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» More Tent Colors?_Katie_-New1/25 9:08pm
» game ideas!10puppyluv101New3/5 12:18pm
» Region/Seasonal Clock Predicament 420blazetkin4New2/10 5:21pm
» Does anyone else feel this game is too similar to a mobile game?598sandy11New3/27 6:45pm
» Do the regular watering can, fishing rod, net, slingshot, and shovel break?598sandy7New3/23 12:45pm
» Had Nintendo confirmed new content will be added to this game via updates?598sandy4New3/21 11:42pm
» Are all of the Villagers from New Leaf in this game?598sandy1New3/20 9:13pm
» Non-Villager NPCs598sandy1New3/20 2:34am
» February Nintendo Direct Discussion ~ Link to Video at Top of Page 3707penguin112New2/23 6:43pm
» It is Officially the Season of New Horizons707penguin2New2/17 2:48am
» What's Your Favorite and Least-Favorite Revelation From the Trailer/Treehouse Live Segment?707penguin19New6/24/2019 10:04am
» Could There be More to the Title Than Meets the Eye?707penguin9New6/13/2019 5:00pm
» Can you change the base terrain on New Horizons?AbbiS9911New3/29 3:42am
» Is there an easier way to get Iron Nuggets and Clay?Abfinnie1714New3/26 8:29pm
» Ways to Pass the Timeaccflover1237New3/26 12:54pm
» All Unlockable Shops? **POTENTIAL SPOILERS AHEAD**AEnzor179New9:15am
» Question on text chatting ingameAikaTears11New2/28 11:34pm
» Update 1.1.1AlduinHyrulian3New3/26 12:47pm
» Want a Challenge?AlduinHyrulian-New3/25 9:28am
» GiveawaysAlduinHyrulian-New3/23 2:07pm
» Balloon presents!Alifrey887New3/26 5:57pm
» Looking for friends Alifrey88-New3/23 3:23am
» Will rocks be movable/breakable?Alura3New3/2 7:19am
» Naming your character..AlwaysTired15New3/11 5:10am
» Need fruit and visitors!Amanda_kathleen3New3/20 6:16pm
» selling plots of landamberswims942New5:59pm
» Looking For Switch Friends For AC:NHAmeys15New2/26 6:49pm
» Trouble finding seasonal fish?Angel_Hearts9New8:19pm
» Campsite questionAngel_Hearts3New3/28 3:03pm
» KEEP SHAKING YOUR TREES!animalcluver1014New3/20 9:01pm
» Will it live up to the hype?animalxing285New11/6/2019 3:19pm
» What should I do with my hybrids?Ard-New6:09pm
» Mild annoynaces with this gameArd9New3/29 6:23pm
» What are you supposed to give villagers when they ask?Ard7New3/29 2:52am
» New K.K. (or other) songs on radio!!Ard4New3/28 12:55am
» How do you make hybrids?Ard8New3/27 6:30pm
» I think about this game all day at work...Ard-New3/23 7:33pm
» Do you have a "daily quota" of Bells to earn?Ard9New3/23 7:16pm
» Made myself some frecklesArd1New3/23 11:11am
» Does K.K. Slider come tonight?Ard10New3/22 4:08pm
» How many rocks in each town?Ard4New3/22 3:51pm
» Does anyone have the vaulting pole or ladder yet???Ard6New3/21 2:01pm
» Anyone else gonna try to not get hooked on this game?Ard29New3/20 8:57pm
» Songs about New HorizonsArd-New3/19 12:24pm
» Still no answer to the island naming question...Ard7New3/18 1:09am
» Rugs outdoors?Ard4New3/13 2:12pm
» Official Box Art revealed- your thoughts?Ard6New1/6 9:30pm
» No new personality types =\Ard10New6/16/2019 5:20pm
» How to change item colors?ArmlessWunder3New3/25 12:28pm
» Friends!armon11New3/23 2:41pm
» Rocks?Ashleigh8718New3/23 6:01pm
» Non-native flowersAshleyRose06-New3/29 5:06pm
» Is it possible to datamine de New Horizons?ASIER10New2/9 7:39pm
» Why Are There No New AC Amiibo Products Announced?asorrypartridge25New3/11 7:12am
» PAX East New Horizons Footageasorrypartridge1New2/27 2:37pm
» Plans For Terraforming Your Island?Astrid_Alabma35New3/28 4:40pm
» New Horizons Dream Suite Predictions/Ideas?Astrid_Alabma1New3/11 3:15pm
» Happy Island Designer (Design Your Island Map!)Astrid_Alabma1New3/9 5:09pm
» New Horizons Recently Released GameplayAstrid_Alabma4New3/6 11:48am
» Island Theme Ideas + Awesome Town Map Designs I FoundAstrid_Alabma7New3/6 10:52am
» Where Will You Plant Your House? Beach-Side Or In-land?Astrid_Alabma29New2/23 3:38pm
» Smartphone App Support Confirmed!Astrid_Alabma4New2/21 9:32pm
» Can We Still Make Designs In New Horizons?Astrid_Alabma7New2/16 2:52pm
» Favorite/Least Favorite Features So Far?Astrid_Alabma9New2/15 7:30pm
» Who are your dreamies in ACNH?AudiOdd159915New3/29 9:31pm
» I don't like the easter event so far...AudiOdd159911New3/28 10:49am
» Who wants to play online?AudiOdd1599-New3/25 10:21pm
» Do I need the Nintendk Switch Online APP? Babycake5New3/20 9:22pm
» Where is our catalog?Babycake1New3/20 8:04pm
» Amiibo for New VillagersBara_no_uta1New3/21 9:54pm
» is there a wall-mounted tv bigger then the 50 inch one?barlubar1New7:03pm
» Cedar sapling treeBas2001New3/20 6:06pm
» Does anyone know....Bass1New3/23 6:01am
» Which Villager will be your Valentine date? bearqutxz1New2/9 4:06pm

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