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NH Halloween GuidePenguinGeek2New10/28 6:52pm
NH - Celeste & Shooting StarsJellyBeans971New10/3 3:38am
NH Fish: Times and LocationsPenguinGeek3New9/18 12:24pm
NH Bugs: Times and LocationsPenguinGeek3New9/8 12:36pm
NH - Sea Creatures & DivingHatakeSage1New9/7 3:05pm
NH Turnip & Stock Market GuidePenguinGeek-New8/29 10:57pm
NH Saharah GuideJellyBeans975New8/19 3:29pm
NH Snowboy GuidePenguinGeek-New7/30 6:31pm
NH Wisp GuidePenguinGeek-New7/27 7:40pm
NH Seasons GuidePenguinGeek-New7/27 4:37pm
NH Gulliver / Gullivarrr GuidePenguinGeek-New7/18 7:41pm
NH Hybrid GuidePenguinGeek-New7/17 12:41pm
NH Fossils GuideJellyBeans97-New7/12 2:53pm
NH Golden Tools GuideJellyBeans97-New7/11 3:24pm
NH Fishing Tournament GuidePenguinGeek-New7/11 12:07pm
NH Bug Off! GuidePenguinGeek-New7/11 12:01pm
AC:NH General Board Rules and GuidelinesNintendude64-New6/4 8:46am
Collecting information from New Horizons!Jarikira358New11/21 3:09pm
» More Tent Colors?_Katie_-New1/25 9:08pm
» More Villagers Coming in Update for New Horizons?0shaw0tt2New5/14 3:55am
» 3 Star Rating0shaw0tt1New4/11 11:05pm
» game ideas!10puppyluv101New3/5 12:18pm
» Companion Guide1BostonGirl4New5/25 11:34am
» Region/Seasonal Clock Predicament 420blazetkin4New2/10 5:21pm
» Golden Trout567hanna6New6:56pm
» Dreams567hanna3New8/25 6:24am
» Switch567hanna2New6/18 2:54pm
» This game seriously needs more permanent buildings598sandy22New5/1 8:31am
» Why did they ruin Roald’s house?598sandy2New4/28 3:22pm
» How do you get down to where Redd is? 598sandy2New4/22 4:59pm
» Crafting is making it hard for me to enjoy the game 598sandy16New4/5 1:21am
» Does anyone else feel this game is too similar to a mobile game?598sandy11New3/27 6:45pm
» Do the regular watering can, fishing rod, net, slingshot, and shovel break?598sandy7New3/23 12:45pm
» Had Nintendo confirmed new content will be added to this game via updates?598sandy4New3/21 11:42pm
» Are all of the Villagers from New Leaf in this game?598sandy1New3/20 9:13pm
» Non-Villager NPCs598sandy1New3/20 2:34am
» February Nintendo Direct Discussion ~ Link to Video at Top of Page 3707penguin112New2/23 6:43pm
» It is Officially the Season of New Horizons707penguin2New2/17 2:48am
» What's Your Favorite and Least-Favorite Revelation From the Trailer/Treehouse Live Segment?707penguin19New6/24/2019 10:04am
» Could There be More to the Title Than Meets the Eye?707penguin9New6/13/2019 5:00pm
» Purple pansiesababyslife5New5/10 5:50pm
» Can’t get on Redd’s ship-please helpababyslife2New4/26 10:36am
» House inventory/storageababyslife2New4/5 4:11pm
» I THINK I’M ON A SCORPION ISLAND!AbbiS995New3/31 9:35pm
» Can you change the base terrain on New Horizons?AbbiS9911New3/29 3:42am
» Island Helpabbyv64362New1:31pm
» Things you dislike about NHabbyv64367New6:49am
» Theme Helpabbyv64362New11/16 5:27pm
» Got ACNH!abbyv64366New11/11 3:00pm
» What should I do first?abbyv64365New10/2 10:13pm
» When is K.K. Slider showing up this weekend?Abfinnie174New8/24 7:57pm
» When is the Rainy Season on New Horizons?Abfinnie173New6/9 3:10pm
» Is there an easier way to get Iron Nuggets and Clay?Abfinnie1714New3/26 8:29pm
» what to make?ac__matt14New6/21 5:38pm
» How to get villagers attention ac__matt5New6/12 6:55pm
» Upgrading Nooks Cranny: How do you do it?AcBoy515111New4/8 4:21pm
» can i get the taurus diy nowACCFDude1New5/27 2:17am
» redd visits your town 1 day of every monthACCFDude45New5/26 8:13pm
» the personalities are old and they should be changed or updatedACCFDude12New4/21 2:52pm
» i do not understand why some parts of this game are decreased or require playing with other people ACCFDude34New4/8 1:34am
» can some flowers and fruits not be found if i do not play with other peopleACCFDude6New4/2 9:33am
» Siloaccflover1233New4/23 9:21pm
» DIY Tarantula Islandaccflover1236New4/3 8:52pm
» Ways to Pass the Timeaccflover1237New3/26 12:54pm
» Does anyone stream AC:NH on Twitch?ACqueen317-New4/19 2:08pm
» Question about wet suitAdamTheMouse2New11/24 5:17am
» Purple Flowers?adventureisland5New4/15 1:22am
» All Unlockable Shops? **POTENTIAL SPOILERS AHEAD**AEnzor1716New5/3 8:46pm
» Themed IslandsAfternoonTeaSet2New4/6 10:08am
» Anyone else never get Zipper T Bunny?ag3043New4/12 9:36am
» Question on text chatting ingameAikaTears11New2/28 11:34pm
» Update 1.1.1AlduinHyrulian3New3/26 12:47pm
» Want a Challenge?AlduinHyrulian-New3/25 9:28am
» GiveawaysAlduinHyrulian-New3/23 2:07pm
» Villager rotationalexisarocker3New6/9 4:32pm

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