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Use this board to discuss the upcoming game for the Switch, Animal Crossing: New Horizons.  
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» “What should I do?” Block with Tom Nook Day #1?LiltingLullaby6New3/30 10:54pm
» 100 Facts About AC:NHNukie2New7/7/2019 5:37pm
» 15 HOURS LEFT =D Adding new friends for new horizon :)ULi1-New3/19 9:08am
» 2 Questions: Anybody know if we are limited to 3 new villagers earlier in the game? 2nd ? in thread Demonater2New3/21 7:37pm
» 2 Starting Villagers?TheSimpleEevee12New10/21/2019 8:46pm
» 24/7 Resident ServicesGingerLemon14New3/25 3:16pm
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» A few questions...strawberryraven25New2/23 7:06pm
» A questionKing9104New3/26 11:24am
» A questionstrawberryraven5New3/21 2:10pm
» Able Shop's fitting room?SMProcks2New3/30 4:39pm
» About The Starting MapsJean17102New3/24 11:06pm
» Absolutely Loving This GamePtolemyCaesar11New3/30 11:19pm
» AC: NH joy consfoamblaster7New2/9 3:59pm
» AC:NH - Official Deserted Island Getaway Package Trailer!Carson_ACNH2New2/5 7:10pm
» ACNH Dupe GlitchCoralScott6New3/24 1:53pm
» ACNH Ichiban Kuji lottery announced for Japan, starts March 21st, 2020PennyGwin19New3/14 3:42am
» ACNH meets an old ACWW pattern-bookPennyGwin2New3/28 10:00pm
» ACNH release-date delayed in the PhillipinesPennyGwin2New3/18 2:46pm
» ACNH to be playable at PAX EastPennyGwin1New2/24 11:33am
» ACNH Town Names?falcons18164New3/26 7:45pm
» ACNH what's your feedback so far?michelle_putz-New3/23 11:44pm
» ACNH will be at Jump Festa '20PennyGwin12New12/22/2019 10:15pm
» ACNH will NOT connect to Pocket Campmillsfan21New2/11 1:11pm
» Addressing a couple concerns CertifiedShrimp14New6/24/2019 9:51am
» AFK warning!El_Tony5New3/28 8:25pm
» Airport ColorDarin4274New3/7 12:49pm
» Airport still not open?Superkidra2New3/20 8:07am
» All QR codesDrMephisto-New3/30 9:38am
» All Unlockable Shops? **POTENTIAL SPOILERS AHEAD**AEnzor179New3/30 9:15am
» Already caught the CoelacanthMayorSami6New3/21 10:06pm
» Amenities: Treehouses, skateparks, pools, and more!millsfan2New6/15/2019 2:12pm
» Amiibokelc3New2/10 5:19pm
» Amiibo card - Villager plot question. Brummiedollie3New3/30 12:06pm
» Amiibo Cards!RandellMan2New2/27 3:36pm
» Amiibo Connectivitytgainsbrough7New6/18/2019 3:23pm
» Amiibo for New VillagersBara_no_uta1New3/21 9:54pm
» An in depth look at Character CreationGingerLemon8New3/22 4:31pm
» Animal Crossing NEWBIEThesarahreynoso1New3/26 10:26pm
» Animal Crossing NL tunes in NH ?TouchingEvil2New3/12 3:44pm
» Animal crossing pocket camp items plus dlc alreadyodanhammer5New3/23 6:06pm
» Animal Crossing producer and director to host Game Developers Conference panel on ACNHPennyGwin3New3/1 3:40pm
» Animal Crossing: New Horizons has 383 villagersPennyGwin38New2/28 1:26pm
» Animal Crossing: New Horizons Switch accessories announcedPennyGwin12New2/16 3:03am
» Animal Crossing: New Horizons-based manga starting in late December!PennyGwin10New1/18 7:10am
» Animal Crossing: The Movie being broadcast in Japan to mark ACNH's releasePennyGwin4New3/7 1:38pm
» Any advice or tips how to make the river curved?Brummiedollie-New3/28 10:49am
» any delivery or services for acnh yet?vocalizedd-New3/22 2:50am
» Any giveaways?FernisWolff12New3/28 3:37pm
» Any tips for forcing an auto-save in an online session?Pathos1New3/29 9:48am
» Anyone else excited by the option to play in the Southern Hemisphere?!Rosemarymolly4New3/24 4:46am
» Anyone else gonna try to not get hooked on this game?Ard29New3/20 8:57pm
» Anyone else not very lucky with the islands? Brummiedollie11New3/25 11:36pm
» Anyone else worries about Cloud Save support?Hawkmbl4New6/15/2019 11:30pm
» Anyone find you always run out of regular wood first?gabrielle2410New3/26 3:21am
» Anyone got a TV yet?Klaus_Core4New3/27 6:39pm
» anyone have a crown i can catalog? FT:ACNH Caseycrazed-New3/25 9:21pm
» Anyone in the southern hemisphere?the_hobbit10New3/26 12:01am
» Anyone know of any databases/catalogues started for ACNH?ghirahim-New3/30 11:11pm
» Anyone still playing city folk before the NH release?! vicki_turtle-New2/25 8:41am
» Anyone want a visitortoria19912New3/22 3:08am
» Anyone want to be bff's on nh??PaNdAGoDeSs3-New3/30 1:46am
» Anyone want to play with me! :)Tempname8261452New3/19 4:08pm
» Anyone with High Turnip Prices?Nickster93-New3/29 8:35pm
» Arapaima tanknogo2New5:34am
» Are all of the Villagers from New Leaf in this game?598sandy1New3/20 9:13pm
» are carnations available yet?drydin2New3/24 8:50pm
» Are Paths on the Beach Possible?Chocolate9000001New2/21 4:44pm
» Are roses in the game?harddiamond1012New3/24 10:15pm
» Are you planning on using a dedicated system for NH?Buggalo8New2/24 2:37am
» At what point do villagers start moving out?W4tch-New3/30 6:44pm
» At what point in game can animals move out?silverjag89104New3/28 11:18pm
» Baby Yoda ArtworkChandalah2New3/30 5:35pm
» Back after 10 yearsroli8New3/22 9:26pm

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