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Flag this board to follow updates on new features that we are discussing or working on. Members are encouraged to participate in these discussions, though only staff can directly create threads on this board. Note that some member-created threads may have been migrated from the Site Suggestions or Site Support forums.  
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 SFQ Board - Information and Guidelinesiolite-New6/14/2015 2:28pm
 SFQ Board - Questions & Answersiolite21New2/29 11:18am
 » [Staff] - Allow Modmins to update static guides ACC-New4/22/2015 6:28pm
 » [Posts] - Option to send/receive PTs on specified dates ACC-New4/22/2015 6:29pm
 » [Bug] - Vanishing villager from CF town residentsACC-New4/22/2015 6:29pm
 » [Boards] - Create several necessary boards now in advance of a new AC gameACC-New4/22/2015 6:29pm
 » [Miscellaneous] - Create an ACC AppACC-New4/22/2015 6:55pm
 » [Bell Shop] - Reset Bells to zero or an alternative levellerACC-New4/22/2015 6:55pm
 » [Posts] - Have official shortened URL linksACC-New4/22/2015 6:55pm
 » [Profile] - Altering the Edit Profile linksACC-New4/22/2015 6:56pm
 » [Profile] - Icon to show you have a pattern in the Top 10ACC-New4/22/2015 6:56pm
 » [Boards] - Marking boards as readACC-New4/22/2015 6:56pm
 » [Threads] - Folders to organise Private ThreadsACC-New4/22/2015 6:56pm
 » [Buddy List] - Have a request/accept featureACC-New4/22/2015 6:57pm
 » [Alerts] - Clear announcement alert without clicking on announcement thread/sACC-New4/22/2015 6:58pm
 » [Threads] - Option to have polls within threadsACC-New4/22/2015 6:59pm
 » [Threads] - Allow stickying of own Private Threads & organise by coloured flagsACC-New4/22/2015 6:59pm
 » [Threads] - Option to hide stickies on public boardsACC-New4/22/2015 6:59pm
 » [Posts] - Have a choice of different fontsACC-New4/22/2015 7:00pm
 » [Boards] - Grownup Gamers should be an 18+ areaACC-New4/22/2015 7:00pm
 » [Miscellaneous] - Shorter domain nameACC-New4/22/2015 7:00pm
 » [Boards] - Board for Weekly Poll discussionsACC-New4/22/2015 7:00pm
 » [Staff] - SIC/R&D to be able to lock threads on the Site Suggestions boardACC-New4/22/2015 7:01pm
 » [Posts] - Images and/or banners in the signature linesACC-New4/22/2015 7:01pm
 » [Posts] - Remove spoiler tagsACC-New4/22/2015 7:01pm
 » [Miscellaneous] - Change the password reset systemACC-New4/22/2015 7:01pm
 » [Posts] - Automatically alert Modmins when a post contains offensive languageACC-New4/22/2015 7:01pm
 » [Posts] - Choose which tabs are shown at the bottom of a postACC-New4/22/2015 7:02pm
 » [Profile] - Remove unused profile sectionsACC-New4/22/2015 7:02pm
 » [Miscellaneous] - User Tickets queue should be publicACC-New4/22/2015 7:02pm
 » [Miscellaneous] - Feature for requesting personal contact informationACC-New4/22/2015 7:03pm
 » [Avatars] - Custom avatars for Honorary CitizensACC-New4/22/2015 7:03pm
 » [Posts] - Install a spell checkerACC-New4/22/2015 7:03pm
 » [Staff] - Allow R&Ds to sticky threadsACC-New4/22/2015 7:03pm
 » [Posts] - Use Regex to improve the language filterACC-New4/22/2015 7:03pm
 » [Threads] - Page buttons next to thread titleACC-New4/22/2015 7:04pm
 » [Staff] - Revert User Ticket system to previous User Petition systemACC-New4/22/2015 7:04pm
 » [Miscellaneous] - Tidying up the ACC SkinACC-New4/22/2015 7:04pm
 » [Bell Shop] - Allow New Members to use Bells to purchase easing of restrictions ACC-New4/22/2015 7:04pm
 » [Miscellaneous] - Block or ignore othersACC-New4/22/2015 7:05pm
 » [Miscellaneous] - Chat boxes or instant messagingACC-New4/22/2015 7:05pm
 » [Boards] - Allow only New Members to post on the Getting Started boardACC-New4/22/2015 7:05pm
 » [Threads] - Option to temporarily lock threadsACC-New4/22/2015 7:06pm
 » [Posts] - Allow images in postsACC-New4/22/2015 7:06pm
 » [Miscellaneous] - User selectable seasonal skinsACC-New4/22/2015 7:06pm
 » [Posts] - Gender identification icons or coloursACC-New4/22/2015 7:06pm
 » [Avatars] - Picture or pattern avatars and avatar backgroundsACC-New4/22/2015 7:07pm
 » [Profile] - Delete old useernames for people who've not logged in for a certain timeACC-New4/22/2015 7:07pm
 » [Guides] - Shampoodle's Guide for New LeafACC-New4/22/2015 7:07pm
 » [Guides] - Cookie guide for New LeafACC-New4/22/2015 7:08pm
 » [Guides] - Halloween guide for New LeafACC-New4/22/2015 7:08pm
 » [Guides] [1.09.1] - Mushroom guide for New LeafACC-New4/22/2015 7:08pm
 » [Event Calendar] - Link the Homepage Event Calendar to the profile and chosen default characterACC-New4/22/2015 7:08pm
 » [1.12.0] [Markup] - Disabling Markup easilyACC-New4/22/2015 7:08pm
 » [Miscellaneous] - List of latest Jackpot winners on Home PageACC-New4/22/2015 7:09pm
 » [Staff] - Create a new Admin page for adding boardsACC-New4/22/2015 7:09pm
 » [Miscellaneous] - Expire the Looking action in the ACC Wifi sectionACC-New4/22/2015 7:09pm
 » [Links] - Adding option for posting YouTube videos in the Quick Markup ACC-New4/22/2015 7:09pm
 » [Boards] - Expand the ACC Forums sectionACC-New4/22/2015 7:09pm
 » [Threads] - Ability to respond to Announcements in the threads on the Announcements BoardACC-New4/22/2015 7:10pm
 » [1.12.0] [Staff] - Separate events for Animal Crossing games in the Event Admin pageACC-New4/22/2015 7:10pm
 » [Threads] - Sort ability for threadsACC-New4/22/2015 7:10pm
 » [Staff] - Ability to add in Regional Events to Events AdminACC-New4/22/2015 7:10pm
 » [1.12.0] [Profile] - Last Post link should go directly to the post ACC-New4/22/2015 7:10pm
 » [Static Page] [1.15.0] - Update the Dev page to encourage specific applicationsACC-New4/22/2015 7:11pm
 » [My Characters] - Add indicators on the Characters page to show AC game and default charactersACC-New4/22/2015 7:11pm
 » [Codes] - Option in profile to choose to block all Friend Code requestsACC-New4/22/2015 7:11pm
 » [Profile] - Character count in signaturesACC-New4/22/2015 7:11pm
 » [Links] - Allow naming of links when using Quick Markup for linksACC-New4/22/2015 7:12pm
 » [Codes] - Link to profile from Friend Code requests ACC-New4/22/2015 7:12pm
 » [Buddy List] - Add a second set of buttons to the Buddy List page - Updated Sept 2015ACC-New4/22/2015 7:12pm
 » [Bell Shop] - Add payment processing page for BucksACC-New4/22/2015 7:13pm
 » [Codes] - Grouping compatible games together in the wifi systemACC-New4/22/2015 7:13pm
 » [Bell Shop] - Use Bucks to purchase a StarACC-New5/12/2015 6:54am
 » [Bell Shop] - Use Bucks to raise cap on Buddy List ACC-New5/12/2015 6:55am

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