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Collecting information from New Horizons!Jarikira173New10:59am
» New seeds in shopmarlasinger2New3:55pm
» Can't sell anymore land.Pistolpixxie1New3:50pm
» Villager move glitchmrbaconsock-New3:49pm
» Nook's Cranny UpgradeChaosBeast0135New3:47pm
» Sherb the lazy goat is a weirdo?kittycat2434New3:31pm
» Question regarding villagers craftingPathos-New3:15pm
» What's one feature from the Gamecube game that you wish was in New Horizons?meow9918New3:14pm
» OST TalkRidleyScott6New3:13pm
» Did Nintendo Release Any Information On Updates?Chuusaurus4New2:55pm
» Red Hybridshzmajesty-New2:45pm
» what is something you LIKE about the game?MrsBerry20New2:36pm
» Cracking down on the real 5 star requirements.TheGreatsaga2New2:19pm
» Question about Cherry Blossom SetImjo-New2:18pm
» Terraforming Overwhelming?michael_patryk30New12:38pm
» Questions about moving out villagers.TheSimpleEevee1New12:36pm
» Catching a flyUncleJ7New12:21pm
» The Harrowing Misadventures for the Quest to find Ironwood DIYs2tapmentor10New12:19pm
» Trading Bunny Day DIY recipes?NeonGracie-New12:07pm
» Any info on crossbreeding flowers?ipwnedu1073New12:03pm
» cherry blossom flooring and wallpaperDrMephisto5New11:42am
» What happens if your Island's rating drops below 5?TheGreatsaga3New11:38am
» Can't get new villagers? Helpkobcritic2New11:36am
» Cycling villagers Dottythebun-New11:05am
» Still haven't found CJSodiumChlroride-New9:59am
» Do You Give Villagers Yards?michael_patryk2New9:58am
» Grass PatternsGrindle2443New9:01am
» Trick to get better islands using nook milesDrMephisto1New8:59am
» Selling plots of land to acquire new villagerspandabiscuit3New8:58am
» Silly VillagersJenni122701-New5:26am
» Island Rating FeraligatrFTW5New5:24am
» Did you use amiibo cards to summon any villagers?ILoveACCF26New5:05am
» Grave recipesKatB-New3:03am
» Mystery Island RumorRamish17New2:16am
» The Nook Miles grindNomadRT2New2:05am
» King Tut mask?Weird_Bob12-New1:04am
» Moving houses slightly?michael_patryk5New12:48am
» Share your most recent accomplishment!KelvinNakken106New12:45am
» what's the worst mystery island you've gotten?Jon9New12:30am
» Items Given to you by WISP - Need your help!PenguinGeek55New12:04am
» xSashaChan1New4/8 11:49pm
» Colored FencesAlura5New4/8 11:03pm
» Hybrid Tulip Island!sirgrim00716New4/8 11:00pm
» Multiplayer SUCKS. BAD. ellaelise35New4/8 10:57pm
» Turnip Price?Skyler971New4/8 10:31pm
» Hoard Reward achievement bugged?Melissa553New4/8 10:23pm
» Cataloguing Questiongreyhoundsrule4New4/8 9:19pm
» Gold roses??Makayla1231New4/8 9:13pm
» Really need white flowersyellowtulipss-New4/8 8:52pm
» What happens when you pay off house completely?ArmlessWunder5New4/8 8:51pm
» Mystery Island modding for Water BugsNomadRT1New4/8 8:28pm
» Back again after 10+ years!m1ssm0rgan3New4/8 7:39pm
» Villager houses are BORINGSmilingWooper13New4/8 7:21pm
» Do we give left over eggs to the bunny on the 12th?Jacama5New4/8 6:59pm
» Golden Slingshot?GamerGyal10New4/8 6:58pm
» Who are your 2 starter villagers??doggirl33167New4/8 6:36pm
» I saw an item, and was wondering the name.Vampire19852New4/8 6:30pm
» Old ACC member! Now on NW... let’s be friends!northgateb22New4/8 5:43pm
» New glitch? optimusprimerib7New4/8 5:39pm
» being mean to villagers on social mediatoadhouse10New4/8 4:43pm
» Upgrading Nooks Cranny: How do you do it?AcBoy515111New4/8 4:21pm
» Villager DialogueSpikeTheYoshi3New4/8 3:52pm
» No Nook miles for selling turnipsWestonCarrie3New4/8 3:19pm
» Is anyone else not finding any cherry blossom diyslindseyms3ds20New4/8 2:15pm
» Turnips 156 bells. Anyone selling Turnips anymore?GingerLaLa1New4/8 1:10pm
» Turnip Prices?KoreanKittie2New4/8 1:03pm
» Southern Hemisphere Island Guide/EventsShaneCrossin3New4/8 12:04pm
» Gripes and wonderings where some NPCs are...lizzielizard16New4/8 11:18am
» What's your villager personality distribution?Ard8New4/8 9:39am
» No star fragmentsmikey18916New4/8 7:25am
» Villagers Moving Out ??Chuusaurus4New4/8 2:52am
» What's your passport title?BelleCooper80New4/8 2:34am
» Has anyone else's joycons sticks started to drift really badly from playing this game?ILoveACCF20New4/8 2:09am
» i do not understand why some parts of this game are decreased or require playing with other people ACCFDude34New4/8 1:34am

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