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Use this board to sell, buy, trade, auction and occasionally give away villagers for AC:NL. If you wish to run a company to regularly give away or sell villagers or run villager cycling services, then please post a thread on either the Giveaways or the Shops and Services board.  
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Rules and Guidelines for AuctionsVenusKamal-New7/16/2014 3:59pm
» Deli is moving_AnimalCrossing-New10/14/2015 1:21pm
» Margie is moving_AnimalCrossing2New10/3/2015 1:21pm
» Diana is moving (Ending soon)_AnimalCrossing9New9/21/2015 4:20pm
» LF WHITNEY GENJI KITTY GLADYS _AnimalCrossing-New9/16/2015 4:14pm
» Deli is free_AnimalCrossing-New9/14/2015 6:00pm
» Phoebe is in boxes_AnimalCrossing12New9/13/2015 9:38pm
» LF: Katt_Katie_3New1/20/2016 7:44pm
» Looking for Flip!_popprincess-New1/9/2019 4:29pm
» LF: Marshal, Biskit, and Lucky0melette4New7/1/2019 1:00am
» LF Muffy the Uchi sheep0R0ry-New10/5/2015 4:18am
» looking for dierdre, wendy, whitney, static, tybalt, or julian!10puppyluv102New8/1/2017 10:19am
» Mira is moving out11grace19991New12/3/2015 10:01pm
» LF: Lyman21Rush121New9/2/2015 2:58am
» LF2234h67-New8/7/2016 11:03pm
» Rocket is moving2chainz-New7/15/2015 5:52pm
» LF Freya and Melba!2pVaporeon5New12/28/2015 5:50pm
» SEEKING ROWAN AND CHRISSY!2pVaporeon1New8/19/2015 2:56am
» LF: BOB, ROWAN AND PUNCHY2pVaporeon1New8/8/2015 5:16pm
» LF: Lolly, Lilly, Ruby, Or Chèvre!3dsacnl-New11/25/2017 5:07pm
» LF: CHÈVRE! IMPORTANT!3dsacnl1New12/6/2016 12:13pm
» LF: poppy the squirrel!! Please!3dsacnl1New11/4/2016 10:58am
» LF: Poppy or Diana3dsacnl1New1/1/2016 4:14am
» Sheldon in boxes!!!!!!3dsacnl-New12/9/2015 7:48am
» LF: poppy, stiches, or diana!3dsacnl1New5/12/2015 6:44pm
» LF Fang3Kawaii5Mayor-New11/4/2015 8:40pm
» Still looking for Julian ; w;3Kawaii5Mayor2New10/29/2015 4:44pm
» LF Apollo3Kawaii5Mayor-New10/23/2015 4:06am
» LF Julian <33Kawaii5Mayor3New10/9/2015 10:06pm
» Mitzi in Boxes!3Kawaii5Mayor2New9/16/2015 6:06pm
» LF Certain Villagers, Will Pay Well! <33Kawaii5Mayor5New9/16/2015 6:50am
» LF Chief, Diana, Felicity, Olivia, Marshal, Whitney3Kawaii5Mayor-New9/13/2015 11:56pm
» LF: Chrissy, Francine, or Tabby4SamSam-New8/14/2015 8:04pm
» Cranston the ostrich is in boxes!543058New6/23/2015 2:31pm
» Dora leaving on the 23rd598sandy-New6/20/2016 7:32pm
» LF: A cranky villager FT: bells, hybrids, etc.8girlnoc4New7/11/2016 1:10pm
» LF: any uchi villager 8girlnoc2New6/15/2016 3:05pm
» LF WHITNEYAAdams1227-New2/11/2018 11:15am
» LF Appleaaronswimmaster-New9/25/2017 9:58pm
» Zell moving on the 29thAberforth4New1/27/2016 2:06am
» Mint the squirrel is moving! Oct. 1Abichan1New11/19/2018 9:39am
» Celia the Eagle is moving out on Nov 5.Abichan-New10/28/2018 12:47pm
» Kiki is moving out on Oct. 22Abichan1New10/19/2018 7:27pm
» LF Tiffany!Abylon-New7/14/2016 9:18pm
» Walker the Dog is in boxes! Tonight only!Abylon-New7/8/2016 5:31pm
» LF Dreamies, Paying 50 million a pieceAbyssBC5125New9/25/2015 9:08am
» Tank and EloiseAbyssBC512-New9/7/2015 6:36pm
» LF EloiseAbyssBC512-New8/23/2015 6:34pm
» LF EliseAbyssBC512-New8/20/2015 8:21pm
» Lily is in boxesabysssolider2New9/21/2015 5:08pm
» Robin the Bird is in boxes!abysssolider1New8/20/2015 11:12pm
» (closed)abysssolider2New7/25/2015 12:59am
» Rolf the white tiger is moving!abysssolider3New6/27/2015 10:06pm
» Seeking these villagersAC1NL1New11/19/2017 7:32pm
» Selling MarshalAC56563New7/30/2018 12:51pm
» Agent S is in Boxes - FreeACCF29153New5/11/2016 10:41pm
» Looking for FritaACCF29152New10/19/2015 9:10pm
» LF: Agnes the Uchi PigACCF29151New10/8/2015 4:44pm
» LF: Uchi VillagersACCF2915-New9/27/2015 8:47pm
» LF: Skye, Purrl, PhoebeACCFdude12342New2/10/2017 9:38pm
» Mint in Boxes - FreeACCFdude12348New8/8/2015 11:35am
» Recently restarted my second town, so I'm looking for the followingAccfSally9New3/10/2016 10:07pm
» [LF] Whitney & Freya, willing to pay 10mil+ eachaccioliz-New8/20/2015 7:55pm
» Dotty In BoxesAce7777772New6/18/2015 4:03pm
» Muffy the Uchi Sheep ~ In boxes ~ AuctionacIsLovedByMe2New5/31/2015 7:25am
» LF: Yuka, Maple, Molly, Freckles, or Willowaclanna-New11/29/2015 12:02pm
» LF: Yukaaclanna-New11/28/2015 10:57pm
» LF: Tucker, Yuka, or Molly aclanna-New11/27/2015 8:15pm
» LF: Roscoe and Tucker aclanna4New11/25/2015 3:51pm
» Kitty the snooty cat is leaving! aclanna2New11/24/2015 6:14pm
» LF: My dreamies!aclanna3New11/21/2015 10:47am
» LF: Bunnieaclanna-New11/19/2015 3:13pm
» LF: Dotty or Bunnie...will pay 5 million aclanna3New10/13/2015 9:01am
» LF: Bunnieaclanna1New10/6/2015 6:42am
» LF: Bunnie FT: Mermaid set, princess set, spooky set, golden set, 5 mil bellsaclanna-New10/5/2015 8:17pm

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