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Talk about all your favorite non-Animal Crossing video games here. All Animal Crossing game topics should go on the appropriate Animal Crossing game board. In addition to non-Animal Crossing gaming, this board is to be used for discussions of all types of consoles, as well as gaming services, peripherals, and accessories.  
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» Your Favorite and Least Favorite Pokemon Regions?Starshone_Lugia32New9/16/2015 6:08am
» Any Dungeons & Dragons players here? (Active/Inactive)bunnynoah31New9/7/2021 3:11pm
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» Xenoblade Chronicles DiscussionAnimalHaven27New10/15/2016 11:06am
» Ever Played A Game "Wrong?"xsmilez26New5/23 2:08pm
» Last game you soldSPBOnion26New5/10/2021 2:45pm
» If you had to choose...Vaporeon26New8/13/2015 6:20pm
» Sports Video GamesSeaLion25New4/17/2021 10:04pm
» What do you guys think of The second evolutions for the Alola starterswheatly4ever25New10/4/2016 9:46pm
» Runescapetatilina825New8/15/2015 6:32pm
» Satoru Iwata has passed awayShadowXUndone25New7/22/2015 9:53am
» Tomodachi LifeGamerQueen9524New4/17/2021 10:01pm

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