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Use this board to sell, buy, trade, auction and occasionally give away villagers for AC:NL. If you wish to run a company to regularly give away or sell villagers or run villager cycling services, then please post a thread on either the Giveaways or the Shops and Services board.  
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Rules and Guidelines for AuctionsVenusKamal-New7/16/2014 3:59pm
» ! LF: Cherry or Dierdre (Or ANY Uchi Villager!!!) Pastel_Mayor-New11/30/2015 6:19pm
» (AC:NL) Julian is in boxes! No money or villager needed!GwenP2New9/2/2020 4:41pm
» (ACNH) LF: Zuckerscrungis-New4/10/2020 9:52am
» (ACNL) Shep is moving out soon!yogurta-New4/7/2020 10:05pm
» (B) Lf: bull villagerspreston482New10/8/2016 4:58pm
» (closed)abysssolider2New7/25/2015 12:59am
» (Free) Chow is in boxes!lifenevahumdrum8New11/16/2016 7:41am
» (New leaf) FT: Peanut!! coffeevee1New7/4/2020 1:17am
» **Limited Time** Bob, Julian, and Ankha up for auction!ineedsomebells213New12/7/2017 12:32pm
» *SOB* Apple is in Boxes!!! NO Looking for a good homeTillieTeetee6New2/1/2016 2:41pm
» -N3rdyLizzi31New3/25/2016 5:00pm
» -Mirastar4New7/9/2015 1:24am
» ---DillyForReally-New11/11/2016 11:41pm
» --CLOSED-- (Giveaway) Marcie moving on December 3rd, 2020!GoldenKitsune1New12/4/2020 1:10am
» [ f r e e ] Gala the normal pigi3i5New8/1/2016 4:52pm
» [ FT: Audie the Wolf - LF: Raymond! ] (NH)Arsened-New4/22/2020 8:00pm
» [ACNH] Looking for Audie the WolfPrisma-New3/22/2020 12:54am
» [ACNH] Moving Out : SALLY (April 14th)danielabraham-New4/12/2020 11:04pm
» [Auction] Lucky (In Boxes)ToatsMaGoats123-New10/6/2015 5:51pm
» [Auction] MIDGE in boxes!Jjay12-New9/3/2015 6:57pm
» [b]Pango is moving[/b]katfanatic64-New8/5/2015 1:07pm
» [DESPERATE] LOOKING FOR LIONELAppleBitter5New5/16/2015 8:49am
» [FT] BeauMariliaru-New4/27/2020 3:52am
» [FT] Blancheleafcat-New4/25/2020 5:03pm
» [FT] Lucha the Bird. [LF] Roald, Skye, Colton, Gaston, or JacquesAntonioDuenas-New6/13/2017 3:50pm
» [FT] Marshall/Zucker/Coco/Ankha..and more.[LF] Audie/Raymond/Judy Azuha2New7/31/2020 6:24pm
» [FT] Tangy [LF] Beau, Walt, Kabuki, Poppy, or Bells Varouelle5New4/15/2016 2:02pm
» [LF] a Jock villager! [FT] Bells?Rexy-New11/30/2015 2:47pm
» [LF] Apollo, Elvis, Fang, or Octavian [FT] Millions of bellsBiochemking-New2/11/2016 2:26am
» [LF] Bam, Static, Astrid, Cole, Mira, Carlos, RosieAysecube5New12/14/2015 10:46pm
» [LF] Blaire [FT] Bells!Mistymayz2New9/6/2016 3:51pm
» [LF] Dora, Tammy or MollyAkoulina6New11/6/2015 6:56am
» [LF] Fang and Kabukifenrir0161-New1/16/2016 1:25am
» [LF] Francine, Lucky, Stitches [FT] Bells glagla002New9/28/2017 1:49am
» [LF] Gladys and FloraFeyre5New2/24/2019 10:03am
» [LF] GrizzlyCrimsonRoses-New11/29/2015 3:39pm
» [LF] Julian [FT] Skye and BellsLittleBeau-New7/7/2017 3:18pm
» [LF] Molly [FT] AnkhaDestroyman44New6/18/2018 8:05pm
» [LF] Muffy [FT] Bellspolarpoppunk1New5/24/2017 9:48pm
» [LF] Phoebe [FT] 2mil bellsmultihearts1New6/14/2016 12:33pm
» [LF] Raymond [FT] almost any amiibo villager!SleepyZoroark1New4/24/2020 10:44am
» [LF] Shep (I have an open plot)Valenrhyme-New7/6/2020 9:47pm
» [LF] Snooty Villagersboinloins-New2/20/2017 5:04pm
» [LF] Whitney & Freya, willing to pay 10mil+ eachaccioliz-New8/20/2015 7:55pm
» [LF]: CarmenMooMooRata-New11/4/2015 11:44pm
» [LF]: Rabbit Villagers!MooMooRata2New11/5/2015 1:20pm
» [LF]: Rudy, Hazel, Anchovy, Maple, KikiShay_7119New11/30/2015 10:07am
» [LF} Stitches The Lazy Cub. ***WILLING TO PAY MILLIONS***FM543211New5/2/2016 9:29pm
» [Like Brand New] Stitches in Boxes!BaconRainbow8New9/22/2015 11:48pm
» [MO] Annalise in boxes!Mayor_Adi9New2/27/2016 1:16am
» [New Horizons] Roscoe Moving Outciarajellybean1New4/12/2020 11:00pm
» [S] Kid KatCindyLouBou3New10/5/2015 11:44am
» [s]Big Top is in boxes[/s]kablay1New5/5/2015 2:34pm
» [s]Moving May 8th: Colton-Smug villager[/s]MeerkatMama2New5/6/2016 11:22am
» [Selling] Cherry the Uchi dog!HufflepuffCas-New11/19/2015 7:38pm
» [Selling] Cookie the Peppy Dog! Make me an offer!superkell2New7/16/2017 12:49am
» [Selling] Genji!f3nnekin2New11/30/2015 2:37pm
» [Selling] Kid Cat The Jock Cat!HufflepuffCas1New5/18/2015 4:56pm
» [Selling] Maple The Normal Bear Cub!HufflepuffCas7New8/15/2015 1:46pm
» [Selling] Marina the normal Octopus (Last call!!)HufflepuffCas8New5/14/2015 5:08pm
» [Selling] Marina the normal Octopus! HufflepuffCas3New5/14/2015 4:46pm
» [Selling] Merry is Moving OutPrinceBel3New5/15/2016 10:44pm
» [selling] Punchy the lazy catangelic_mason1New7/21/2016 3:11pm
» [Selling] Rosie the peppy cat! HufflepuffCas15New5/17/2015 6:25pm
» [Selling] Stitches (he's in boxes!) HufflepuffCas10New5/24/2015 12:39am
» [Selling] Vesta the normal sheepPastacrayon9111New8/3/2016 6:14am
» [TRADING] Rosie - IN BOXES SummerBliss4New4/10/2016 11:04am
» [Updated] [Free] Jacques/Tammi/Diva/FrobertKr3in3New7/6/2015 10:42pm
» [VT] Erik [LF] bellsdearrdeer2New6/1/2015 8:56am
» ___BoredGuyOnAC2New9/6/2015 2:30pm
» ~Auction for Poppy the Squirrel~KittyInABox2-New10/11/2015 8:21am
» ~Friga the snooty penguin~ in boxes limited timeChar1iie1New6/14/2015 5:17pm
» ~In Dire Need of one Uchi Villager~Shiizuku9New4/29/2016 9:19pm
» ~LF: Ruby, Claudia, Kyle, Lobo or Diana. Will offer millions or rare items!~Alicesweetness-New12/14/2015 5:41pm

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