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Flag this board to follow updates on new features that we are discussing or working on. Members are encouraged to participate in these discussions, though only staff can directly create threads on this board. Note that some member-created threads may have been migrated from the Site Suggestions or Site Support forums.  
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SFQ Board - Information and Guidelinesiolite-New6/14/2015 2:28pm
SFQ Board - Questions & Answersiolite17New1/29/2016 5:32am
 [Profile] - Lock in gender choice in the ProfileACC2New6/25 7:57pm
 [Emotes] [1.14.0] - New Emotes for the Summer Beach Party event 2017ACC-New6/21 12:05pm
 [Banners] [1.14.0] - Summer Beach Party Event 2017ACC1New6/21 10:22am
 [Guides] - New Leaf guide for The RoostACC6New6/1 9:42am
 [Guides] [1.12.0] - Add new villager information to April Fools' Day guideACC5New4/15 3:58am
 [Banners] [1.13.0] - Donate to Boondox for April Fools' Day 2017ACC1New4/3 8:27pm
 [Avatars] [1.13.0] - April Fools' Day avatars for the StaffACC1New4/3 7:28pm
 [1.14.0] [Guides] - Additional information for the New Leaf April Fools' Day guideACC12New4/1 2:25pm
 [Avatars] [1.13.0] - April Fools' Day avatars for the CommunityACC1New4/1 7:56am
 [Avatars] [1.13.0] - Stick Avatars for the CommunityACC1New4/1 7:46am
 [Fix] - Correct existing avatarsACC-New3/31 8:07pm
 [Static Page] [1.13.0] - April Fools' Day 2017 Animal Crossing Switch installation instructionsACC-New3/31 8:06pm
 [Fix] [1.12.1] - Top Bells feature causing issues with Jackpot advertsACC-New3/31 8:02pm
 [Bug] [1.12.1] - Phantom user to add to private threadACC-New3/31 8:01pm
 [Treasure Hunting] - List of Jackpot Winners and those with the most BellsACC1New3/2 2:04pm
 [Bug] [1.12.0] - Flagging a thread in someone else's My Threads leads to your own ACC-New2/13 2:15pm
 [1.12.0] [Private Threads] - User information and more options for thread creatorsACC-New2/13 2:14pm
 [My Catalog] [1.14.0] - Alphabetize the My Catalog sectionACC-New2/13 2:13pm
 [Items List] [1.14.0] - List the Welcome amiibo items and allow filtering and sortingACC-New2/13 2:13pm
 [1.12.0] [Board] - New board required for Media & Events SPTACC-New2/13 2:12pm
 [1.12.0] [Fix] - Typos in various placesACC-New2/13 2:12pm
 [1.11.1] [Bug] - Feedback Comments in the Trading Post can't be reportedACC-New2/13 2:11pm
 [1.11.1] [Bug] - Fix RequiredACC-New2/13 2:09pm
 [1.11.2] [Fix] - Problem on a Modmin boardACC-New2/13 2:08pm
 [1.11.2] [Bug] - Item number not showing as zero when emptying My CatalogACC-New2/13 2:08pm
 [1.11.2] [Fix] - Small bugs in New Leaf Face GuideACC-New2/13 2:06pm
 [1.11.3] [Bug] - Changes to OSAM section of the Profile are deleted if preview function is usedACC-New2/13 2:06pm
 [Profile] - ACC achievement badgesACC6New1/27 7:13pm
 [1.14.0] [Guides] - Make the New Leaf Island Guide collapsibleACC-New12/31/2016 3:12pm
 [1.12.0] [My Catalog] - Add a Welcome amiibo category and add the itemsACC-New12/31/2016 2:48pm
 [1.12.0] [Guides] - Add new image and missing fortunes in New Leaf Cookie GuideACC-New12/31/2016 2:48pm
 [Avatars] [1.12.0] - Add Welcome amiibo Avatars for the Community and StaffACC-New12/31/2016 2:47pm
 [My Towns] - Add villagers from Welcome amiibo to the Residents sectionACC-New12/31/2016 2:45pm
 [Bell Shop] - Tanned emotesACC8New9/8/2016 10:36am
 [1.12.0] [My Characters] - Show game ID for town when assigning a new character.ACC-New3/31/2016 7:11pm
 [1.12.0] [Fix] - Some avatars for New Leaf and Happy Home Designer need fixingACC-New3/31/2016 7:11pm
 [Guides] [1.9.0] - Adding linked chapters to game guidesACC-New3/31/2016 7:10pm
 [Staff] - Feature requiredACC-New3/31/2016 7:10pm
 [1.08.0] [Boards] - New chat boardACC-New3/31/2016 7:09pm
 [Avatars] - Stick avatars for the StaffACC-New3/31/2016 12:03pm
 [Banner] - Confidential FeatureACC-New3/31/2016 12:03pm
 [Staff] - MainNavs required for HHD & amiibo Game GuidesACC-New3/31/2016 12:03pm
 [Staff] - Feature requiredACC-New3/31/2016 12:02pm
 [Staff] - Confidential featureACC-New3/31/2016 12:02pm
 [Boards] - Confidential featureACC-New3/31/2016 12:01pm
 [Bug] - Fix RequiredACC-New3/31/2016 12:01pm
 [Bug] - Fix RequiredACC-New3/31/2016 12:00pm
 [Bell Shop] - Emotes depicting Animal Crossing villagersACC1New3/14/2016 1:29am
 [Patterns] - New system for voting on patternsACC1New3/4/2016 2:39am
 [Guides] - Snow People guide for New LeafACC1New2/20/2016 7:35pm
 [Avatars] - More New Leaf Festive avatars for MembersACC1New1/5/2016 6:07am
 [Bell Shop] - Raising the minimum JackpotACC8New12/16/2015 5:23pm
 [My Towns] - Gardening Centre missing from New Leaf sectionACC1New9/27/2015 6:44pm
 [Fix] - Incorrect character count in the OSAM section of ProfileACC2New9/27/2015 6:44pm
 [Alerts] - Alerts should show when threads are moved to a boardACC2New8/29/2015 12:50pm
 [Codes] - WiFi games tick boxes in Friend Codes sectionACC2New8/28/2015 5:49pm
 [Banners] - New Leaf Anniversary banner for the Home PageACC3New7/6/2015 8:55pm
 [Trading Post] - Use the Trading Post for other AC gamesACC1New7/5/2015 2:16pm
 [Banners] - New Summer banner for Home PageACC2New6/27/2015 2:00am
 [Miscellaneous] - Move location of hidden page ACC2New6/26/2015 6:26am
 [Miscellaneous] - Community Moderation of boardsACC12New6/20/2015 10:48pm
 [Bell Shop] - Allow over 18s to purchase Bucks for Under 18sACC4New6/20/2015 12:48am
 [Banners] - Doubutsu no Mori e+ Anniversary banner for the Home PageACC3New6/19/2015 11:15pm
 [Threads] - Thread taggingACC4New6/14/2015 11:07pm
 [Staff] - Allow Modmins to add and change fields for Contact Info in ProfileACC1New6/14/2015 10:12pm
 [Avatars] - Move April Fool's Avatars out of Staff AvatarsACC-New6/12/2015 2:49pm
 [amiibo] - Upload HHD amiibo card images for Series 1 & 2ACC-New6/12/2015 2:49pm
 [Items List] - Separate item images by game and add a default imageACC-New6/12/2015 2:49pm
 [My Catalog] - Ability to mark duplicate amiibo cards and e-Reader cards for tradeACC-New6/12/2015 2:49pm
 [Boards] - Game Guides board required for the SPTACC-New6/12/2015 2:49pm
 [Fix] - Fix e-Reader Cards Gameplay linkACC-New6/12/2015 2:48pm
 [Fix] [1.12.1] - Align the ACC Buddies button with the ACC Wifi buttonACC-New6/12/2015 2:34pm
 [1.12.0] [Private Threads] - Collapsible username list ACC-New6/12/2015 2:34pm

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