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Flag this board to follow updates on new features that we are discussing or working on. Members are encouraged to participate in these discussions, though only staff can directly create threads on this board. Note that some member-created threads may have been migrated from the Site Suggestions or Site Support forums.  
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 SFQ Board - Information and Guidelinesiolite-New6/14/2015 2:28pm
 SFQ Board - Questions & Answersiolite21New2/29 11:18am
 » [Boards] - Translation FeatureACC-New9/14/2017 5:31am
 » [Fix] - Correct existing avatarsACC-New3/31/2017 8:07pm
 » [Profile] - ACC achievement badgesACC6New1/27/2017 7:13pm
 » [Bell Shop] - Emotes depicting Animal Crossing villagersACC1New3/14/2016 1:29am
 » [Patterns] - New system for voting on patternsACC1New3/4/2016 2:39am
 » [Avatars] - More New Leaf Festive avatars for MembersACC1New1/5/2016 6:07am
 » [Bell Shop] - Raising the minimum JackpotACC8New12/16/2015 5:23pm
 » [Alerts] - Alerts should show when threads are moved to a boardACC2New8/29/2015 12:50pm
 » [Banners] - New Leaf Anniversary banner for the Home PageACC3New7/6/2015 8:55pm
 » [Trading Post] - Use the Trading Post for other AC gamesACC1New7/5/2015 2:16pm
 » [Banners] - New Summer banner for Home PageACC2New6/27/2015 2:00am
 » [Miscellaneous] - Move location of hidden page ACC2New6/26/2015 6:26am
 » [Miscellaneous] - Community Moderation of boardsACC12New6/20/2015 10:48pm
 » [Bell Shop] - Allow over 18s to purchase Bucks for Under 18sACC4New6/20/2015 12:48am
 » [Banners] - Doubutsu no Mori e+ Anniversary banner for the Home PageACC3New6/19/2015 11:15pm
 » [Threads] - Thread taggingACC4New6/14/2015 11:07pm
 » [Static Page] - Update the Site Policies pageACC-New6/12/2015 2:35pm
 » [Avatars] - Enlarge smaller avatarsACC-New6/1/2015 7:36pm
 » [Avatars] - More New Leaf Halloween avatars for MembersACC-New6/1/2015 7:35pm
 » [Fix] - Avatar fixACC-New6/1/2015 7:34pm
 » [My Towns] - Showing Constellations for Wild World and City FolkACC-New6/1/2015 7:33pm
 » [Miscellaneous] - Room DesignerACC-New6/1/2015 7:33pm
 » [Bell Shop] - FeatureACC-New6/1/2015 7:32pm
 » [Threads] - Lock threads without bumpingACC-New6/1/2015 7:32pm
 » [Patterns] - Separating Anicro patterns from Freehand patternsACC-New6/1/2015 7:31pm
 » [Bell Shop] - More intuitive Bucks history page accessACC-New6/1/2015 7:30pm
 » [Bell Shop] - FeatureACC-New6/1/2015 7:30pm
 » [Miscellaneous] - Mobile-friendly site instead of an ACC AppACC-New6/1/2015 7:21pm
 » [Guides] - Flying Presents guide for Wild WorldACC-New6/1/2015 7:20pm
 » [Boards] - Search function for the boardsACC-New6/1/2015 7:20pm
 » [Bug] - Fix requiredACC-New6/1/2015 7:19pm
 » [Bug] - Fix requiredACC-New6/1/2015 7:19pm
 » [Bug] - Fix requiredACC-New6/1/2015 7:18pm
 » [Guides] - Change the way information displayed in Fish guidesACC-New6/1/2015 7:18pm
 » [Guides] - Return of the ACC Avatars guideACC-New6/1/2015 7:18pm
 » [Guides] - Acorn Festival guide for Wild WorldACC-New6/1/2015 7:17pm
 » [Guides] - Update the e-Reader guide for GameCubeACC-New6/1/2015 7:17pm
 » [Fix] - Unable to report feedback in the Trading PostACC-New6/1/2015 7:17pm
 » [Bug] - Fix requiredACC-New6/1/2015 7:16pm
 » [Bug] - Issue when editing the OSAM section of ProfileACC-New6/1/2015 7:15pm
 » [Bug] - Fix requiredACC-New6/1/2015 7:15pm
 » [Bell Shop] - KK Slider album cover E-Cards with sheet musicACC-New6/1/2015 7:15pm
 » [Bell Shop] - Animal Crossing E-CardsACC-New6/1/2015 7:14pm
 » [Bell Shop] - Ability to purchase gifts for othersACC-New6/1/2015 7:11pm
 » [Bell Shop] - Different bell ads for special occasionsACC-New6/1/2015 7:10pm
 » [Bell Shop] - Increase quantity or value of bell ads for Special EventsACC-New6/1/2015 7:10pm
 » [Guides] - Add guide when receiving the Corrupt Cookie messageACC-New6/1/2015 7:10pm
 » [Staff] - Replace some bans with restrictions on accountsACC-New6/1/2015 7:09pm
 » [Guides] - Furniture Refurbishment guide for New LeafACC-New6/1/2015 7:09pm
 » [Guides] - Amendments and more information for the Wendell guidesACC-New6/1/2015 7:08pm
 » [Staff] - Quick Markup and Emotes for the Modmin Message BoxACC-New6/1/2015 7:08pm
 » [Staff] - Adjusting how priority is determined in the ticket queue for ModminsACC-New6/1/2015 7:08pm
 » [Posts] - Automatically include markup when quotingACC-New6/1/2015 7:08pm
 » [Staff] - Modmin feature requiredACC-New6/1/2015 7:07pm
 » [Staff] - A column in ticket queue to show the username of the reporterACC-New6/1/2015 7:07pm
 » [Fix] - Staff Post function is broken for ModminsACC-New6/1/2015 7:07pm
 » [Staff] - More options in Modmin Dashboard filtersACC-New6/1/2015 7:05pm
 » [Staff] - Modmin notes section for the attention of other ModminsACC-New6/1/2015 7:05pm
 » [Noticeboard] - Add a 1-10 voting system to the ACC NoticeboardACC-New6/1/2015 7:05pm
 » [Noticeboard] - Link public board threads back to the ACC Noticeboard threadsACC-New6/1/2015 7:04pm
 » [Alerts] - Receive an alert when username is tagged or install an alert buttonACC-New6/1/2015 7:04pm
 » [Fix] - Avatars won't reset when changing a Modmin to a certain user groupACC-New6/1/2015 7:03pm
 » [Staff] - Modmin feature requiredACC-New6/1/2015 7:02pm
 » [Staff] - Option for Modmins to appear offlineACC-New6/1/2015 7:02pm
 » [Alerts] - Alert when receiving a Wifi RatingACC-New6/1/2015 7:02pm
 » [Staff] - Update the Staff PhotoACC-New6/1/2015 7:01pm
 » [Staff] - Removal of redundant permissions in the Permissions ListACC-New6/1/2015 7:01pm
 » [Staff] - ACC Staff static page to include previous Staff and positionsACC-New6/1/2015 7:00pm
 » [Bug] - Bug with block quotesACC-New6/1/2015 6:57pm
 » [Patterns] - Marking patterns as favouritesACC-New6/1/2015 6:57pm
 » [Alerts] - Alert for when a pattern receives a voteACC-New6/1/2015 6:56pm
 » [Patterns] - Warning about the rules when using the Pattern MakerACC-New6/1/2015 6:56pm
 » [Patterns] - Deleting single colour block patternsACC-New6/1/2015 6:56pm

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