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This board is intended for threads that don't promote discussion. If a thread is too “silly” for the other Off Topic boards, it should be posted here instead. Please refer to the board rules for clarification.  
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Chit-Chat Board RulesDa ninja piggy-New4/2/2016 12:05am
» Answer the question below you~!Superpie11New3/16 11:53pm
» Type nothingemma_lee11New3/16 9:40pm
» Type your username using only your fingers!GavinGoneGlobal8New3/13 5:47pm
» what is your favourite disney songkikicat23New3/13 1:35pm
» The MemeteryMizuGoesNyan6New3/13 1:15am
» OH HIYA KEEDSDaBraxMan10New3/12 2:50pm
» Late Night TalksFemmeFatale9138New3/11 12:57pm
» ....and they were roommatesxjthepokemonfan92New3/10 11:11pm
» Star x Manager 4 LifeBumbletheHumble2New3/9 4:02pm
» I had a nightmare that my NL game was corrupted Alouisea3New3/6 1:09am
» Write your username from the first letter of each wordBumbletheHumble6New3/3 3:08pm
» Millennial Regestration!BumbletheHumble3New3/1 8:30pm
» Spill the TeaBumbletheHumble12New3/1 8:26pm
» Type the entire lyrics of Havana using the part of your back which you can't reach (easily).OceanSunfish4New3/1 8:03pm
» green, Green, GREENNNNNBumbletheHumble7New3/1 3:22pm
» Type your real name using only your palm!DaBraxMan12New2/28 2:27pm
» Last Person to Post Here Winsshnuffeluv584New2/28 1:14pm
» f is for friends who do stuff together, u is forDaisydoo1410New2/28 12:11pm
» Dating as a Single Mom Simulator (DaaSMS) v2.0.1!BumbletheHumble39New2/26 11:45am
» Post here if your avatar has blue pods or a gorilla. kikicat25New2/26 1:24am
» ACC Conspiracy TheoriesJjjj276New2/25 11:12pm
» *slaps forehead*DaBraxMan11New2/25 10:25pm
» These are things I wonder . . . . Do you speak French?BumbletheHumble5New2/25 2:35pm
» These are things I wonder . . . . Do you dream about ACC?BumbletheHumble28New2/24 9:42pm
» Kanji ConfusionBumbletheHumble5New2/24 1:22am
» Type the Library of BabelBrielle20001New2/23 6:24pm
» Type the entire Library of CongressHadger3New2/23 12:53pm
» golden retrieversemma_lee4New2/23 12:19pm
» Who likes vaporwave?Creepiest12New2/22 11:38pm
» Type your entire profilekikicat12New2/22 7:43pm
» Rosetta Stone . . . More like Hurricane TORTILLABumbletheHumble12New2/22 3:06pm
» Type your user name!OceanSunfish4New2/21 5:06pm
» Don’t type your username!Hadger9New2/21 4:05pm
» Should I start playing again?KLWunicorns-New2/21 1:41pm
» this thread is 4 no reason, but its the chitchat board, sooooooo...BumbletheHumble12New2/19 5:27pm
» who likes sodaBrielle200012New2/17 6:00pm
» Type your username using only your telekinesis!Hadger10New2/16 11:08am
» yellow black yellow black yellow black yellow blackthe_husbando140New2/14 9:30pm
» Would you rather get 10 million dollars or eat your hands?Gunnaka6New2/14 3:20am
» one, two one, two, threenintendofan852New2/14 2:37am
» fitesoft2ne17New2/13 8:04pm
» who likes coffeeBumbletheHumble7New2/13 2:38pm
» i just want to make something clear right nowDaBraxMan21New2/13 1:22am
» whats ur favorite type o pie?BumbletheHumble5New2/12 3:57pm
» Post here if your avatar doesn't have blue pods or a gorilla.Brielle20003New2/12 3:45pm
» yourOceanSunfish15New2/12 1:32pm
» looking for buddies to chit chat withdoomfist10New2/11 10:57pm
» who likes teaEspio11114New2/11 10:45pm
» WHAT IS UP DOGSParavilintiniay17New2/11 12:51pm
» happy new year 1969nintendofan8515New2/10 11:43pm
» I will (still) draw anything for uyugdyhixruby49New2/10 2:25pm
» Order of the Twinkle ToesBumbletheHumble8New2/9 1:03pm
» waterloo, finally facing my waterloonintendofan8510New2/8 2:13pm
» Looking for some friends...xSuperMario64x8New2/1 5:58pm
» cooking by the book but i google translated it with every languagethepinkninja0423New1/29 10:29pm
» Marlon Brandonintendofan853New1/18 8:32pm
» do your sores ever get feet_AnimalCrossing2New1/17 11:01pm
» My animated short film for college: Just A DreamCarotheFox-New1/16 4:48pm
» when you try ur bestBumbletheHumble1New1/11 12:56am
» Where'd everybody go?Superpie7New1/10 10:52am
» lit famBumbletheHumble7New1/9 10:50pm
» let's start a thread using only memes.thepinkninja0469New1/8 1:10pm
» and they were roommatesohkai6New1/8 12:46pm
» 2016luxanna29New1/8 12:44pm
» Hif fuff hefifoo!PuzzlerBird27New12/29/2017 12:28am
» i have a feelingsoft2ne18New12/28/2017 1:55am
» Daily Diary: Nervousvanjewel093New12/22/2017 10:41pm
» hellthe_husbando18New12/22/2017 4:48am
» dont help mesoft2ne12New12/21/2017 1:38pm
» what is the ad on this page?limes200663New12/19/2017 4:44pm
» This is basically the Off-Topic for Off-Topicmeanderingduck622New12/17/2017 9:21pm
» the fall backgroundDaBraxMan3New12/7/2017 2:13pm
» ACC machine brokeFeline_Frenzy5New12/7/2017 1:30am
» mic mic bungeechezygame-New11/25/2017 12:26pm

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