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NH Reactions/Emotes GuideFrigusReamerus1New3/8/2021 6:37pm
NH Pascal GuidePenguinGeek-New2/21/2021 12:50pm
NH Halloween GuidePenguinGeek2New10/28/2020 6:52pm
NH - Celeste & Shooting StarsJellyBeans971New10/3/2020 3:38am
NH Fish: Times and LocationsPenguinGeek3New9/18/2020 12:24pm
NH Bugs: Times and LocationsPenguinGeek3New9/8/2020 12:36pm
NH - Sea Creatures & DivingHatakeSage1New9/7/2020 3:05pm
NH Turnip & Stock Market GuidePenguinGeek-New8/29/2020 10:57pm
NH Saharah GuideJellyBeans975New8/19/2020 3:29pm
NH Snowboy GuidePenguinGeek-New7/30/2020 6:31pm
NH Wisp GuidePenguinGeek-New7/27/2020 7:40pm
NH Seasons GuidePenguinGeek-New7/27/2020 4:37pm
NH Gulliver / Gullivarrr GuidePenguinGeek-New7/18/2020 7:41pm
NH Hybrid GuidePenguinGeek-New7/17/2020 12:41pm
NH Fossils GuideJellyBeans97-New7/12/2020 2:53pm
NH Golden Tools GuideJellyBeans97-New7/11/2020 3:24pm
NH Fishing Tournament GuidePenguinGeek-New7/11/2020 12:07pm
NH Bug Off! GuidePenguinGeek-New7/11/2020 12:01pm
AC:NH General Board Rules and GuidelinesNintendude64-New6/4/2020 8:46am
Collecting information from New Horizons!Jarikira436New3/14/2022 7:51pm
» ACNH Town Names?falcons18164New3/26/2020 7:45pm
» Looking for New Horizon Friends (We have a Discord Now!)CaptainSmoky146New3/26/2020 8:48am
» Do you play mostly handheld or mostly docked? It's for science.Pandabear07126New4/12 2:05am
» Share your most recent accomplishment!KelvinNakken111New4/14/2020 4:51pm
» Unpopular opinions?Cydnifecent81New12/10/2020 2:55pm
» What's your passport title?BelleCooper80New4/8/2020 2:34am
» Who are your 2 starter villagers??doggirl33167New4/8/2020 6:36pm
» New Horizons Is A Major Step Back from New Leaf (Opinion)orry12364New3/27/2020 9:31am
» Really Disappointed with this GameCrazyMama122863New4/5/2020 9:35pm
» Brewster coming November 2021 TyVulpintaur59New10/18/2021 12:11am
» Items Given to you by WISP - Need your help!PenguinGeek56New4/11/2020 12:18am
» I don’t like that the game is going to be slowly updatedstephxduloc50New5/22/2020 10:53am
» What's your town tune?bunniehop49New5/18/2020 1:29am
» Calling All University Players!!greyhoundsrule48New11/29/2020 5:06pm
» Nook's Cranny UpgradeChaosBeast01348New4/21/2020 8:51pm
» How many times have you reset? (Don’t lie!) BritM1846New3/30/2021 12:59pm
» Multiplayer SUCKS. BAD. ellaelise46New4/12/2020 11:45pm
» redd visits your town 1 day of every monthACCFDude45New5/26/2020 8:13pm
» has being mainstream affected how people play?MrsBerry44New4/19/2020 1:00pm
» Flower BreedingNightfade43New3/30/2020 4:17pm
» Does NH Just Not Fill Anyone's AC Need?orry12342New9/16/2021 8:48pm
» Pascal everyday??tiggergrrl42New7/24/2020 8:12pm
» Anyone Already Feeling Fatigue In This Game?orry12339New4/19/2020 5:57pm
» Total playtime so farPikminsatellite39New4/13/2020 2:09pm
» What are the odds of them patching out tools breaking?habib_e38New3/8/2021 9:04am
» Who still plays?craftman37New12/1/2020 4:09pm
» What do you feel the future updates might bring ? Tells37New6/28/2020 8:14am
» What did Gulliver send you? PenguinGeek37New4/2/2020 9:33pm
» Has anyone gotten a first campsite visitor that they actually liked?PennyGwin35New3/30/2020 4:02pm
» Plans For Terraforming Your Island?Astrid_Alabma35New3/28/2020 4:40pm
» Finally got 5 stars... It's a messSphithix34New5/24/2020 7:12am
» i do not understand why some parts of this game are decreased or require playing with other people ACCFDude34New4/8/2020 1:34am
» ACNH Ichiban Kuji lottery announced for Japan, starts March 21st, 2020PennyGwin33New1/11/2022 4:20am
» 'Overrated' villagers?cherryVelvet32New10/27/2021 4:48pm
» Who was your first campsite Villager?MrLionJack32New7/3/2020 11:00pm
» Favorite/least favorite K.K songs?cherryVelvet31New5/12/2020 7:16pm
» Who was your first villager in your campsite?shaneseyy31New5/5/2020 8:05pm
» Did you use amiibo cards to summon any villagers?ILoveACCF31New4/11/2020 3:50pm
» Opinions on Nintendo Direct AC:NHElva30New10/22/2021 7:57pm
» Does anyone actually use Harv's Island? CaraEve30New8/14/2020 8:13pm
» I miss the old Fishing Tourneyshabib_e30New4/15/2020 3:06am
» Terraforming Overwhelming?michael_patryk30New4/9/2020 12:38pm
» What villagers have you discovered on island tours?GingerLemon30New3/30/2020 3:06am
» Random but - Does it constantly rain on anyone’s island? Brummiedollie29New5/28/2020 11:27am
» Anyone else hate the music?Kimxberxley28New6/16/2020 2:52pm
» Who is your ride or die villager?prolif28New5/9/2020 3:12pm
» Villagers doing weird thingstiggergrrl28New4/30/2020 6:22pm
» Which shop/NPC do you miss the most?stephxduloc27New2/16/2021 5:59pm
» Here is how ACNH determines NPC appearances - various myths crushed; SPOILERS!PennyGwin27New5/19/2020 9:48pm
» What Is Your Island Fruit And Your Sisiter Fruit?TheSimpleEevee26New6/30/2020 6:43am
» What QoL change do you want to see that nobody talks about?NowLoading0226New5/11/2020 8:38am
» Not gonna lie, Bunny Day itself kinda sucked.ILoveACCF26New4/15/2020 10:57am
» Hourly Music Opinions bondjames26New3/30/2020 5:31pm
» Black + purple rose = red rose?? Limiata25New5/8/2020 4:18pm
» cutest thing your villagers have done!!greyhoundsrule25New3/25/2020 6:14pm

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