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» we may know why acnh and its updates are small and boring ACCFDude4New2/20 8:50pm
» New Horizons isn't working :(CoyoteBoyo6New2/20 7:13pm
» Looking for inexpensive cosmos plants...fearMae5New2/20 2:54pm
» Anyone else write emotional letters to friends? SNED67728New2/20 11:03am
» Thoughts on Nintendo Direct and Mario Items?BennytheSquidd8New2/20 11:02am
» Being sentimental and trying to design an island...FLuffyHedgehog11New2/17 8:59am
» Multiple Islands?JGutiero13New2/16 6:34pm
» Which shop/NPC do you miss the most?stephxduloc27New2/16 5:59pm
» Gold Balloon?TabithaP8New2/16 11:39am
» Favorite event so far?abbyv643615New2/16 4:46am
» How do you think Nintendo will change Bunny Day 2021?stephxduloc14New2/15 4:24pm
» Will the Festivale items have DIYs?stephxduloc3New2/13 8:08pm
» Question on Villager Queue and Voiding Villagerskittycat2431New2/10 1:35pm
» Is there an easier way to de-weed your town?Pathos6New2/10 2:57am
» Hoard Reward Problem Koliver21New2/7 7:30am
» Fruit Search!xMeganElizabeth11New2/4 5:14pm
» Is Starting Over Worth It?Wilhelmina11New2/3 4:42pm
» Can you not TT to do events in 2021?YoBoyDarrel8New2/1 10:47pm
» What do we think of the January update?stephxduloc10New1/31 2:12am
» Glitch? Help!Guinntatianna2New1/30 1:01pm
» Sherb in boxesEd0641New1/29 9:46pm
» when do the ornament wreaths come down?Chiyoko2New1/29 6:10pm
» Mermaid Fence DIY!Bunny1258-New1/28 10:42am
» No Valentines Day event either!..shadowcat710New1/26 4:01pm
» Mushroom DIY & Rare MushroomsBritM183New1/25 10:26pm
» Waiting for the January UpdateACNH4You-New1/25 10:08pm
» I have Discovered....TabithaP5New1/24 11:35am
» ACNH has been rather dissapointing to meYoBoyDarrel10New1/20 7:04pm
» Can you find the hidden treasure chest in my town?UberAlexxx1New1/20 10:15am
» Shooting stars questionnnsassytassie13New1/19 10:13am
» Island sharingDastar56265New1/18 4:51am
» Late January Update Speculationclydecalluvr8New1/15 8:15am
» Items needed :)SamHughes6New1/12 4:56am
» Garden faucet drip sound?Gaius2New1/11 10:03am
» A New HorizonOtaconPliskin4New1/9 7:34pm
» Hybrid questionEaglewatcher3New1/6 1:07pm
» Old Villagers coming to New IslandArtsyChic2New1/5 3:58pm
» Hello ACC!RaynePtari4New1/3 10:38am
» Phil the ostrich in boxesalexisarocker-New1/2 2:55pm
» Bianca In Boxes!mystique19821New1/2 10:47am
» ISO listSkumDragon-New1/2 7:33am
» Anyone know when the new years music ends?SNED6772-New1/2 4:04am
» Where's The Flies?CChamp10New12/31/2020 10:58pm
» New Years Without Resident Services?jakeeangel3New12/31/2020 10:22pm
» How do you guys collect seasonal DIYs?animalxing2811New12/30/2020 4:02pm
» LOOKING FOR JULIANkyla135New12/30/2020 1:07pm
» Looking for golden tools lizzyloo25-New12/30/2020 12:00pm
» Talk to your perfect snowfolk every dayfoamblaster7New12/28/2020 2:58pm
» I dont have the option to start the quest to build nook's crannychickenacnh1New12/28/2020 10:57am
» Please help me :)pammie6002New12/27/2020 6:51pm
» Villager Photo's not in my catalogue1BostonGirl2New12/26/2020 6:37pm
» Landscapers?ashley80722New12/26/2020 6:00pm
» Toy Day Gypsiegirl10New12/26/2020 5:24pm
» I cannot find Christmas themed clothing.Godsson6New12/26/2020 5:22pm
» Favorite Seasonal DIY?abbyv64362New12/26/2020 12:31am
» Need Help Getting Holiday DIY’sAbfinnie1711New12/26/2020 12:28am
» No winter solstice event :(shadowcat72New12/23/2020 8:39am
» Phoebe or QueenieCChamp3New12/18/2020 2:54pm
» New Glitch Spotted? Got stuck entering a villagers houseleppaberry7New12/17/2020 1:45pm
» No snowballs!?craftman6New12/16/2020 6:51pm
» Custom phone caselindal31New12/13/2020 1:43pm
» SNOWTabithaP8New12/10/2020 5:09pm
» Things you dislike about NHabbyv643621New12/10/2020 5:07pm
» Unpopular opinions?Cydnifecent81New12/10/2020 2:55pm
» Snooty Will Be In Boxes Tomorrow!mystique1982-New12/7/2020 9:12pm
» Got ACNH!abbyv64368New12/7/2020 10:48am
» first blue rose!math_rob3New12/6/2020 10:52pm
» Exclusive Item Colors?GCorpCrown7New12/6/2020 8:41pm
» What's the coolest villager house that you've seen?PennyGwin17New12/4/2020 9:07am
» The Plant abbyv64366New12/3/2020 3:09pm
» Phoebe’s House Kelxab6New12/3/2020 2:46pm
» Little mermaid town tuneBluexAzalea73New12/2/2020 10:42pm
» DIY's1BostonGirl5New12/2/2020 6:03pm
» Who still plays?craftman37New12/1/2020 4:09pm
» Char spawn rate?Bara_no_uta2New12/1/2020 3:58pm

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