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Happy Home Designer DLCAmrasje41New2/29/2020 11:57am
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» IT'S BACK!! THEY DID IT!!!Ard2New10/15/2021 8:44pm
» What?abbyv64363New9/28/2021 10:15am
» House layoutslizzielizard12New8/5/2021 12:45pm
» 3ds, amiibo shelf, Wii U furniture etc. izzykur8New8/4/2021 10:18pm
» The hardest part/house you've done!doggirl33120New10/8/2020 7:02pm
» Should I buy?abbyv64369New10/8/2020 3:24pm
» LottieJackieDordt21New10/4/2020 4:54pm
» How do I reset my placemeatwad432New7/3/2020 10:29pm
» Favorite NPC to design for?MoonlitShadow175New4/22/2020 7:47pm
» Crown/Royal crown questionstrawberryraven-New4/14/2020 4:52pm
» make a horror story based off an event that happened in your save!Turtledog64-New10/16/2019 1:28am
» Post your room designs here!Ard5New9/25/2019 3:09pm
» Did not fulfil its potential New_Horizon943New9/17/2019 9:57am
» Three Room Plan?TheSimpleEevee1New8/21/2019 8:37pm
» I still love this anyone else?Tammyads6New7/30/2019 3:29pm
» Are you still playing HHD?stephxduloc9New7/17/2019 1:29am
» Happy... ROOM Designer!?!?!?Ard-New6/23/2019 8:50pm
» Is this game worth buying? ImJustBecca1New6/19/2019 7:45pm
» Do Not Scan RV CardsLuna5139New6/11/2019 1:14pm
» Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer Kit failedmush2New4/18/2019 9:17am
» Can anyone here give me the Monitor Tower?Ard-New3/3/2019 10:38am
» Obtaining the contest and DLC furniture... help?Ard1New1/28/2019 12:23am
» Help with amiibo cardsTheWhiteKnight3New11/17/2018 11:34pm
» Whats your fav public building to design?MoonlitShadow171New11/17/2018 10:57pm
» Happy Home Network not working properly?MagicStatic1New6/7/2018 5:42pm
» How do I reset my placemeatwad43-New5/19/2018 12:42pm
» Wait a minute...CuddlesWorth3New5/15/2018 6:46am
» Is it only me????latteangel6New5/13/2018 3:23pm
» Is this true?bingbing3287New12/9/2017 10:28pm
» Moving photos off the SD card...Ard2New9/11/2017 4:08pm
» AC:HDD glitched AC:NL?pinktipi2New9/6/2017 12:24pm
» HHD Music...skee3New8/27/2017 7:20am
» i got rid of my AC:HHDMayorRemilia3New8/27/2017 7:17am
» I have some questions about HHDArd3New8/9/2017 8:24pm
» Share your HHD design codes!3dsacnl-New7/16/2017 11:05am
» Amiibo/Wii U/3DS shelves ? How do I get them?izzykur1New6/17/2017 6:59pm
» Thoughts on the game?stephxduloc19New2/12/2017 5:48pm
» Concert Hall Buzzing?theoneyoucallwe-New2/6/2017 1:26am
» Tried to scan sanrio cards....MayorMegan1New2/3/2017 9:34pm
» How often can you get "Special Design Requests"?Kacinda2New1/15/2017 9:45pm
» Is anyone playing HHD without buying Amiibo Cards?CBAC17New1/13/2017 5:51pm
» Holiday itemsbingbing328-New12/18/2016 11:03pm
» Share Your Most Recent WorksSyberia138New12/9/2016 12:07am
» Will the new amiibo cards be compatible with HHD/Amiibo Festival?huojiapi4New12/6/2016 3:04pm
» Did Emerald return in HHD?lilhunny2New11/7/2016 4:57am
» Anyone has a town named AAAAA in NL? (Isabelle mentioned running it for two years)Mimii12904New10/11/2016 4:47pm
» So impressed with ACHHDJimmy36512New10/1/2016 3:26pm
» Old/Forgotten Villagers to return back in HHD! kikicat26New9/16/2016 5:50pm
» Carrie Amiibo Card?Jimmy365-New8/15/2016 2:40pm
» Prima Guidetwilightgamer2New6/18/2016 10:16pm
» Amiibo Card Packs?behappynsmile_13New5/25/2016 8:38am
» Schoolstephxduloc6New5/12/2016 3:16pm
» HHD: Do you feel like an interior designer?RattDougmann2New5/7/2016 9:58am
» New to HHDlishygoo1New5/1/2016 7:51pm
» Bus Stop and Modern Street Lamp?blueeyesangel1New4/29/2016 1:36pm
» Amiibo figures and HHDjcmbangor2New3/23/2016 11:57am
» Cream sofaStardancer438822New3/18/2016 9:06pm
» Challenge ratingLalunoux1New3/8/2016 7:01pm
» ACHHD DLC Villagers in NL??Jimmy3651New3/3/2016 6:51pm
» My personal Opinion of Happy Home DesignerComradeSch12New2/26/2016 12:30pm
» How unlock the option to design Tom Nook's home?Abfinnie171New2/20/2016 2:33pm
» Yet Another Amiibo QuestionJackieDordt8New2/16/2016 10:33am
» Furniture Questiontorointhetardis2New2/14/2016 8:01pm
» HH Showcase - Help Please!Aries4161New2/8/2016 10:51am
» Favorite house/theme you've designed so far?kikicat3New2/3/2016 1:00am
» Did I do something wrong at the HHD office?Ocasiootoko5New1/29/2016 7:11pm
» Opinions of the lack of the daylight cycleacfan200210New1/14/2016 12:29am
» Can you edit the hospital and school etc after you've created them?FlyingSponge3New1/3/2016 7:50pm
» Character 'envy'8bitprince2New1/2/2016 2:50am
» What villager ask for holiday houses?doggirl3313New12/5/2015 11:21am
» Spotpass Louie?bingbing32859New12/2/2015 8:39pm

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