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Use this board to sell, buy, trade, auction and occasionally give away villagers for AC:NL. If you wish to run a company to regularly give away or sell villagers or run villager cycling services, then please post a thread on either the Giveaways or the Shops and Services board.  
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» Does Anyone Have Ant Eaters?!GamersWorld22615New7/16/2016 12:50pm
» Giving away or trading MarshallBadgirls43215New4/27/2016 10:52am
» Joey is in boxes today!Rokktober15New4/8/2016 3:05pm
» auction for zucker!Zurrr15New9/10/2015 8:21pm
» LF: Beau, Fauna, Goldie, Fang, Pashmina, and otherscrossinggirl1715New8/10/2015 3:54pm
» Chief went to a good home! Nowi15New8/7/2015 3:38am
» Shep is Moving!Coolkirby415New6/15/2015 9:21pm
» [Selling] Rosie the peppy cat! HufflepuffCas15New5/17/2015 6:25pm
» Ankha is STILL in boxesStel15New5/15/2015 10:44pm
» SELLING PHOEBE the Uchi Ostrich!!!!carlaannfumei15New5/14/2015 7:32pm
» Lucky is leaving on the 17thgjdavis7814New5/15/2017 6:41pm
» Fang moving on the 22ndRawwrr192xx14New12/22/2016 4:24pm
» Any Villager in need of a Home?!GamersWorld22614New12/14/2016 9:26pm
» Selling: Series 1, 2, and 3 amiibo card villagersReyrey2314New12/10/2016 9:30pm
» Fauna is leaving!clumsy_thief70714New12/5/2016 6:22pm
» ALMOST original Merengue - IN BOXESizzykur14New11/18/2016 6:23pm
» Bangle an1mal14New7/28/2016 5:03pm
» Drago Moving out. Looking for Camofrog or TangyKratos114New7/11/2016 9:04am
» Come Take my VillagersCandyKillet14New5/19/2016 10:59pm
» Static is leaving! torointhetardis14New5/8/2016 9:21pm
» Alice is boxed upstarburstfan1314New10/18/2015 7:34pm
» LF~ Kyle the Smug Wolf ~ Trading bells or items STILL LOOKINGGamefreak10114New9/4/2015 11:20am
» Selling villagers: Please check to see who I'm cycling...Nowi14New8/5/2015 6:47am
» Villager giveaway thread- 1 mil eachdevilsfan617914New8/2/2015 9:07am
» Buying Ankha for 20 million!Glow_Wand14New7/26/2015 3:24pm
» Anyone interested in these villagersMirastar14New7/8/2015 2:22am
» Goldie is in boxes! kingofkuribohs14New5/17/2015 9:39pm
» **Limited Time** Bob, Julian, and Ankha up for auction!ineedsomebells213New12/7/2017 12:32pm
» LF: Whitney and KenNowLoading0213New5/24/2017 7:26pm
» Ankha in boxes soonAnnedeg13New1/31/2017 12:46am
» FT: Beau LF: Mira, bells, wishlist itemsMiik4o13New11/13/2016 8:47pm
» Margie the normal elephant is in boxes!Makayla12313New7/26/2016 1:35pm
» CHRISSY is moving!Jjay1213New7/11/2016 9:01am
» Ankah moving the third!torointhetardis13New6/28/2016 9:19pm
» Cycling out villagers, Coco, Francine, Filbert - Klaus is in boxes!JennyBeen13New5/30/2016 5:11pm
» LF: Amelia, Baabara, Astrid and more (Full list in 11th post) [No space available]thekikoperson13New1/10/2016 8:12pm
» Savannah Leaving Tomorrow!!!tennashoe13New10/9/2015 5:03pm
» Biff is leaving. Does anyone want her?MusettaSol61813New10/3/2015 4:05pm
» LF: Ruby 5mil eaxSann13New9/9/2015 4:23pm
» LF Willing to paycoffeenkisses13New8/29/2015 4:58pm
» LF: Yuka, Dizzy, PonchoGimmeMehCookiez13New7/2/2015 3:25pm
» Whitney is set to move.Lians13New5/9/2015 1:43pm
» Looking for Wart Jr.bunnylyn12New3/5/2019 9:17am
» ~LF: Wolfgang, Chevre, Erik, Drago, Frita, & Others~ FT: Bells, Items, VillagersDeavon112New9/21/2017 8:16pm
» Papi is movingkitsunechan412New8/30/2017 6:14pm
» LF: Mira, Cherry, Ankha, TiffanyRegalsoulslayer12New4/14/2017 7:55pm
» FT: Villagers- Amiibo CardsLittleBeau12New11/28/2016 10:01pm
» LF Punchy!netflixdate12New11/7/2016 4:00pm
» JULIAN THE UNICORN IS MOVING!widgewoo12New7/16/2016 12:00am
» Selling Mollygarrenn12New4/30/2016 10:15pm
» LF: Deer VillagersLuneCheetah12New1/3/2016 6:29pm
» Lily is moving!frogoholic112New9/24/2015 6:04pm
» Phoebe is in boxes_AnimalCrossing12New9/13/2015 9:38pm
» Stitches in Boxes!Jjay1212New9/7/2015 10:44pm
» I need cat villagerskbmarinha12New9/4/2015 7:18am
» LF: Nana the monkeyNaviri12New7/19/2015 9:06pm
» LF: Your deer villagers! Will pay millions.dovestrodor12New7/8/2015 1:16pm
» Can someone hold a villager for me?Animecafe10212New6/30/2015 1:34am
» Bangle the Peppy Tiger is moving on the 10th!Ebbiecat12New6/6/2015 8:48pm
» Olivia the kitty in boxes!superkell12New6/4/2015 6:06pm
» LF: Tangy, Olivia, Bob, Merry, Peanut, and Diana!fauxfox11711New8/14/2019 3:42pm
» Selling Villagers - RAREnicole_acnl111New4/21/2019 9:21pm
» LF Villagersmandicakesx11New11/4/2017 10:47pm
» Chrissy is leavingseallove12345611New11/24/2016 3:04pm
» LF: DianaRawwrr192xx11New11/24/2016 12:53pm
» Chief is moving!Rawwrr192xx11New6/4/2016 1:41pm
» Joey is Moving!meggiepie11New3/22/2016 8:12pm
» LF Marshal, Ricky, and Caroline FT Fauna, Molly, BellsAndyP0811New3/15/2016 12:16pm
» Looking for Julian, Midge, Fauna, Kitt, Flora and Blanche!leanne947111New3/14/2016 1:48pm
» I have lost Pietro... alana55411New3/12/2016 2:03pm
» ZUCKER IS IN BOXES! [CLOSED]alana55411New2/13/2016 11:34am
» Merry moving the 19th!torointhetardis11New2/11/2016 3:08pm
» Erik is in boxes! MerryDeath11New1/24/2016 10:24am
» Ankha is in boxes :'(Moskigirl11New1/1/2016 5:19pm
» LF for My DreamiesShikun2911New10/29/2015 5:58pm

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