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Collecting information from New Horizons!Jarikira125New4:18pm
» Will there be a New Horizon Timeline?MoonCake161New5:05pm
» Do you play mostly handheld or mostly docked? It's for science.Pandabear0720New5:04pm
» Hourly Music Opinions bondjames20New4:57pm
» Favourite Section of the Museum?GingerLemon6New4:55pm
» What are you supposed to give villagers when they ask?Ard4New4:54pm
» Should I get New Horizons? Why? Why not?Elda9New4:54pm
» SHARK ISLANDQuisius8New4:52pm
» Char?ILoveACCF4New4:43pm
» Plans For Terraforming Your Island?Astrid_Alabma35New4:40pm
» I found Bamboo!GingerLemon7New4:33pm
» Villages photos?marlasinger8New4:32pm
» Can you change the base terrain on New Horizons?AbbiS995New4:26pm
» All Unlockable Shops? **POTENTIAL SPOILERS AHEAD**AEnzor173New4:01pm
» Any giveaways?FernisWolff12New3:37pm
» What wallpaper and carpets have you received from Saharah?GingerLemon16New3:31pm
» Is there an Item Database for ACNH?StarryTumble-New3:23pm
» Nook Miles DIY Furnituresjzerman1New3:16pm
» Share your most recent accomplishment!KelvinNakken68New3:06pm
» Campsite questionAngel_Hearts3New3:03pm
» How many times have you reset? (Don’t lie!) BritM1833New2:57pm
» Having Trouble Bridging a Riverholiday_hawk-New2:38pm
» How to catch scorpions Cheyfrie264New2:29pm
» Catalog full list?challe2321New1:48pm
» Fossils + Museumfoamblaster1New1:29pm
» Shell Music Boxes: Think They Will Return?jess1228937New1:27pm
» Southern hemisphere bambooChiyoko1New1:04pm
» Southern Hemisphere friends!!mg3kiryu-New12:55pm
» What is a mat?SashaChan6New12:30pm
» Searching for friends to play withEvaGodAndMons3New12:14pm
» Did Not Receive Bells After CallNanner02182New11:55am
» Flower BreedingNightfade31New11:50am
» southern hemisphere?momopanda69-New11:36am
» Flower Yields Kuroichi7New11:22am
» Breeding Flowers QuestionWertygert01231New11:02am
» Villagers asking me to place furniture outdoors?brownierocks133New10:52am
» I don't like the easter event so far...AudiOdd159911New10:49am
» Any advice or tips how to make the river curved?Brummiedollie-New10:49am
» Has anyone gotten a pitfall seed recipe yet?GavinGoneGlobal7New10:37am
» Different Fruits/Flowers WITHOUT online?kristixlynn8New10:33am
» Fish disappear Faify1New8:55am
» What villagers have you discovered on island tours?GingerLemon21New7:27am
» Items Given to you by WISP - Need your help!PenguinGeek38New2:04am
» Who are your dreamies in ACNH?AudiOdd15999New1:57am
» Initial island generationOboePlayerNick1New1:34am
» New K.K. (or other) songs on radio!!Ard4New12:55am
» PSA: Do NOT Adopt Villagers If They Are Forced Out via AmiiboMadNinjaSkills10New3/27 11:17pm
» Campsite Questions!MayorSami-New3/27 11:03pm
» What did Gulliver send you? PenguinGeek27New3/27 7:45pm
» Does anyone else feel this game is too similar to a mobile game?598sandy11New3/27 6:45pm
» Couple of Sibs Could use your Adviceswitch_sibs1New3/27 6:42pm
» Anyone got a TV yet?Klaus_Core4New3/27 6:39pm
» CampsiteLady_Darkling1New3/27 6:38pm
» Ponds questions.... Zaybe-New3/27 6:31pm
» How do you make hybrids?Ard8New3/27 6:30pm
» Do you TT on days where there isn't much to do?Brummiedollie18New3/27 6:08pm
» Pier at the side of the mapnorchill1New3/27 5:15pm
» patternsWithheldpilot2New3/27 4:53pm
» When does the next villager move in?seashell925New3/27 4:26pm
» Hourly musiclizzielizard18New3/27 4:13pm
» Nook's Cranny Upgrade Parameters Questioneponarider1-New3/27 3:45pm
» Finally caught a tarantula ! eeee! on a regular island!Brummiedollie10New3/27 3:04pm
» Is there a list of every available piece of clothing and furniture?Shystar214B2New3/27 3:02pm
» Is it 10 animal villagers total? Or 10 villagers including human characters?Flyingbricks1New3/27 2:41pm
» The Stringfish and the SturgeonTheSimpleEevee12New3/27 2:28pm
» Do island layouts/villagers change every day? Or do they change with every nook ticket?Flyingbricks3New3/27 2:26pm
» Fishing QuestionsILoveACCF1New3/27 1:55pm
» Villager HomesSpikeTheYoshi1New3/27 1:23pm
» Do the current Amiibo cards work in NH?Brummiedollie1New3/27 1:20pm
» New KK Song?Klaus_Core2New3/27 12:02pm
» Is it worth selling my crown?NowLoading022New3/27 11:56am
» I am struggling to grow trees - anyone else?becks963New3/27 11:52am
» Requirements to Upgrade Nook's Cranny?Masked_Katz3New3/27 10:52am
» New Horizons Is A Major Step Back from New Leaf (Opinion)orry12364New3/27 9:31am
» How many bridges and inclines are you allowed?DairyMilkChoc-New3/27 8:36am

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