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Talk about all your favorite non-Animal Crossing video games here. All Animal Crossing game topics should go on the appropriate Animal Crossing game board. In addition to non-Animal Crossing gaming, this board is to be used for discussions of all types of consoles, as well as gaming services, peripherals, and accessories.  
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PokémonAmrasje561New9/21 3:01am
Super Smash Bros.Nintendude64585New10/19/2021 10:25am
Nintendo Switch [2]Riesz440New9/23 1:26am
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» Skyrimaccfluvr1658New10/22/2020 6:28pm
» Assassin's Creed Series Discussion - [1.5]accfluvr16518New10/20/2018 6:46pm
» Delicious Emily gamesaccfluvr165-New8/19/2017 11:31pm
» Fallout 4accfluvr16511New11/12/2016 3:17pm
» What games are you mostly anticipating from this E3 2016?accfluvr16510New6/18/2016 3:07pm
» Life is Strange - FINAL EPISODE - Discussionaccfluvr16549New1/24/2016 8:48pm
» What was your last achievement/trophy? (Xbox/Steam/PlayStation)accfluvr16515New1/21/2016 2:49pm
» Xenoblade Chronicles X Discussionaccfluvr16514New1/7/2016 12:36am
» Overrated/Overhyped Gamesaccfluvr165138New12/12/2015 6:47pm
» Mario Tennis Ultra Smashaccfluvr1653New12/8/2015 4:27pm
» Any must-have games on the Wii U eShop? (Virtual Console or Indies)accfluvr1659New9/9/2015 5:39pm
» Runbowaccfluvr1651New9/7/2015 12:29pm
» Any recommended Wii U VC games from F-Zero, Star Fox, Fire Emblem, and Metroidaccfluvr1657New8/25/2015 11:09pm
» What are your E3 Predictions this year?accfluvr16514New5/23/2015 10:40am
» Rayman Legends, anyone?ACGC1442New10/14/2018 7:50pm
» Is Disney Magical World 2 worth getting?ACguy13New11/25/2016 3:38am
» Splatoon Discussion - Splatoon 3 - Splatfest 9/23-9/25! Allie_435841New9/23 11:49pm
» Toontown Rewritten - Deer and Croc toons! Allie_43516New3/13/2018 1:03am
» Need Ekans and Vulpix (Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee)amhl4evr1New12/3/2018 2:07am
» Sonic The HedgehogAmrasje53New8/22/2020 10:03pm
» Club Penguin [2]Amrasje44New3/2/2020 3:23pm
» Legend Of Zelda - Games Discussion ThreadAmrasje578New7/29/2018 9:08pm
» Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2amylase3New1/22/2018 11:36pm
» I bought a Wii U!! amylase8New5/23/2016 11:23pm
» Anyone have a female pachirisu with volt absorb?AngelIsabelle111New3/23/2017 11:29am
» Looking for Pokemon with Suction cups ability!angelkitty1122-New7/16/2015 12:35pm
» Xenoblade Chronicles DiscussionAnimalHaven27New10/15/2016 11:06am
» TerrariaAnimalHaven148New8/19/2015 9:11pm
» The Sims 3animaljunky4New11/23/2015 3:04pm
» Harvest Moon questionanimes7New7/14/2016 12:56am
» wii u/3ds downloadable games question?animes3New5/27/2015 4:57pm
» WarioWare: Get It Together!Ard9New10/18/2021 10:17am
» Game Builder Garage threadArd-New6/14/2021 12:19pm
» Fall Guys: Ultimate KnockoutArd3New4/23/2021 9:11pm
» Balan Wonderworld (2021) from Square EnixArd10New4/17/2021 10:00pm
» Kirby Fighters 2!Ard2New10/2/2020 2:11pm
» R.I.P. E3 2020 Ard11New6/1/2020 4:34am
» Toontown fans?Arminchild4New12/2/2015 10:43pm
» stardew valley?arturo_s712New10/22/2020 2:15pm
» Any LoL players?audreyyyyyy23New1/7/2017 4:05pm
» Story of Seasons Trio of Towns FAQ, Trading, WCIF, LF, Q&A, & FriendsAWESOMEGAMER2New4/28/2018 5:58pm
» Style Savvy Fashion ForwardAWESOMEGAMER-New11/6/2017 10:38pm
» The Sims [8.5?]banannie2002250New10/31/2018 4:43pm
» Cookie Clickerbanannie20026New6/5/2015 11:00pm
» H1Z1 Gamers?bandit64-New4/5/2016 8:21pm
» The Official Earthbound/Mother Threadbandit645New7/9/2015 12:56am
» Luigi's Mansion 3 *Rumor!*behappynsmile_15New4/29/2016 1:32am
» Hello...BIGBADDAD9New10/27/2017 8:34am
» Add me on Miitomo??Bluseem-New1/10/2017 1:30am
» Nintendo / Uniqlo CollectionBoBobb2New6/7/2017 12:04pm
» Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DXbobthemi-New4/15/2021 3:58pm
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» Switch: Buy it just for AC?brightcrow16New7/17/2019 11:33pm
» Nintendo Badge ArcadeBrownjoe1New3/23/2017 8:20pm
» What other games do you love as much as AC?Brummiedollie10New10/16/2020 12:59pm
» Pokemon sword or shield? Brummiedollie1New5/24/2020 5:38pm
» Game Music ThreadBumptiousEAGLE5New6/8/2016 3:12am
» Nintendo has released Swapdoodle!Bunnie075New11/20/2016 3:35pm
» anyone know where I can find a runny egg recipes list online?Bunnie07-New7/27/2015 11:17am
» Need an opinion on 3 harvest moon gamesBunnie074New7/9/2015 12:35pm
» Any Dungeons & Dragons players here? (Active/Inactive)bunnynoah31New9/7/2021 3:11pm
» Anybody play on the original 3DS???C0134New6/24/2016 11:03pm
» How much could I sell my DSI XL for?C017New7/22/2015 1:04pm
» Toontown Rewrittencallistodreams4New3/1/2020 10:59pm

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