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» ACNH Ichiban Kuji lottery announced for Japan, starts March 21st, 2020PennyGwin32New8/22/2020 7:20am
» Who was your first campsite Villager?MrLionJack32New7/3/2020 11:00pm
» Initial impressions of AC New Horizonsmillsfan32New1/8/2020 2:04pm
» Favorite/least favorite K.K songs?cherryVelvet31New5/12/2020 7:16pm
» Who was your first villager in your campsite?shaneseyy31New5/5/2020 8:05pm
» Did you use amiibo cards to summon any villagers?ILoveACCF31New4/11/2020 3:50pm
» Will anyone be resetting to get the island they want?pandabiscuit31New3/19/2020 8:49am
» Two new Japanese ads are now onlinePennyGwin31New3/7/2020 3:55pm
» Opinions on Nintendo Direct AC:NHElva30New10/22 7:57pm
» Does anyone actually use Harv's Island? CaraEve30New8/14/2020 8:13pm
» I miss the old Fishing Tourneyshabib_e30New4/15/2020 3:06am
» Terraforming Overwhelming?michael_patryk30New4/9/2020 12:38pm
» What villagers have you discovered on island tours?GingerLemon30New3/30/2020 3:06am
» How are you planning to track your game?Sazinata30New3/21/2020 1:07am
» New Horizons Hype Train (+6 days!)RandomG30New3/16/2020 8:03pm
» Random but - Does it constantly rain on anyone’s island? Brummiedollie29New5/28/2020 11:27am
» Time Travel?Liana_Susy29New3/23/2020 8:50am
» Anyone else gonna try to not get hooked on this game?Ard29New3/20/2020 8:57pm
» Where Will You Plant Your House? Beach-Side Or In-land?Astrid_Alabma29New2/23/2020 3:38pm
» Anyone else hate the music?Kimxberxley28New6/16/2020 2:52pm
» Who is your ride or die villager?prolif28New5/9/2020 3:12pm
» Villagers doing weird thingstiggergrrl28New4/30/2020 6:22pm
» Character namesMoxieMonkey91228New3/17/2020 10:45am
» So, who is going to name their primitive island....DFB28New2/11/2020 2:24pm
» Which shop/NPC do you miss the most?stephxduloc27New2/16 5:59pm
» Here is how ACNH determines NPC appearances - various myths crushed; SPOILERS!PennyGwin27New5/19/2020 9:48pm
» Hourly Music? Devin260027New1/16/2020 12:34pm
» Villagers: New and Old? Who do you want to return? New species?PenguinGeek27New12/10/2019 11:40pm
» What Is Your Island Fruit And Your Sisiter Fruit?TheSimpleEevee26New6/30/2020 6:43am
» What QoL change do you want to see that nobody talks about?NowLoading0226New5/11/2020 8:38am
» Not gonna lie, Bunny Day itself kinda sucked.ILoveACCF26New4/15/2020 10:57am
» Hourly Music Opinions bondjames26New3/30/2020 5:31pm
» Does anyone else think digging up trees looks out of place?toolbox12326New11/11/2019 10:17am
» Black + purple rose = red rose?? Limiata25New5/8/2020 4:18pm
» cutest thing your villagers have done!!greyhoundsrule25New3/25/2020 6:14pm
» Success Getting Foreign Fruit/Flowers on Mystery Island Tours?jeneej25New3/24/2020 8:38pm
» Why Are There No New AC Amiibo Products Announced?asorrypartridge25New3/11/2020 7:12am
» A few questions...strawberryraven25New2/23/2020 7:06pm
» Too many flowersKaffy2224New7/24/2020 7:42pm
» What villager did you most recently fall head over heels for?stephxduloc24New5/16/2020 7:35pm
» How Are You Making Bells?nicole_acnl124New5/2/2020 6:06am
» Villager framed photos??Wertygert012324New4/26/2020 7:02am
» GAME’s ACNH game guideLucool24New3/13/2020 6:32pm
» Still confused why they ditched all of the stationary from the series + went the postcard route. . .habib_e23New7/17/2020 11:22pm
» Anyone Else Not Played The Game In A While?orry12323New6/9/2020 12:54pm
» Your first Islandmates?BlitzBoots23New4/19/2020 3:48pm
» Is anyone else not finding any cherry blossom diyslindseyms3ds23New4/11/2020 11:36am
» Absolutely Loving This GamePtolemyCaesar23New4/3/2020 4:19pm
» Thoughts on Time Travelingkitkitty23New3/31/2020 7:15pm
» Where did you place your tent?GingerLemon23New3/22/2020 6:51am
» Which hemisphere will you play in?GiggleGurt23New3/18/2020 1:34pm
» ESRB reveals possible paid DLC for ACNHPennyGwin23New2/18/2020 11:17am
» Which three neighbours would you pick if NH's Amiibo support allows you to invite specific ones?PennyGwin23New12/9/2019 12:04pm
» What do you want in New Horizens?Werenothere23New10/26/2019 9:04pm
» Nothing but fakes from Redd?!?!SMProcks22New9/3/2020 6:25pm
» My Experience Using Tickets to Look for a Specific Villager Bobbanana22New5/14/2020 3:31pm
» This game seriously needs more permanent buildings598sandy22New5/1/2020 8:31am
» Unexpected villagers you love?Makayla12322New4/30/2020 12:48am
» Sanrio crossover confirmed !!Chiyoko21New3/2 12:33pm
» What would you want in a DLC vs. a Free Update?BennytheSquidd21New2/28 8:45am
» Things you dislike about NHabbyv643621New12/10/2020 5:07pm
» So I'm restarting my town again..Ariylle21New7/30/2020 3:55pm
» Airport ColorChalmers121New7/26/2020 9:35am
» What are your favourite things that your neighbours have said?PennyGwin21New7/16/2020 3:24pm
» Share Your Wedding Event PhotosChuuster21New6/9/2020 4:14pm
» Please adjust your game for people that get off work at 10pmTacoreaper21New5/8/2020 5:55am
» What's one feature from the Gamecube game that you wish was in New Horizons?meow9921New4/10/2020 2:20am
» Inflated prices on the AC:NH TRADING boardFlyingbricks21New4/6/2020 7:58pm
» ACNH will NOT connect to Pocket Campmillsfan21New2/11/2020 1:11pm
» Nookphone App PredictionsChiyoko21New9/22/2019 5:52pm
» Pearls! Wetsuit! Sea creatures!Makayla12320New7/5/2020 8:36am
» Am I the only one who has only had one meteor shower?Borp37Pal20New6/28/2020 7:24am
» Whats your thoughts on when we are likely to see new shops / buildings appear?Brummiedollie20New6/25/2020 3:38pm
» The hourly music is not that goodsnoopyy20New5/3/2020 5:43am
» Do You Give Villagers Yards?michael_patryk20New4/30/2020 12:45am

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