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Use this board to trade and occasionally give away Animal Crossing e-Reader and amiibo cards. Please read the card trading rules sticky before posting a thread. If you wish to run a company to regularly give away cards, then please post a thread on the Giveaways board.  
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Trading GuideAmrasje-New9/28/2015 7:40pm
» Trading Amiibo cards (US)_AnimalCrossing7New12/18/2015 8:04am
» 15sniper : Series 2 Trading : Updated, Please help me finish series 2!15sniper11New1/8/2017 6:54pm
» 15sniper : Thank you to all traders! I completed my set, See you for Series 2!15sniper12New10/12/2015 12:53am
» NA Amiibo cards for trade!ActualDeer20New4/14/2020 3:35pm
Help with Trading on ACCACWWFreakazoid25New5/14/2020 8:22am
» (EU/UK) SERIES 1 TRADING!aikopotz24New1/7/2021 5:01am
» LF: June Amiibo 03ajmong-New3/5/2021 2:23am
» [NA] Looking to complete series 2, 3, and 4ajmong5New8/25/2017 3:08am
» Trade List - Updated 11/7 (US/Canada Only)ajmong15New11/13/2015 1:56pm
» UK Series 1 trades!AlexAnimal-New4/6/2020 6:09am
» Just starting out! Trading my doubles! AlexAnimal4New4/5/2017 5:29pm
» UK trades? One special card!AlexAnimal-New12/29/2015 5:23am
» LF: WA and EU Sanrio FT: Series 1, 2, 3, 4, + WA (WILL TRADE GLOBALLY FOR WANTS)AlexCrossing224New11/18/2020 10:43am
» LF: Series 4, WA, Sanrio FT: Series 1-4 + WA WILL TRADE MULTIPLE CARDS FOR WA AND SANRIO!AlexCrossing22-New3/16/2019 4:15pm
» LF Diana and Molly Aliceisflying1New10/4/2017 2:46am
» Looking to Buy 334 Erik and 333 Lolly Aliceisflying2New9/24/2017 3:32pm
» UK- Series 1 trading and buying Aliceisflying3New9/14/2017 3:22pm
» Offering Series 1-4... LF Welcome Amiibo (NA only please)AmiableFlossing4New12/12/2016 6:56pm
» Trading Series 5! amylase12New7/7/2022 3:46am
» Looking to trade to complete Series 1 and 2 (USA/NA only!)andreafm8New12/12/2016 12:13am
» GLOBAL: LF Yuka (71) and Rosie (386)andrius4581-New2/20/2020 4:39pm
» [NA] ANIMAL_HUNTER'S Trading Post. Let's trade for WA cardsanimal_hunter-New3/10/2017 8:45pm
» [NA] NEED SABLE 004! Tell me who you are looking for?animal_hunter-New12/9/2015 5:06pm
» Trading Series 1 Amiibo Cards [NA only]AnimalEmily1122-New3/31/2019 12:31pm
» Trading Series 1AnimalEmily1122-New2/14/2016 2:44pm
» Series 1-4 cards for tradeannabrmnghm3New6/26/2017 4:30pm
» Japanese cards for trade from UKannabrmnghm-New3/14/2017 10:12am
» Looking for a certain card: 300, CrissyAri755-New11/19/2016 9:58pm
» Looking to trade a few cards Series 1Arwen3New2/18/2016 9:24am
» Sharing Data: amiibo Series 4 Retail Box Openingasorrypartridge-New3/18/2020 1:55pm
» Sharing Data: amiibo Series 2 Retail Box Openingasorrypartridge-New3/17/2020 10:31pm
» Sharing Data: amiibo Series 3 Retail Box Openingasorrypartridge2New3/15/2020 1:50am
» Wake Up e-Reader Owners! I need your extra K.K. Slider!asorrypartridge8New3/14/2020 1:18pm
» Sharing Data: amiibo Series 1 Retail Box Openingasorrypartridge2New2/26/2020 5:06pm
» [US} Nine cards to go, lots of extras, looking for tradesATimson17New12/20/2015 11:49am
» Finishing Series 1awesomo14New10/24/2015 2:15pm
» LF: Cheri Amiibo Card!!Batmantistic-New12/26/2016 9:15pm
» LF Sally amiibo card, trading series 2 and wolf link RVBernalum-New11/11/2016 8:29pm
» Have a bunch of e-Reader cards, need a bunch of e-Reader cardsBlackCrow4New10/27/2018 10:14pm
» I'll trade jingle for just about any cardbluberri5New1/28/2019 9:11am
» Trading amiibo cards! [US only]Bluebellie-New3/8/2019 9:26am
» LF Favorite cardsBlueLector2New2/26/2020 10:21pm
» Trading Series 1-4 and Welcome Amiibobrelki8New6/6/2017 3:56am
» LF: my dreamies! (Series 2, 3 & 4) FT: Series 1 and 2Brianstorm-New12/12/2017 2:03pm
» LF (229) Cousteau, FT (267) Pippy, (269) Bree, some other Series 1 and 2 cardsbrittanydill-New4/26/2016 2:49pm
» [LF] Many [FT] Goldie, Lobo, Gala, and Others!Brownjoe5New11/26/2017 5:07pm
» [W] CP Isabelle promo card [H] Sanrio, Lolly, Marshal, Julian, and morebryanna304-New11/20/2017 6:36pm
» LF e-reader cards H amiibo cardsbryanna3041New6/28/2017 7:29pm
» Looking for Welcome Amiibo Cards or series 1-4BunnehPrincess-New10/6/2018 1:44am
» Trading All Amiibo Card Series For Anything, Amiibo and e-reader! (US) Cab3611New4/7/2020 8:32pm
» Done - Thank you allCarterV10New10/29/2015 12:03pm
» Have and Want Series 1 2 3 4 Cardscasinodave5New12/16/2016 10:54pm
» Looking for 091 Muffy! catgrrl-New4/10/2020 5:14am
» Amiibo Cards for TradeCaykoMarie1New4/19/2020 11:53pm
» Completing Series 3 and starting on 4! (Back after unexpected hiatus)Charlene7725New4/5/2017 5:34pm
» For Trade! Completing Series 2 -UPDATE on Pg 2 - Some Series 1 AvailableCharlene7726New3/21/2016 5:20pm
» Just need (45) Octavian to complete! Many cards to offerCharlene773New1/3/2016 10:15am
» Looking to Trade Cards - US only please! [Currently 90/100] UPDATEDCharlene7716New12/11/2015 2:41pm
» Series 2 tradeCharmedPhoebe1New1/29/2016 11:37pm
» Does anyone have any Sanrio cards? Chibi_Midna1New4/24/2018 10:18pm
» [US] LF Pietro Have Skye, Chrissy, Mira, Hazelcrackbabyjr1New4/20/2020 12:22am
» [USA] [H] Somes Series 4 and WA [W] 299,300, 355 and more. crackbabyjr1New1/8/2017 2:44am
» Trading various S1-3 card worldwideCrankyLion-New12/4/2020 11:58am
» Kiki and lala itemsDaniellaACNL1New7/2/2017 6:55pm
» I just need a few more for series 1! I have a lot to offer!danimariexox4New1/9/2016 6:55am
» Trading normal and Welcome Amiibo cards!Danni10110New8/28/2017 4:06pm
» [US] Series 2,3,4 and Welcome Amiibo Card Tradesdarthnoir3New5/19/2020 9:49pm
» Looking to finish my Original E-reader Cards from 2003dasmoon1New3/21/2022 9:30pm
» Amiibo Cards Available to TradeDittoExodia-New5/4/2020 3:43pm
» eReader Card Trading [H] P03 Boy(2)*3 M02 K.K. Faire*3 003 Porter and More!!dls0686New2/22/2017 6:41pm
» [USA] Amiibo Card Trading [H] 002 Tom Nook*2 003 DJ KK & More! [W] 001 Isabelle 016 Lyle & Moredls0683New1/11/2016 1:11am
» Trading Amiibo Cards!DonutDevil4New3/1/2020 2:56am
» [US] LF: Freya H: Series 3 cardsdragonlynx3New5/30/2017 8:57am
» Trading series 5 in TXEdeville6New12/2/2021 12:51pm

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