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» Confirm Card Info Before DownloadingSCWT54New11/22/2017 1:18pm
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» Shovelstrike Quarry - How does it work?SCWT52New11/23/2017 9:47am
» Why did I never notice K.K. Slider is naked!?DragonKeeper8New11/23/2017 1:58pm
» How to Catch Bugs?MoonCake166New11/23/2017 2:15pm
» Does everyone have the same timed goals?megkaye2New11/23/2017 8:21pm
» "Leaf" GlitchCrosserSpence6New11/23/2017 8:27pm
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» No more fish/bug puns :(SCWT56New11/26/2017 7:15am
» Market Place UpgradesSCWT54New11/26/2017 12:58pm
» What features from Pocket Camp do you want to see added/removed from AC5?Brownjoe3New11/26/2017 1:33pm
» Fully Loaded Market Boxes, but that’s it?stopnshop1New11/26/2017 2:02pm
» Villager x Item Guide (Essences & Materials)Pinkmonkey-New11/26/2017 3:15pm
» What do the red exclamation points mean on the friends list?SCWT51New11/26/2017 4:01pm
» Market Place Rotation?calvin9945New11/26/2017 4:23pm
» Clock ChangesBara_no_uta8New11/26/2017 4:26pm
» Has anyone caught a shark?SCWT53New11/26/2017 6:49pm
» What happens when you run out of stretch goals?SCWT54New11/26/2017 6:49pm
» Koi Fish TradeLuti5New11/27/2017 11:04am
» Amenities: What's worth it?Batmantistic3New11/27/2017 11:39am
» Red-dot against friends namesmarlasinger1New11/28/2017 2:56pm
» No Cheryl Tree in Breezy Hollow harald3New11/28/2017 7:25pm
» Has anyone grown tired of the game already?SnowDance34New11/28/2017 11:13pm
» 10 bells from friends?shanajk2New11/29/2017 5:50pm
» Investing in the Player Listing Feature dustin119289New11/29/2017 8:15pm
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» Do you keep crafted stuff?leffew3New11/30/2017 3:19pm
» KK Slider or Tom Nook?RyanStar6New11/30/2017 4:30pm
» Holiday "update"Tamagotchi89510New11/30/2017 6:36pm
» Can girls get pants?SCWT57New11/30/2017 9:54pm
» Wow! The Quarry gives many candy canes!AnnetteSR5New12/1/2017 6:23am
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» Amenities and max. friendship levelsMelshake2New12/2/2017 10:01am
» The dialog in this game bugs me a bit.cooljdude9New12/2/2017 1:58pm
» How do you choose which campers to stay in your campsite.silverjag89102New12/2/2017 3:36pm
» Loan Glitch/Bugkikicat1New12/3/2017 2:36am
» Lovely tableLovenookingtons5New12/3/2017 10:53am
» Market Box Cap?dustin119284New12/3/2017 11:10am
» AC:PC Discord..?GraceyGrace3New12/3/2017 8:19pm
» Camper Van Upgrade?MollieScoop4New12/4/2017 1:53am
» How many villagers does everyone have invited?yoshifico10New12/4/2017 6:46am
» Let it snow?datalinkxp1New12/4/2017 9:52am
» Shovelstrike Quarrymonsterbunni6New12/4/2017 1:05pm

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