10/20 1:02pm
» Rattan SeriesEmmy8713New10/20 10:47am
» Stacks of Weeds!watercooler-New10/20 9:48am
» LF: Cherry! 143crux-New10/20 12:54am
» LF: RaymondLunarkitten-New10/19 4:13pm
» LF: Wooden Bookshelf & Infused-water DispenserGearsOfFates-New10/19 3:02pm
» LF: Cataloging Wish List ItemsCaraEve4New10/18 8:38pm
» Touch Trade Bday ItemsMayorNowhere1New10/18 8:10pm
» Looking For Diner Furniture watercooler10New10/18 4:29pm
» LF black/black outdoor table pls!!!VickysVersion-New10/17 6:39pm
» LF: Geometric Print Pantslittlebabywulf-New10/17 4:52pm
» LF: Halloween DIYEmmy87-New10/17 7:20am
» LF: Virgo Harp/FragmentsSerynade_Queen3New10/17 1:06am
» LF: Pears, Cherries & OrangesqueeenS3New10/16 7:29pm
» LF: Cute Series in Sky BlueBBPeach-New10/16 3:22pm
» Need Pears, Oranges, Peachesedamomo2New10/15 6:08pm
» LF: TVs and dark Street Lightstman11-New10/15 5:22pm
» LF: Ironwood table, dresser, lowtable & cuttingboard DIYJaggedEdgedJava3New10/15 5:15pm
» LF: Trekking Shoes(O/B), Cargo Shorts (Beige), Skateboarding Helmet (W)peachespie23-New10/15 2:13pm
» LF: four white springy ride-onsbingbing328-New10/15 10:26am
» LF: Double SofaEmmy871New10/15 9:00am
» LF: Blossom-Viewing Lantern DIY Recipe FT: Negotiable White_Chao1-New10/14 10:50am
» LF: Stonehenge (Gulliver)HershelLayton-New10/13 4:18pm
» LF: Rattan Set and Simple Panelskristixlynn2New10/13 3:28pm
» LF: Real Art for Museumanimaltoon042New10/13 1:53am
» LF: Cherry Blossom RecipesWhite_Chao1-New10/12 9:20am
» LF: Spooky DIYsBlackCrystal3New10/12 8:56am
» LF White StreetlampsTurangaa_Maax-New10/10 8:31pm
» LF: Fall DIYsk1234_acnh-New10/10 12:37pm
» LF These DIYSZaybe-New10/10 9:57am
» Looking for Maple Leavesaclanna-New10/8 9:10pm
» LF White Cute Bed, Cute Yellow Series, Mom's PlushieFLuffyHedgehog5New10/8 6:43pm
» Looking for MUSHROOM lamps, Moon and Crescent Moon Items!maddyrae2New10/8 6:40pm
» LF All Acorn DiY'swater_cat2New10/8 6:37pm
» LF: Cherry Blossom DIYs, Young Spring Bamboo DIYsfelixbread1New10/8 10:22am
» LF: Judy princesspeach151New10/8 4:42am
» LF Black and White Student Hatbandit641New10/7 8:45pm
» LF: Peppy VillagerPixelatedPony-New10/7 7:49pm
» LF: Corner Box Sofa..,Emmy873New10/7 11:54am
» Looking for recipes!toriknight3New10/7 1:24am
» LF SILOxkelseyjade2New10/7 1:19am
» LF Apple Cardboard boxxkelseyjade3New10/6 10:46pm
» LF Nook miles color variant itemsNemy12New10/6 10:30pm
» LF: Flower Watering FT: DIYs / bellsbannana_benji8New10/6 8:38pm
» LF: Shrubs & Floor LightsEmmy871New10/6 5:36pm
» Hockey mask deltaphox1New10/6 11:43am
» LF western-style stonemammy6101New10/6 10:01am
» Barrel DIYWithheldpilot-New10/6 8:17am
» LF: iron garden benchAnaida2New10/5 10:50pm
» LF: Genuine Rock HeadMayorNowhere-New10/5 10:16am
» LF: MushroomsJaggedEdgedJava-New10/5 3:25am
» LF: blue roses, purple pansies and green mumspiminuse2New10/5 1:42am
» LF: Meteor shower?leroysam1-New10/4 10:34pm
» Cherry Blossom BonsaiCaraEve-New10/4 7:36pm
» LF: KK. DirgeJudith22New10/4 3:20pm
» LF: Star fragments and certain pumpkin itemstrashley1New10/4 12:57pm
» Island with Cherry Blossom (spring) HopeSawdust-New10/3 8:55pm
» LF: Wooden Mini Table DIYWolvesGirl1New10/3 8:47pm
» Looking for statue of libertySaukatz4New10/3 7:54pm
» Looking to visit Kicks!Flari3New10/3 7:33pm
» LF fish baitAshleigh872New10/3 6:02pm
» LF: Gullivarr’s pirate items, mermaid DIYs and moreNiverlander4New10/3 2:51pm
» LF: wishlistKatie0002New10/3 1:42pm
» LF HybridsJapery5New10/3 1:38pm
» LF: All Spooky DIY's !!Anaida1New10/3 8:07am

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