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Use this board to discuss the upcoming game for the Switch, Animal Crossing: New Horizons.  
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» Countdown to New Horizons (221 Days)Daisydoo14121New8/18 9:25pm
» Who do you want to be your first villager?HatakeSage24New8/18 2:44pm
» Release datebingbing3283New8/15 5:39pm
» Nookphone App PredictionsChiyoko12New8/14 12:24am
» ACNH Town Names?falcons1819New8/14 12:16am
» For the rest of 2019...Nukie1New8/5 11:02pm
» will you be getting the switch lite?Chiyoko25New8/3 2:51pm
» Villagers: New and Old? Who do you want to return? New species?PenguinGeek20New7/27 12:46am
» what types of clothing are you excited for?Chiyoko7New7/16 8:56am
» How Purely Do You Plan to Play?yankees24cano23New7/16 5:04am
» So, who is going to name their primitive island....DFB13New7/14 8:49pm
» Castaway Paradisemunchlax258New7/14 2:49pm
» 100 Facts About AC:NHNukie2New7/7 5:37pm
» Mr Resetti has been fired...DFB9New7/6 2:20pm
» Initial impressions of AC New Horizonsmillsfan31New7/6 2:17pm
» Digging for Resetti...Nukie2New6/29 1:37pm
» Other NPCs and their new jobsDimentio9515New6/26 6:13pm
» What's Your Favorite and Least-Favorite Revelation From the Trailer/Treehouse Live Segment?707penguin19New6/24 10:04am
» Addressing a couple concerns CertifiedShrimp14New6/24 9:51am
» Can we just skip ahead?Nukie4New6/23 8:57pm
» ACNH will NOT connect to Pocket Campmillsfan10New6/23 3:09pm
» one island per console?Chiyoko19New6/21 9:44pm
» Amiibo Connectivitytgainsbrough7New6/18 3:23pm
» Who's planning on making a southern hemisphere island?Riesz10New6/18 3:06am
» Invent an Animal Crossing games - What would YOU like to see in NH?ImJustBecca1New6/17 8:19pm
» Too much power?black_peaches8New6/17 5:04pm
» New Horizons Questions, Concerns, and ImpressionsKellyFaithxoxo-New6/17 4:58pm
» Docked or portable?DaBraxMan22New6/17 1:07am
» No new personality types =\Ard10New6/16 5:20pm
» Anyone else worries about Cloud Save support?Hawkmbl4New6/15 11:30pm
» Amenities: Treehouses, skateparks, pools, and more!millsfan2New6/15 2:12pm
» Hourly Music? Devin260010New6/14 11:23pm
» Could There be More to the Title Than Meets the Eye?707penguin9New6/13 5:00pm
» Crafting Materialsyankees24cano7New6/12 10:29pm
» Tom Nook creepin in the backgroundEuphonie2New6/12 8:47pm

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