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Use this board to trade and occasionally give away Animal Crossing e-Reader and amiibo cards. Please read the card trading rules sticky before posting a thread. If you wish to run a company to regularly give away cards, then please post a thread on the Giveaways board.  
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Trading GuideAmrasje-New9/28/2015 7:40pm
Help with Trading on ACCACWWFreakazoid25New5/14/2020 8:22am
» (EU/UK) SERIES 1 TRADING!aikopotz24New1/7/2021 5:01am
» (NA) Looking to trade WW series 1-5 + WA **especially LF 061 Tutu**Tamagotchi89510New11/21/2021 12:38pm
» (UK) anyone looking for Bob?izzygrace2New12/31/2016 10:29am
» (UK) trading sanrio cards (UK and NA)emmabaker874New3/19/2018 4:43pm
» (US) Have 285 Merengue, LF 334 ErikJohann19-New5/26/2020 4:11pm
» (US) Have: Alice and Timbrastephxduloc2New6/15/2020 4:37pm
» (US) Here is what I got. Let's Trade.peeples18New12/18/2015 8:52pm
» *Updated list* Looking to fill in my Amiibo card collection. My duplicates for trade!Mirastar2New4/6/2022 7:52pm
» [Global] LF: Sylvana 10 and other WA; FT: WA and few S1-4 Scene_ACNL-New8/12/2017 12:14am
» [H] Bob [W] Julian or Luck or?Houndoomy-New3/5/2020 6:43pm
» [H] KIKI AND S1-S4 [W] WA CARDSria_tan6New11/11/2017 10:05am
» [H]Francine [W] ChrissyNekoNii-New5/6/2020 3:49pm
» [Hong Kong/Asia Trade] Series 1-4 amiibo cardsyunoli-New2/16/2020 3:53am
» [LF] 264 marshal [H] 089 Diana, 095 peanut, 096 Cole + more hubernoe-New10/3/2017 11:05pm
» [LF] any of the gators [FT] Luna rare cardsp00ktacled-New3/15/2020 6:37am
» [LF] Kiki CardMurkyMuse-New8/30/2017 5:20pm
» [LF] Lolly cardPokemonLuvah7New7/20/2017 5:49pm
» [LF] Many [FT] Goldie, Lobo, Gala, and Others!Brownjoe5New11/26/2017 5:07pm
» [LF] Series 1 & 170 Ruby [FT] WA and Series 1-4 Duplicates (updated list)nixied16New11/9/2017 6:43pm
» [LF] Series 1 & 2 Cards [H]: Series 1, 2, & 3ScooterPeppe13New12/31/2016 2:02pm
» [LF] WA #10 SylvanaPokemonLuvah3New11/10/2021 6:11pm
» [LF] WA 32 Admiral and WA 43 Sprocket [H] WA cards, S1-4 to trade!!lizzyd8New9/20/2017 3:06pm
» [NA] [H] AC Cards Series 4 [W] AC Cards Series 4, WA Offer 4 cards or more for High Priority gaubong3New8/17/2017 4:07pm
» [NA] [H] MANY series 1,2,3 cards + Some WA [W] WAVizex3New9/18/2017 5:40pm
» [NA] [H] Series 5 [W] Series 5happywatermelon1New11/5/2021 1:35pm
» [NA] ANIMAL_HUNTER'S Trading Post. Let's trade for WA cardsanimal_hunter-New3/10/2017 8:45pm
» [NA] Looking to complete series 2, 3, and 4ajmong5New8/25/2017 3:08am
» [NA] Looking to Trade. S3 for S3, S2 or S1. North America Only.temperedreason6New12/31/2016 1:45pm
» [NA] NEED SABLE 004! Tell me who you are looking for?animal_hunter-New12/9/2015 5:06pm
» [NA] Trading Series 1-4 For Mainly Series 1-2 Prisma2New8/25/2017 6:38pm
» [NA] Trading Series 1-4 Update at bottom p2Scarlotte49New8/22/2017 8:15pm
» [NA] Trading: S1 | S2 | S3 CLOSEDMopyDream447New3/29/2016 1:57am
» [UK/EU Only] Welcome Amiibo Cards for Trade - * Updated 01/10 - Julia & Cashmere Available! *LauraValentine17New1/10/2017 2:36pm
» [UK] [H] Series 3 cards and others (Some WA) [W] Tangy, Wolfgang, Skye, Flora, Maple & WA cardsKratos1-New4/24/2020 9:54am
» [UK] Amiibo card trade (87/100)Rexy4New4/23/2017 6:32pm
» [UK] Have Marshall, want JulianKratos1-New4/20/2020 9:27am
» [UK] LF Kabuki and Eugene to finish Series 1!Rexy-New11/19/2015 7:02pm
» [UK] LF: Hornsby (Welcome Amiibo) FT: Stella AND Rex (Welcome Amiibo)Kjetta-New3/22/2020 5:02pm
» [UK] LF: Pig Amiibos (List Inside), FT: Listed InsideKjetta7New6/22/2020 3:38pm
» [UK] Looking for Aurora 357! Lots to trade.jamskin09-New12/11/2016 9:28am
» [UK] Looking or the rest of season 1 {Half way}lowennaw3New6/23/2017 11:30pm
» [UK] Nicole's trading (series 1)puppychups24New1/1/2017 7:30pm
» [UK] Want: Series 2-3, any e-Reader cards. Have: Series 1-4PuzzlerBird-New7/29/2018 2:50pm
» [US only please] Trading 1,2 & 3 LF series 3 *updated* 5/4LadyLarp9New5/30/2016 1:04am
» [US] I only need 17 more cards. I have a huge stack to trade for them.nat_danger9New1/12/2017 11:29pm
» [US] LF Pietro Have Skye, Chrissy, Mira, Hazelcrackbabyjr1New4/20/2020 12:22am
» [US] LF: Freya H: Series 3 cardsdragonlynx3New5/30/2017 8:57am
» [US] Series 2,3,4 and Welcome Amiibo Card Tradesdarthnoir3New5/19/2020 9:49pm
» [US] Series 5reina_stephy-New11/22/2021 12:19pm
» [US] Trading Series 1-4 for Series 2Prisma-New9/5/2017 6:23pm
» [US][H] Series 3 and 4 delicates || [W] missing series 1-4 and WA cardsMarles125-New3/16/2020 1:39pm
» [US]Trading series 1 Cardskdiamo20-New6/22/2020 3:42pm
» [US} Nine cards to go, lots of extras, looking for tradesATimson17New12/20/2015 11:49am
» [USA-TN] [H] Lyle, Redd, and many others [W] Isabelle, Digby, Portia, and Pancettihorrorjunkie-New1/3/2016 8:13pm
» [USA] [H] Amiibo Cards S1-4 and WA [W] Ketchup, Marshal, and morelobster_sweater-New5/15/2020 4:15pm
» [USA] [H] Animal Crossing Cards Series 1-4 | [W] Animal Crossing Cards Series 1-4sleepymicah-New5/12/2020 5:35pm
» [USA] [H] NA S1-3 & WA cards [W] NA WA cardshappywatermelon-New11/18/2020 3:10am
» [USA] [H] Somes Series 4 and WA [W] 299,300, 355 and more. crackbabyjr1New1/8/2017 2:44am
» [USA] [H] WA 30, 34, 35, 38 [W] Various Series 1-3Katazuki2New8/29/2017 10:49am
» [USA] [H] Welcome Amiibo [W] Various Series 1-3 & Sanrio Sticker SealsKatazuki1New1/22/2017 9:23pm
» [USA] [LF] Click Link [H] Series 1-4, Welcome Amiiboemmileeanne3New12/30/2016 8:52am
» [USA] Amiibo Card Trading [H] 002 Tom Nook*2 003 DJ KK & More! [W] 001 Isabelle 016 Lyle & Moredls0683New1/11/2016 1:11am
» [USA] Looking to Trade Series 3, But I Have Series 1 & 2Nebula4277New3/26/2016 7:45pm
» [W] CP Isabelle promo card [H] Sanrio, Lolly, Marshal, Julian, and morebryanna304-New11/20/2017 6:36pm
» 15sniper : Series 2 Trading : Updated, Please help me finish series 2!15sniper11New1/8/2017 6:54pm
» 15sniper : Thank you to all traders! I completed my set, See you for Series 2!15sniper12New10/12/2015 12:53am
» 180 - Pecan LAST CARD! Freow2New1/12/2017 10:39pm
» 19 left to go. Help appreciated. LatinoHawk13New12/29/2015 9:30pm
» 25 Cards to GoPaws72975New3/9/2020 4:01am
» 29 missing!forgottenpixel6New1/19/2016 9:08pm
» 6 cards to go ... will trade or buy for the rest.rosemj2New4/27/2020 1:58pm
» AC Amiibo Card Trade!pekopekokuma7New1/8/2017 1:06pm
» AC amiibo series 1 TradeRedRibbon3New1/8/2017 3:36am

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