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Chit-Chat Board RulesNintendude64-New5/19/2018 1:42pm
» CRÉM de la CRÉM Public BT - Relevant Topic: it's always Olive Garden for some reasonmissamazing2008930New10:43am
» soda is weirdBumbletheHumble22New10:40am
» What am I to do with my life?Ard5New12:17am
» What if there's another color out there?Masterpiece85816New3/27 2:54pm
» australians assemble (anyone wanna start an aussie pt?)Feline_Frenzy6New3/27 5:28am
» OLD MEMBERS?issywissy10052New3/26 7:06pm
» Write your username, using someone else`s usernameBumbletheHumble27New3/26 6:38am
» If you could work for any game company, which would you work for?Gorgangler127New3/25 6:21pm
» what would dodos dothe_husbando4New3/25 6:00pm
» u ever feel like we sims or smththe_husbando9New3/25 6:41am
» imthe_husbando96New3/25 6:39am
» I kinda feel like texting all of my ex-tinder and bumble girls. Is that a good idea?MiketheFireman8 4New3/24 5:31pm
» What’s upSolidStar24New3/24 10:33am
» Last Person to Post Here Wins #2niniTheGreat170New3/23 8:01pm
» Let's uh.. talk about random stuff. I need friends.spookies7New3/22 10:18pm
» My loneliness is killing meArd2New3/21 3:40pm
» Do people still have BTs? Wanna start one with me?ImJustBecca27New3/19 6:48pm
» Hi Clarinet12303New3/18 10:48am
» New Kid On The Blockenvious_envy1New3/18 4:26am
» ....and they were roommatesxjthepokemonfan114New2/27 2:27pm
» O, board of the deepskater98013New2/25 1:40am
» very interesting10puppyluv106New2/22 4:41am
» What do you want to do after college?Jazzyy20New2/22 2:16am
» A... more personal update, if you will.PalleteEntinc1New2/16 1:47pm
» are u feeling downthe_husbando11New2/10 4:44pm
» Popular opinions (except for the first reply, that’s an unpopular one)Hadger17New1/25 6:07pm
» Pearl QuotesMissBumbles17New12/14/2019 7:09am
» Wizard of OzDevin26007New12/8/2019 9:47pm
» root beerthe_husbando5New11/20/2019 5:27pm
» This post is on page 1Brielle20005New11/19/2019 8:28am
» It's nice to always have this website to come back toPaperLuigi31New11/8/2019 11:21pm
» Rosetta Stone . . . More like Hurricane TORTILLABumbletheHumble26New10/23/2019 12:31pm
» the man, he speakBelleCooper436New10/17/2019 4:18am
» 7th person to post here winsGavinGoneGlobal18New10/13/2019 10:50pm
» Does it matter...?Ard2New10/13/2019 4:24pm
» Fun Fact:zanemc10New9/22/2019 8:47pm
» ACC Chit-Chat BoardHadger3New9/22/2019 12:37am
» dear whoever found the jackpot...ohkai7New9/20/2019 11:50am
» Who lives in a pineapple under the see?Jazzyy38New9/18/2019 12:09pm
» creeperMayorMayOfToont5New9/2/2019 10:40am
» Color Wars - How was it? Congrats Red Team! Devin260014New8/15/2019 8:23pm
» maybe i knowArd3New8/9/2019 3:28pm
» @memestersoft2ne116New8/8/2019 11:18am
» What's your favorite?GavinGoneGlobal5New7/30/2019 11:55pm
» Chicken McNuggets taste like cardboard fight me about itpenguin12316New7/28/2019 10:53pm
» A thread just to say hiidontknow_29New7/28/2019 10:50pm
» nathanielthe_husbando3New7/28/2019 2:13pm
» weedsthe_husbando21New7/17/2019 2:40pm
» I used to think COPPA was a person...ImJustBecca5New7/16/2019 4:04pm
» wisdom teeththe_husbando6New7/15/2019 1:58pm
» Anyone else ever forget ACC changes color?GavinGoneGlobal5New7/14/2019 4:07pm
» Just joined! :D Harvestmoon6446New7/14/2019 4:04pm
» All of my flatmates have moved out :( ImJustBecca2New7/8/2019 3:14pm
» Draw your avatar in MS PaintGavinGoneGlobal3New6/19/2019 9:27am
» Think about it..sniperjoe32New6/4/2019 8:37pm
» my thoughts on keanu reeves Mettaton10New6/1/2019 4:42pm
» musicFlampifan9910New5/24/2019 6:25pm
» on a monday i am waitingArd5New5/3/2019 11:28am
» Feedback on AFD Scavenger Huntkikicat3New4/5/2019 10:00am
» hot new ideathe_husbando7New4/3/2019 3:12pm
» strawberry kissesArd-New4/2/2019 10:43pm
» shout outsoft2ne14New3/18/2019 12:07am
» HiHadger20New3/16/2019 9:29pm
» I'M BACK BOYS!!1!1shnuffeluv18New3/6/2019 3:25pm
» Weird stuff you can doStella_Io20New3/6/2019 12:15am
» weird spellings of namesthe_husbando2New3/5/2019 6:04pm
» Lottie's real nameArd2New3/4/2019 1:24pm
» One-letter storyHadger15New2/27/2019 8:52am
» H e l pcaptainofcool8New2/27/2019 3:25am
» Type nothingemma_lee24New2/26/2019 12:49pm
» These are things I wonder . . . . Do you dream about ACC?BumbletheHumble37New2/25/2019 8:04am
» golden retrieversemma_lee6New2/25/2019 7:49am
» what do u see the friend code request system asthe_husbando9New2/25/2019 7:40am
» Is right wrong?Alex_in_Cattown4New2/24/2019 6:45pm

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