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Use this board to sell, buy, trade, auction and occasionally give away villagers for AC:NL. If you wish to run a company to regularly give away or sell villagers or run villager cycling services, then please post a thread on either the Giveaways or the Shops and Services board.  
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Rules and Guidelines for AuctionsVenusKamal-New7/16/2014 3:59pm
» LF: dreamies carter4729128New9/13/2015 8:48pm
» Cycling {offline} ayeTxKitten101New7/30/2015 4:45am
» Still looking for Marshal!Jjay1246New9/10/2015 8:54am
» LF: Lobo, Kiki, Whitney, Lolly (+Other Wolf/Deer/Cat/Tiger Villagers)DonutMunchie44New12/27/2016 9:29pm
» LF: Anhka, Gayle, Renee, Beardo, Pattyseallove12345642New1/24/2017 9:58pm
» Chester the adorable lazy Panda cub is moving!Bluseem39New5/6/2016 8:00pm
» VillagersMGK138New5/13/2016 8:55pm
» LF: Robin and Fauna!jigo37New9/25/2015 12:42pm
» LF: Hamphrey, Gabi, Rudy, Mint, Gaston & Barold- Paying 20 million+Glow_Wand36New8/13/2015 11:00am
» FT: Punchy the lazy catcoramyrth33New11/12/2016 5:42pm
» WOLFGANG IS MOVING [leaving today URGENT]aqualien33New1/11/2016 12:43pm
» Anyone Looking For These Villagers?nicole_acnl132New2/4/2016 6:51pm
» Ankha is on her way out! Auctioning her until this evening. kellywalkerr31New7/11/2015 8:29pm
» Flurry the White Hamster IN BOXES - STILLcarlaannfumei30New7/11/2015 9:35pm
» LF: Mitzi and Maplebabygirl7133729New1/7/2017 9:27pm
» Julian moved ;-;Haelli29New11/12/2015 9:57pm
» Looking For my Dreamieslouisemae200029New8/29/2015 1:33pm
» LF EllieAndyP0828New11/14/2016 11:04pm
» UPADATE ! LF: Alfonso,Mira,Rolf , PAYING 2 MIL FOR EACHSarawildworld27New12/10/2016 4:13pm
» LF: Ankha! FT: Tank is moving soon/Lottie+Mabel RVCarotheFox26New12/11/2016 10:33am
» Fauna is leavin Joshua244826New7/6/2015 1:49pm
» Selling villagers! ~Cycling now!~ Merry is in Boxes!garrenn25New5/16/2016 1:40pm
» MERENGUE is LEAVING! alana55425New5/10/2016 7:31pm
» LF> Freya, Kabuki, Kiki, or cute villagersMariss24225New7/14/2015 12:23am
» Lf: Tangy,Bob,Rudy,MitziHuman_Lady24New11/17/2016 8:06pm
» LF: Ruby, Lily, Merengue, Marina, + Coco! T>Sanrio itemsBayleeMB24New11/15/2016 6:31pm
» Kyle In BoxesTerseRat24New11/9/2015 9:30pm
» Auctioning JULIAN the smug unicorn/horse! Makayla12323New7/16/2016 2:41pm
» LF: Big Sister (Uchi) VillagersAnimBoy7722New6/28/2016 12:01am
» LF: Miraalana55422New4/9/2016 8:36pm
» Willing to pay Tons for bears. Shaine22New10/18/2015 2:04pm
» LF: Victoria, Pierce, Winnie & othersNailrat22New7/22/2015 2:17pm
» LF: Zell, Fuchsia, Purrl, & more =)TxKitten21New11/23/2016 2:34pm
» Shep?! Anyone?!GamersWorld22621New7/13/2016 9:11am
» LF Villagers and Giving away VillagersGamersWorld22621New7/8/2016 1:56pm
» LF: Filbert & Goldie will pay in bells or rare items!tgainsbrough21New10/8/2015 8:34pm
» Looking For My Dreamies!Rushii20New11/8/2017 5:25pm
» LF: WOLF VILLAGERS - LOTS TO OFFER IN RETURNnewleafrebekah20New11/25/2016 2:59pm
» LF Horses, Cats, Frogs, Dogs, and other...Joshua244820New7/13/2016 11:05am
» Auction for Marina! CLOSED!Glow_Wand20New8/6/2015 2:54pm
» selling: Marshal, stitches, Julian, Diana, and more.Reyrey2319New1/12/2017 9:59pm
» LF Roscoe or MuffyObsidian_Angel19New1/8/2017 12:16pm
» For Sale- a number of villagers ( ammibo cards) Loloscrossing19New11/27/2016 11:50am
» Is Anyone Looking For Their Dreamies?nicole_acnl119New6/29/2016 3:24pm
» Help me with my dreamies!punyparker19New7/18/2015 12:15am
» Whitney moving out, looking for Bob, Tangy, Camofrog, GastonKratos119New5/30/2015 1:36pm
» Dream Villagers Needed!LittleBeau18New4/8/2017 1:10pm
» Lf> wolf villagerpreston4818New3/23/2017 7:37am
» Drago is movingxoxCourtAmber18New2/27/2017 9:25pm
» Giving away Tucker and looking to trade.xoxCourtAmber18New1/5/2017 6:42pm
» Shep is moving! (11th)Rawwrr192xx18New11/14/2016 12:44am
» Marcel is moving!Ariylle18New11/11/2016 7:02pm
» Pekoe is moving on 10/24LaviDaisyella18New10/24/2016 10:39pm
» Portia moving jennylovesgerry18New7/2/2015 9:29pm
» Knox the cranky chicken in boxes -- FREE!Makayla12317New8/26/2016 3:26am
» Who I Have/Who I Want (A LOT)shootingstar77717New7/16/2016 1:31pm
» Villager Trade: Popular Villagers up for Grabs!Tymlord17New7/6/2016 3:07pm
» LF: Deer VillagersPegasister17New4/10/2016 10:34pm
» LF: Deirdre, Diana, Erik - paying well!!Anziii17New10/18/2015 4:34am
» offering millions for Beau, Molly & PunchyT3argard3n17New10/10/2015 12:48am
» LF ~ Lolly, Margie, Kabuki, Opal, Merengue, Lucky, Kid Cat!Starshone_Lugia17New10/5/2015 4:13pm
» LF MiraKr3in17New8/30/2015 10:59pm
» LF: Molly, Bones, Cole, Mint, or Tabby - will pay MILLIONS!!sorberet17New6/15/2015 7:47pm
» LF: Bam, Bruce, Deirdre, Diana, Fauna, Erik, Lopez and ZellBeads1217New5/7/2015 11:41pm
» LF: Merengue & Etolieejreamg16New4/11/2018 7:38pm
» Looking for a lot of villagers! WILL PAY MILLIONS!Makayla12316New3/26/2017 5:49pm
» LF Chrissy. name your priceTacosNomNom16New2/23/2017 11:38pm
» FT: Amiibo Villagers! LittleBeau16New11/15/2016 6:42pm
» Renée the Uchi Rhino is moving!Ebsheetz0016New2/26/2016 11:18pm
» Ft.: Goose the chicken!torointhetardis16New1/26/2016 9:40pm
» LF: Kyle, Teddy, Monique, Pietro.Sanamixx16New12/10/2015 3:35pm
» Lolly is in boxesDottythebun16New7/13/2015 2:48pm
» Axel moving Tuesday jennylovesgerry16New5/31/2015 10:18am
» Drift the Frog moving on Nov. 2nd!!Bilboquet15New11/4/2019 9:26pm

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