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Use this board to sell, buy, trade, auction and occasionally give away villagers for AC:NL. If you wish to run a company to regularly give away or sell villagers or run villager cycling services, then please post a thread on either the Giveaways or the Shops and Services board.  
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Rules and Guidelines for AuctionsVenusKamal-New7/16/2014 3:59pm
» Stitches for trade only trade for Daisy PastelPink1New4/30/2015 7:59am
» Kitt moving out ~ 6TH MAY Jazzyz15-New5/2/2015 7:05am
» GASTON IS IN BOXES! (Free)KINGBunny2New5/2/2015 12:16pm
» Cousteau is moving!!!staywithmew4New5/2/2015 12:47pm
» Looking for KEN or ZUCKERjasmine13-New5/2/2015 6:35pm
» Deirdre the wonderful uchi deer is in boxesMyopolis4New5/2/2015 8:45pm
» Chadder is leaving on the 5thmarineford1New5/3/2015 10:29am
» SKYE IN BOXES list offerssrhxv88New5/3/2015 12:53pm
» LOOKING TO TRADE SKYE FOR ENTIRE GRACIE SERIES (She's in Boxes right now!)srhxv8-New5/3/2015 1:13pm
» Rory the lion is moving out! monsterkitty-New5/3/2015 2:04pm
» LF Colton the Horse! -STILL LOOKING-bellionaire2New5/3/2015 6:29pm
» Mitizi is in Boxes!zkinfamous8New5/3/2015 10:09pm
» Boomer,lazy penguin is in boxes!Doara2New5/3/2015 11:22pm
» Vladimir the bear cub will be in boxes tomorrow!lovelycastaway4New5/4/2015 4:44pm
» LF: Chevre, Rodeo & Walt! [will pay millions/trader others]Irisxxx-New5/4/2015 5:35pm
» LF: Bonespinkiepastel-New5/4/2015 8:13pm
» Static is movingpbjsammich2New5/4/2015 9:45pm
» O'HARE IN BOXESsrhxv84New5/5/2015 10:53am
» Gwen moving today - snooty penguin jennylovesgerry2New5/5/2015 11:10am
» Lucky auction Emzybob14New5/5/2015 12:59pm
» [s]Big Top is in boxes[/s]kablay1New5/5/2015 2:34pm
» LF a cranky wolf!Ktbug272New5/5/2015 4:25pm
» lf: drakeCharvale5New5/5/2015 6:27pm
» LF: GrizzlyKINGBunny-New5/5/2015 9:09pm
» LF: villagers already in boxesmonsterkitty1New5/5/2015 9:48pm
» Dierdre, the uchi deer, is in boxes! [void]kingofkuribohs2New5/5/2015 9:55pm
» Cesar is moving! swoodilypoops-New5/6/2015 12:15am
» Looking for MarceliggykoopaLOL-New5/6/2015 12:30am
» Apollo is in Boxes!zkinfamous8New5/6/2015 12:45am
» Flurry moving (FREE)wouwter6New5/6/2015 10:03am
» LF: Flora, can trade for Flurry the normal hamster on the 11th if you wantlovelycastaway-New5/6/2015 2:22pm
» Buying/Looking for StitchesEricAC-New5/6/2015 5:01pm
» looking for lucky the mummy dogwheatly4ever5New5/6/2015 9:58pm
» Avery is movingkizzycat7New5/6/2015 11:22pm
» Cole is moving out on the 10th.GoldenLuigiFan-New5/7/2015 12:00am
» LOOKING FOR MERENGUE KyoKyoLover-New5/7/2015 12:31pm
» Maple is in boxesZurrr1New5/7/2015 1:37pm
» Buying Rosie and Lily. Millions to buy with.mariofespurr1New5/7/2015 4:03pm
» VELMA is in BOXES! Will take bell offers!srhxv8-New5/7/2015 4:25pm
» LF: Pinky/Chrissy/Sprinkle-UrgentRainbowPandax2New5/7/2015 5:27pm
» MARGIE IN CAMPSITE!staywithmew2New5/7/2015 8:41pm
» Eugene the Smug Koala in boxesJezebelSterling1New5/7/2015 11:00pm
» DEENA is MOVING! Will TT to Boxing date! Selling for bells!srhxv8-New5/7/2015 11:17pm
» LF: Bam, Bruce, Deirdre, Diana, Fauna, Erik, Lopez and ZellBeads1217New5/7/2015 11:41pm
» Who Wants Kiki or Cherry!!!!yeahyael6New5/8/2015 6:49am
» Selling Tia the Elephant DillyForReally3New5/8/2015 2:53pm
» Rowan is moving! T3argard3n5New5/8/2015 4:13pm
» LF: GrizzlyKINGBunny-New5/8/2015 7:45pm
» Tabby in boxes!JannickM2New5/9/2015 12:49am
» Lf for Lolly. Name your price or dreamies to trade. PastelPink4New5/9/2015 1:45am
» Cousteau is in boxes! Leaving the 10thmax0573New5/9/2015 11:20am
» Whitney is set to move.Lians13New5/9/2015 1:43pm
» LF: Vladmir and DoraCharyse-New5/9/2015 5:02pm
» Looking For Moving Villagersyeahyael4New5/9/2015 8:14pm
» LF: Grizzly/Beau/Fauna/Marina/Lily PAYING MILLIONSKINGBunny-New5/9/2015 9:30pm
» Mira at campsite xJosephAmuro1New5/10/2015 10:12am
» Olivia the cat in boxesblackcat1125New5/10/2015 10:27am
» Looking for Whitney, Lobo, Phoebe, and Static! Alice is moving!lovergurlx3New5/10/2015 11:41am
» Cole is in boxes. Looking for Hopper.GoldenLuigiFan-New5/10/2015 1:55pm
» LF:zucker bob lucky or pietrowheatly4ever2New5/10/2015 2:34pm
» CHIEF is moving!carlaannfumei4New5/10/2015 3:15pm
» Hamphrey the Hamster is MOVING!carlaannfumei-New5/10/2015 3:45pm
» Pecan in boxes!AlyssaJ943New5/10/2015 7:15pm
» Looking for Bam or Colton!Sugarcube981New5/10/2015 9:15pm
» Seeking O'Hare the smug rabbitmonkduke-New5/10/2015 10:08pm
» Whitney's moving! (White wolf)Carrotcake72New5/11/2015 4:03am
» Beau Is CampingJosabell2New5/11/2015 2:32pm
» VELMA IN BOXESsrhxv8-New5/11/2015 3:26pm
» LF OLIVIA - will pay 5 million bellsMsTigress3New5/11/2015 4:29pm
» LF: Gigi the frogcottoncandy793New5/11/2015 5:01pm
» Croque the Cranky Frog in BoxesMike_20131New5/11/2015 5:10pm
» DEENA IN BOXESsrhxv8-New5/11/2015 5:50pm
» Cherry the dog in boxes!!!estygal5New5/11/2015 5:59pm
» Beau in boxes!FollowtheCall4New5/11/2015 6:05pm

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