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Use this board to sell, buy, trade, auction and occasionally give away villagers for AC:NL. If you wish to run a company to regularly give away or sell villagers or run villager cycling services, then please post a thread on either the Giveaways or the Shops and Services board.  
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Rules and Guidelines for AuctionsVenusKamal-New7/16/2014 3:59pm
» Flo is moving!SakuraAmu2-New9/17 5:54pm
» Hazel is moving on the 9th of SeptemberNickster93-New9/7 1:40pm
» Cally is currently in boxesTurangaa_Maax-New9/6 12:05pm
» Im wiling to trade these villagers for tangyFennelSprout-New8/31 1:17pm
» Papi is leaving TODAYNowLoading02-New8/24 12:31pm
» looking for cats !newzoodles-New8/21 2:54am
» muffy & kylevocalizedd-New8/16 4:18pm
» Camofrog is in boxes! Original AC character!tearducked-New8/12 1:19pm
» LF Deirdre, the uchi deerMillom-New8/11 11:16am
» Klaus the bear is moving outEmrey-New7/22 11:15am
» COCO THE BUNNY IS IN BOXESRaelynnB-New7/18 12:14pm
» Trading/Selling Biskit The_Great_EverC-New7/1 6:02pm
» LF: Chrissy and Francine [CLOSED]JoJosuke-New6/15 7:14pm
» LF MARINA 😊kelmart-New5/29 3:11pm
» Lf Kitt The Kangaroo! Please help!turnabout180-New5/20 9:43pm
» Looking to trade POPULAR villagersFrancias-New5/18 4:07pm
» Nan moving on 22ndCvaris-New5/15 12:17am
» LF: Gaston, Mira, Tia, Melba, RibbotAlfonsosFanclub-New5/6 5:06pm
» Lf For Tiger Dreams and Lionspreston48-New5/3 9:32pm
» Deirdre is in boxes!Rokktober-New4/23 11:59pm
» Pashmina in boxes todayCvaris-New4/20 2:04pm
» Lf aliigotors villagers preston48-New4/14 8:06pm
» LOLLY IN BOXES TODAY Cvaris-New4/10 3:44pm
» Lf Alligator Ft Gaylepreston48-New4/9 2:56pm
» Lf for Dreamiespreston48-New4/8 11:08am
» I’m still looking for Alligator dreamies and octopuspreston48-New4/7 11:46am
» LF: Zucker Carmen Diana MaplePeriraptor-New4/6 5:49pm
» Frobert is leaving the 12 of the monthpreston48-New4/5 5:57pm
» Robin is leaving on the 31stpockeii-New3/22 2:35pm
» Muffy is moving ! hantanuki-New3/21 1:21pm
» Frita is moving on the 21st!lemonswirl-New3/17 9:46pm
» My Dreamies!!!lemonswirl-New3/10 5:07pm
» Renee is movingLaurenxjade-New3/5 9:20pm
» Joey in boxes today!LightLink-New2/22 2:32pm
» NL : Tangy and stitchesmermaidperson-New2/10 10:47am
» LF Merry Danielle23-New2/10 4:47am
» LF: Fang !Kemiiko-New2/9 2:02pm
» Bertha told me she was moving.Laurenavery-New2/7 7:25pm
» Fuchsia's movingWowItWorked-New1/24 9:43pm
» Looking for MontyIvyskye-New1/23 11:15pm
» Tipper is moving!Dottythebun-New1/22 11:17am
» LF: Mira Raddle Ankha Ketchup Boots Bob and SylvanaLazyVillager-New1/13 3:50pm
» Looking for Flip!_popprincess-New1/9 4:29pm
» Poppy the squirrel is moving!!Rokktober-New1/5 11:06am
» Looking for AnabelleMillet23-New12/10/2018 6:46pm
» Looking for Flora // Getting rid of SnakeBluseem-New11/24/2018 8:40am
» Villager Victoria is about to move!Marliemac-New11/21/2018 9:44am
» LF: Elmer, ApolloMillet23-New11/16/2018 1:48pm
» Celia the Eagle is moving out on Nov 5.Abichan-New10/28/2018 12:47pm
» LF - Scoot, Sly, Ganon, Gayle or Fuchsiamangoravioli-New10/28/2018 10:41am
» Selling Villagers for 2K A piece! crowcoffeee-New10/20/2018 9:49pm
» LF Kyle or ZuckerHamiltonTrash-New10/14/2018 2:59pm
» SELLING: Apollo, Cranston, Caroline, Hazel + Astrid!GiggleGurt-New10/11/2018 12:05am
» LF: Gaston, Bob, Olivia, Goldie! WILL PAYGiggleGurt-New10/11/2018 12:02am
» sylvia moving 10/9!kbcrossing-New10/8/2018 6:37pm
» Looking For: Olivia and Beau!PineappleKatie-New10/7/2018 6:57pm
» Pashmina moving 10/6mimi121802-New10/5/2018 5:50pm
» LF Moelishygoo-New9/30/2018 9:30am
» LF the cool crow Jauquessntcringe-New9/10/2018 8:22pm
» LOOKING FOR ANGUSempirrre60-New9/1/2018 6:27pm
» Kody is in boxes!darkraven303-New8/31/2018 9:43pm
» Pekoe Is MovingTheSimpleEevee-New8/30/2018 6:20pm
» Looking for my partner in crime, Pietro!Clicks-New8/30/2018 2:52pm
» LF: Penelopedarkraven303-New8/28/2018 11:48pm
» Ruby is MovingMayorNowhere-New8/27/2018 4:28pm
» Teddy moves on 9/3faultlinex-New8/25/2018 8:01am
» Gayle is MovingCaptainCronus-New8/22/2018 5:09pm
» Any Lazy Villagers moving today?starbunny11-New8/20/2018 8:01pm
» WOLFGANG FOR TRADEDeepSeaBlues-New8/12/2018 4:53pm
» Jay movingHazel_Nut-New8/7/2018 12:31am
» LF:: Coco (popular rabbit)notTyler-New8/4/2018 11:34pm
» Looking for Zucker will give Sanrio RV furnitureCiicelia-New8/1/2018 8:38pm
» TANK IS MOVING AWAY TODAYfauxfox117-New7/28/2018 6:23pm
» TANK IS LEAVING MY TOWNfauxfox117-New7/28/2018 2:20pm

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