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Use this board to trade and occasionally give away Animal Crossing e-Reader and amiibo cards. Please read the card trading rules sticky before posting a thread. If you wish to run a company to regularly give away cards, then please post a thread on the Giveaways board.  
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Trading GuideAmrasje-New9/28/2015 7:40pm
Help with Trading on ACCACWWFreakazoid25New5/14/2020 8:22am
» Trading Series 5! amylase12New7/7/2022 3:46am
» EU Trading All SeriesNicksFixed2New7/5/2022 11:52am
» *Updated list* Looking to fill in my Amiibo card collection. My duplicates for trade!Mirastar2New4/6/2022 7:52pm
» Looking for e-reader cards willing to trade amiibo/e-reader cards or buy!LixRei-New3/21/2022 10:08pm
» e-Reader Cards for traderosemj7New3/21/2022 9:40pm
» Looking to finish my Original E-reader Cards from 2003dasmoon1New3/21/2022 9:30pm
» Looking for Mario Bros. E-Reader card. Will trade E-Reader/Amiibo CardsRigzagoon1New3/21/2022 9:27pm
» Series 5 Cars Need/Havelilbpaw-New12/2/2021 1:04pm
» NA Trading LF: Series 5 Amiibos FT: Series 1-5 Amiibos Scarlotte1New12/2/2021 1:02pm
» Trading series 5 in TXEdeville6New12/2/2021 12:51pm
» [US] Series 5reina_stephy-New11/22/2021 12:19pm
» (NA) Looking to trade WW series 1-5 + WA **especially LF 061 Tutu**Tamagotchi89510New11/21/2021 12:38pm
» Looking for Series 5, trading 1-5 and WA (NA)ShyGuy169New11/10/2021 10:45pm
» [LF] WA #10 SylvanaPokemonLuvah3New11/10/2021 6:11pm
» Looking to Trade NA AmiiboQuatra-New11/9/2021 8:30am
» H: Series 1-4 W: Series 1-5; Any language/regionScooterPeppe1New11/5/2021 8:47pm
» Got New Amiibo!! (LF:Series 2,3, and 4)Maci_Mae1New11/5/2021 7:25pm
» [NA] [H] Series 5 [W] Series 5happywatermelon1New11/5/2021 1:35pm
» Looking for some Series 2 and 3 Cards, have Series 2 and 3 for tradeModernMind3New9/30/2021 11:33pm
» LF: June Amiibo 03ajmong-New3/5/2021 2:23am
» Amiibo card trading UKQueenChoccy-New2/6/2021 8:33am
» UK only- Harry, Ozzie and Tank for trade LeafyAlice-New1/14/2021 5:56am
» (EU/UK) SERIES 1 TRADING!aikopotz24New1/7/2021 5:01am
» Amiibo Cards for Trade!Mika1560-New12/13/2020 1:34pm
» Trading various S1-3 card worldwideCrankyLion-New12/4/2020 11:58am
» Amiibo Cards for Trade!MayorMayOfToont2New11/28/2020 9:15am
» LF: WA and EU Sanrio FT: Series 1, 2, 3, 4, + WA (WILL TRADE GLOBALLY FOR WANTS)AlexCrossing224New11/18/2020 10:43am
» [USA] [H] NA S1-3 & WA cards [W] NA WA cardshappywatermelon-New11/18/2020 3:10am
» Trading (US)stephxduloc-New11/13/2020 9:02pm
» Amiibo Card Dupes Tradingemilzee1New11/13/2020 2:01pm
» Selling/trading my NA S1-4 doubles! ISO 285 Merengue & 299 Francinehappywatermelon10New9/3/2020 11:51pm
» Looking to trade amiibo cardsTaffys11New9/3/2020 11:26pm
» LF Sable and some rabbitsittybittybun4New8/23/2020 4:31pm
» [US]Trading series 1 Cardskdiamo20-New6/22/2020 3:42pm
» [UK] LF: Pig Amiibos (List Inside), FT: Listed InsideKjetta7New6/22/2020 3:38pm
» (US) Have: Alice and Timbrastephxduloc2New6/15/2020 4:37pm
» (US) Have 285 Merengue, LF 334 ErikJohann19-New5/26/2020 4:11pm
» [US] Series 2,3,4 and Welcome Amiibo Card Tradesdarthnoir3New5/19/2020 9:49pm
» [USA] [H] Amiibo Cards S1-4 and WA [W] Ketchup, Marshal, and morelobster_sweater-New5/15/2020 4:15pm
» [USA] [H] Animal Crossing Cards Series 1-4 | [W] Animal Crossing Cards Series 1-4sleepymicah-New5/12/2020 5:35pm
» LF series 3's and others. US TRADES ONLYsleepymicah7New5/8/2020 6:27pm
» Need one e-reader card to finsh my collection. 226 OxfordKrypto3New5/8/2020 4:50pm
» [H]Francine [W] ChrissyNekoNii-New5/6/2020 3:49pm
» Looking to Build my Collection! (USA, will trade anywhere!)mechataylor-New5/5/2020 7:53pm
» Series 2,3,&4 Cards to tradetaeyeon92New5/5/2020 12:34pm
» Amiibo Cards Available to TradeDittoExodia-New5/4/2020 3:43pm
» Looking to trade for my dreamies amiibo cardsIcyAwesomeKing-New4/29/2020 3:47pm
» Need Blanca and Bianca! Will trade or buy.rosemj2New4/27/2020 10:44pm
» 6 cards to go ... will trade or buy for the rest.rosemj2New4/27/2020 1:58pm
» [UK] [H] Series 3 cards and others (Some WA) [W] Tangy, Wolfgang, Skye, Flora, Maple & WA cardsKratos1-New4/24/2020 9:54am
» Looking to trade Series 1-3 [NA][US Trades]Mirelmture3New4/23/2020 4:29pm
» LF Lucky Amiibo cardJesus_oprah-New4/22/2020 1:41am
» Trading/selling amiibo cards! Jesus_oprah16New4/20/2020 6:04pm
» [UK] Have Marshall, want JulianKratos1-New4/20/2020 9:27am
» Lily + Dotty Amiibo Wanted. Have Skye + othersJOHANNNX1New4/20/2020 12:27am
» [US] LF Pietro Have Skye, Chrissy, Mira, Hazelcrackbabyjr1New4/20/2020 12:22am
» Amiibo Cards for TradeCaykoMarie1New4/19/2020 11:53pm
» Looking for mollyR3344-New4/15/2020 7:35pm
» NA Amiibo cards for trade!ActualDeer20New4/14/2020 3:35pm
» Looking for trades on EREADER cards. No Amiibo onesTallis1New4/14/2020 3:26pm
» NA amiibo card trade!gigi13-New4/14/2020 2:11pm
» Looking for 091 Muffy! catgrrl-New4/10/2020 5:14am
» tradinf cards amiibo animal crossingrenarde-New4/9/2020 4:36am
» Trading All Amiibo Card Series For Anything, Amiibo and e-reader! (US) Cab3611New4/7/2020 8:32pm
» UK Series 1 trades!AlexAnimal-New4/6/2020 6:09am
» Amiibo Cards Trading (UK only)mtcrossing-New3/29/2020 12:51pm
» Amiibo cards (US preferred)kaos87-New3/26/2020 7:54pm
» [UK] LF: Hornsby (Welcome Amiibo) FT: Stella AND Rex (Welcome Amiibo)Kjetta-New3/22/2020 5:02pm
» Looking to trade, UK only pleaseQueenChoccy6New3/21/2020 11:41am
» Looking for MELBA! ;-; <3 And trading other cards as well!lazyislander1New3/18/2020 9:16pm
» Trading Poppy 052eritated-New3/18/2020 9:01pm
» Sharing Data: amiibo Series 4 Retail Box Openingasorrypartridge-New3/18/2020 1:55pm
» Sharing Data: amiibo Series 2 Retail Box Openingasorrypartridge-New3/17/2020 10:31pm

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